I've always wanted to write an 기사 about this, mainly because I want to have a list of my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 princesses, so I'd answer better in some questions, picks and so on. I'm going to write the reasons for their position and their old position with just one sentence. Their old positions were when I was a little girl (between 4 and 7 years old) except Rapunzel and Tiana because they are new princesses.

WARNING: Not to offense the 팬 of the princesses bellow.

10. Snow White

She is the first 디즈니 Princess ever made and that's the main reason she is my 10th.What am I trying to say? I don't like her traditional point of view: Clean the house for... seven little men and wait them to come back from their jobs. She portraits the woman the way she used to be many years 이전 (because actually she was created many years ago). But no matter what, I'm against all this stuff because other princesses who are supposed to live in other centuries were stronger than she and they didn't wait just their prince to make their lives better.
Old position 6: 당신 사랑 animals, just like me!

9. Aurora

I think she is the only one that hadn't time to develop her personality. She wants her prince to come so much and then she follows the 요정 to the 성 with tears in her eyes. She didn't even resist to meet her parents 또는 to marry the "unknown prince". I don't see her react at all and that annoyes me. She accepts everything they say about her future without saying something at least.
Old position 5: I loved the way 당신 sang with your prince!

8. Ariel

She is a rebel, she always speaks her mind and she follows her dreams. Good! So why is she 8th on my list? I don't like the fact that she TOTALLY forgot her family without saying something 또는 leaving a sign. I'd never do that without explaining to my parents my problem 또는 showing them how much I want it 또는 leaving a letter at least. I think she overreacted for a man, just because he was handsome. I think it's a bit immature to leave your whole family because 당신 like someone.
Old position 1: Bad daddy, Bad daddy. Go ahead Ariel and leave him.

7. Tiana

Tiana is a hard worker and I used to 사랑 that. I still do! What i don't like is that she forgets her dreams automatically when she finds out she is in 사랑 with Naveen. I don't know what 당신 think but that's what I get.
Old position 8: I don’t like her movie; I only watched it once, so I can't even remember her.

6. Jasmine

She is strong and independent and speaks her mind "I'm not a price to be won". Although I think she loses her independence a bit after meeting 알라딘 (or better after finding out that Prince Ali is Aladdin). I wouldn't accept Aladdin's lies so many times, 또는 at least not so fast.
Old position 3: She is so beautiful...

5. Belle

She is very educated and wants "so much 더 많이 than they got planned". I really 사랑 her. I wish I could put her higher but I just 사랑 the others more. She can see the beauty in spite of an ugly face and she really gives everything for her family. Also, she is smart and she doesn't like guys like Gaston, same with me.
Old position 2: She is adorable!

4. Cinderella

Although she is a bit classic, I 사랑 her. I really like the song "A dream is a wish your 심장 makes" which portraits her personality. "Never stop believing and trying", I think this should be everyone's motto. She never gives up, no matter how difficult things are and she is strong, she goes against all odds.
Old position 4: Follow your dreams Cinderella!

3. Mulan

She has one of the best personalities, showing how strong, determined and independent a woman can be. She went to the war because she wanted to save her family and to prove who she really was and that's why I 사랑 her. She doesn't need a prince to be happy; she can control her life without anyone's help.
Old position 7: Is she a princess?

2. Rapunzel

I used to hate her. After watching the movie again I understood how wonderful she is.I think she is very talented, she is smart and can do many things. She knows what she wants, no matter if it is insignificant 또는 not. I 사랑 the way she thinks and the way she treats Flynn. She may be a bit suspicious with strangers (I can't blame her for that) but when she knows someone better she can be funny and a nice and cool person to talk with.
Old position 9: A 3D princess? Get out of here.


She is the princess I'll never stop loving. She will always be my first because of her whole personality. They say she isn't smart and she loses her personality after meeting John Smith. I don't care. I think she never stops being a mischief and she develops her personality even more. She is so selfless, it’s obvious. I 사랑 the fact that she doesn't stay with Smith in the end, showing there are 더 많이 important things than your 사랑 interest. People blame her for saying: "I'm lost" but do 당신 know something? She understood what she had to do quickly and I'd lose hope, too If I were in a situation like this. I find her very smart, wise and mature and that's why she is my first.
Old position 10: Meh, worst movie ever, worst princess ever.