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posted by cuteasprincie
Facts about Cinderella

1.Cinderella is the 초 디즈니 Princess, joining the franchise in 1950, after Snow White in 1937.

2.Cinderella is the first 디즈니 Princess to be seen as a little girl, before Tiana in 2009 and Rapunzel in 2010.

3.Cinderella's hair color has often been the subject of 토론 among fans. In the original film, Cinderella's hair seems to be of a light 주황색, 오렌지 tone, classifying her as either a redhead 또는 a ginger as her hair had been offically called 'burnt orange'. In the franchise and in the 디즈니 parks,

4.Cinderella's hair is publicized as bright yellow, making her a golden-blonde, although her hair remained orange-ish in the original film and the 초 sequel. The most common consensus is that she is a strawberry-blonde, which is blonde hair bearing a reddish tint.

5.Cinderella is the 초 디즈니 Princess to be an orphan, the first being Snow White.
Similar to Snow White, 신데렐라 is forced to be raised without a father for the majority of her life. Instead, she is placed in the hands of a cruel and jealous stepmother. Another similarity is that the two are forced to be household servants in an attempt to hide their outer beauty.

6.Cinderella is the first out of the four 디즈니 Princesses not to be of royal blood, paving the way for Belle in 1991, 뮬란 in 1998 and Tiana in 2009.

7.Her shoe size is mentioned in the third movie which is a size 4½ in woman's.
The symbolic message of the glass slippers is that 신데렐라 is so delicate that she can walk in glass shoes and not break them. It is also symbolic how she can be comfortable in glass shoes, meaning that she can easily adapt to typically "uncomfortable" situations.

8.Cinderella is considered the "leader" of the 디즈니 Princesses, often being positioned in the center of publicity photos. This has been subject to some controversy, however, because she is the 초 디즈니 Princess, after Snow White. Some feel that Snow White deserves to be the leader, because she is the main protagonist of Disney's first film, and was introduced to the world 13 years before Cinderella.

9.Cinderella is the most 인기 디즈니 Princess among children.

10.Cinderella is the only 디즈니 Princess to wear a normal servant attire inside her castle. The other princesses wear royal princess gowns inside their kingdoms.

11.Cinderella is derived from the French word Cendrillon, which translates in English as "little ash girl".

12.The only mention of Cinderella's mother was in the first movie when she showed the mice a dress that belonged to her that she was planning to fix up for the ball.

13.Cinderella never sang a song in her 초 film, in fact, none of the songs heard in 신데렐라 II: Dreams Come True, aside from the two reprises of Bibibidi-Bobbidi-Boo (one 의해 the Fairy Godmother and the Mice and the other 의해 only the latter), were sung 의해 any of the characters.
14.Unlike how Cinderella's iconic ballgown is featured in the original feature film, there are few differences in its depiction in the 디즈니 parks and ice shows. The first being is that a bow is part of the gown, the 초 being is that silver slippers are worn in the park, instead of transparent plastic type slippers to pass for 'glass' slippers, and the third part being is that the hair is pure blonde instead of strawberry-blonde.

15.In the movie, when Cinderella's ballgown is produced, the dress appears sparkling silver. However, in most merchandise, this is published in a bright blue shade (most likely to make her dress seem 더 많이 like a ballgown as opposed to a traditional white wedding dress) and the choker at most times is put as blue, instead of black. In the Kingdom Hearts series, the ballgown is correctly colored, and the choker is black.

16.Cinderella is similar to Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as they both are mistreated and abused 의해 their parental figures. Ironically though, Quasimodo is mistreated because he's unattractive and 신데렐라 is mistreated because she is attractive. They also dream of something better for them.
17.Cinderella is the 디즈니 princess with the biggest number of animal companions, which conclude the mice, her dog Bruno, the birds, and horse Major.

18.Cinderella is the first 디즈니 Princess to have a horse companion being Major, the other two princesses that have horse companions are Belle (Phillipe, who actually belongs to her father) and 뮬란 (Khan).

19.Cinderella is the first 디즈니 Princess to have a dog companion being Bruno, the other three princesses that have dog companions are Belle (Sultan) Pocahontas, (Percy) and 뮬란 (Little Brother).

20.In the original French story, 신데렐라 got her name when her face was covered with ashes and cinders. Possibly, in the original film, 신데렐라 got her name 의해 birth, since her face is never seen covered with dirt. Cinder-clod was the actual name given in the French story, with the youngest stepsister being not so spiteful gave the name Cinderella.

21.Cinderella, being at 19 is the oldest 디즈니 Princess. She is followed 의해 Tiana, being the 초 oldest.

22.In the original French story, there were two balls held in which both 신데렐라 had to depart from 의해 midnight and unlike the original film where the stepsisters' fate is never known of after the glass slipper is fitted, the stepsisters in the French story ask for forgiveness and are pardoned and are then married to gentlemen of high rank about the court, thus giving them their happy ending.
In the Grimm Brothers version of the story, Cinderella's father is still alive as he goes to a fair and while there to pick up beautiful dresses and peals and jewels for the stepsisters.

23.Cinderella's only request is for the first twig to brush against his hat. Unlike the original French story, she doesn't give her stepsisters a happy ending. In the Grimm Brothers version, the stepsisters cut a piece of their own foot to make it fit into the slipper. But Cinderella's bird 프렌즈 catch on and reveal the trick to the Prince. Later at the wedding of 신데렐라 to the Prince, those same birds peck the stepsisters' eyes out, punishing them with blindness.
24.Cinderella made a brief cameo in the Mickey 쥐, 마우스 Works cartoon Mickey's April Fools.

25.Cinderella makes a cameo appearance at the end of the Teacher's Pet movie; she is shown holding a frog during the closing song.

26.Cinderella made a brief cameo in the short starring Goofy, The Art of Vacationing, located in Walt 디즈니 World. As Goofy attempted to have a "meet-and-greet" session with her, he quickly turned around in shyness.

27.Throughout the first film, Cinderella's toes were barely visible, almost looking like she didn't have any. However, in every media following the first film, they were clearly visible.
In the movie, 신데렐라 dropped her shoe on the stairs three times: the 1st was when she walked up the stairs to give her stepmother and siblings their breakfast, the 2nd was when she ran away from the prince, and the 3rd was during her wedding.

28.Cinderella is the first 디즈니 Princess to share a duet with her respective 사랑 interest. The 초 would be Princess 재스민 속, 재 스민 when she sang A Whole New World with Aladdin.

29.Cinderella is the 초 디즈니 Princess to run away from her respective 사랑 interest, the first being Snow White.

30.Cinderella is the first 디즈니 Princess to share a dance with her 사랑 interest right after they met, the 초 would be Aurora with Prince Phillip.

31.Cinderella is the first 디즈니 Princess to have her named be used as a song title.

32.Cinderella is the first 디즈니 Princess to have the opening song of her feature film be named after her. The 초 being Aurora and the third being Belle.

33.One of Cinderella's stock poses used for her official artwork and clipart actually only appeared for a split-second in the actual film, right when she receives her iconic ballgown from the Fairy Godmother and twirls around in it, telling her, "Won't 당신 take a look at this wonderful dress?"
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You'll notice that characters created around the same time as each other tend to share traits that are 인기 at the time 또는 big with the artist/director/etc who works with them.

However, I'm not here to talk about personalities. Those have already been covered 의해 many interesting authors who explore the topics far 더 많이 effectively than I could. What I want to talk about is common overarching themes I have noticed in each generation of princesses.

Classic Princesses

A common theme with the first three 디즈니 princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora) I think is maintaining hope and optimism...
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posted by ApplesauceDoctr
 Princess Lineup (as of Dec. 2013)
Princess Lineup (as of Dec. 2013)
Hello, and welcome to my 초 article! I am ApplesauceDoctr, and today I shall discuss the redesigns of the 디즈니 Princesses made earlier this year. There have been some major changes, including new hairstyles, new dresses, and of course, a ton of sparkles. How do their new designs stack up to their original DP designs? Let's find out!

I won't be evaluating these 의해 how accurate the redesigns look to the actual character to the movie; this will evaluate how the redesign looks in comparison to the 이전 DP design. If that doesn't make sense, let's just begin and you'll get the hang of it....
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Alright this is 더 많이 of a rant than anything because "Enchanted" is one of my 가장 좋아하는 영화 and I cannot believe she isn't in the line up 또는 is thought of as a 디즈니 Princess. And I know the movie is making fun of the stereotypical princess when she meets the real world but there are so many allusions to the movie, especially The Little Mermaid in a lot of them. BUT ANYWHO let's get started.
The usual reason 디즈니 deems a character a 디즈니 Princess is usually because they are the heroine of the movie and have a few musical numbers where said heroine sings in. They also are very beautiful...
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posted by bluethunder25
Most of 당신 who have just read the 제목 of this 기사 are probably thinking in your heads, "Yes," 또는 "oh hell yeah!" 또는 something like that. Well before 당신 jump to that answer, hear me out. Last night, I had a dream that was related to the scene in 라푼젤 where Rapunzel confronts Gothel and while I was sleeping in, it got me thinking. Yes, what Gothel did to Rapunzel was wrong, but I'm not sure if she completely qualifies as a villain.....per say. Let me explain.
First of all, unlike the other 디즈니 Villains (with the exception of Frollo) Gothel isn't really interested in world domination...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
 What, someone's actually going to defend me?
What, someone's actually going to defend me?
People have been doing these kinds of 기사 for their 가장 좋아하는 princesses lately, so I thought I’d do this for one of my 가장 좋아하는 characters from a DP movie. She is a character I feel is really underappreciated and gets a lot of unfair hate. 당신 can read some of the negative things people have to say about her on milky-way’s link. I really 사랑 Nakoma and feel a desire to defend her.

First of all, I want to defend her against something I’ve seen said about her (it wasn’t in that article, I’m not sure where it was, but I know I’ve seen it) that is just blatantly unfair and untrue....
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 Let's see who of these two that really is better
Let's see who of these two that really is better
I saw that KataraLover had written an 기사 about Ariel and Merida and who of the two that was a better character, I decided to do the same, but with my two 가장 좋아하는 princesses Snow White and Aurora, but also because they're imo the two most similar princesses, but anyway here we go

They have a lot of things in common, they both 사랑 animals, they have the same dream, they're both considerd beautiful 의해 people around them and they both had to be saved 의해 their princes

One of the biggest differences between them is that Aurora is pessimistic and Snow White is 더 많이 optimistic,...
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So for a bit over a week, I have been doing posts on who is the youngest and oldest a day, and 의해 the 다음 day, the oldest and the youngest out of the bunch would get eliminated. The countdown ended today, and 팬팝 has amde a list from the youngest to oldest princess.

10. Snow White
Mostly everyone knew who was going to be eliminated in the first round of the youngest princess, and the results were very predictable in this round. Snow White got 85% of the votes, and I am suprised it did not gain any 더 많이 votes. People said that Snow White looks and acts the youngest out of all of them. She...
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Here are the results about positions 41-48 of the 디즈니 Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown, voted 의해 public.

48. Jasmine: Peacock Outfit (Disney Princess: 마법에 걸린 사랑 Tales – Follow Your Dreams)

I was a little surprised to see that people hate this outfit so much; it's true, the 디자인 is horrible, but personally it's not my least 가장 좋아하는 dress. Well, as we know, 재스민 속, 재 스민 also very despises this outfit.
 Position #48 Jasmine's Peacock Outfit
Position #48 Jasmine's Peacock Outfit


THIS IS A LITERAL CRIME AGAINST FASHION! It's SO hideous! I would have chosen one...
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 The Legendary Princesses
The Legendary Princesses
I've been wanting to do this for a long time. So, here 당신 go, my 가장 좋아하는 moment from each 디즈니 Princess film. Here are the ground rules.
1.The princess has to be in the scene. Obviously 알라딘 and Sleeping Beauty will have to suffer for that.
2.They can't be musical numbers. Otherwise this entire 기사 would be nothing but songs.

Snow White runs away
The scene was so creepy, it creeps me out to this 일 and I 사랑 it. The dark and frightening imagery, it gives me chills. After surviving an attempt at murder, Snow White runs off in fear to the forest where she lets her imagination run wild....
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