Hi Guys! here are the the Results of Fanpop's 가장 좋아하는 DP Movies! Hope 당신 will like it! I did my best :)

__________________________________________________▐ █ 10 Princess and the Frog █▐
Never Lose Sight of What's Really Important!

Okay that wasn't a surprise! I mean we all know that PatF will be at the botton because it has many haters (including myself!) but even the 연인들 of the movie sure know that it will be at the bottom. So...

What 팬 Said:

callejahLUVSed - I happen to 사랑 this movie. Sure, compared to some others it isn't as appealing to children, because of Tiana's tough exterior, but it's still a great movie. I 사랑 Naveen, and Tiana, and the songs, and the animation, and its a shame that so many people on this site don't see it's true beauty :/

PociandSmith - The first black princess.Jaz music.2D animation.I 사랑 tihs movie!!!!!!!It's really good and i find it underrated.

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
tiffany88 (2)
random_camo (2)
Pocahontas1Fan (3)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
boolander25 (4)
rtlong90 (4)
fiina (5)
pretty_angel92 (6)
PociandSmith (6)
mergirl13 (6)
sweetie-94 (7)
alexon31 (7)
rogueslayer17 (7)
phantomrose89 (7)
shaddi903 (7)
DamianLUVR (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
KataraLover (8)
SailorM91 (8)
PrincessSnow (8)
Maria7Potter (8)
Ashley-Green (9)
Mongoose09 (9)
hisblueeyes (9)
blablablu95 (10)
BelleAnastasia (10)
milky-way (10)
JonnaSe (10)
CuteDiana (10)
ppgbelle4 (10)
Pink_Love (10)
ppv (10)
iHyrule (10)
VGfan30 (10)
ArielandEric (10)
fhghu (10)

▐ █ 9 Sleeping Beauty █ ▐__________________________________________________________
Awaken to a World of Wonders!

I have nothing to say about Sleeping Beauty, the movie have many haters like PatF Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla....

What 팬 Said:

callejahLUVSed - I think this movie is really under-rated, mainly because of Aurora's lack of screen time, and people don't really seem to like Phillip all that much either, but I think they are adorable together in Once Upon A Dream. Maleficent is an excellent villian and the 요정 are really sweet, and give the movie comic relief :)

PociandSmith - Boring,boring,boring and BORING!!!!! I can't take it. Everything is boring! Nothing special,nothing unique.

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
VGfan30 (1)
JonnaSe (2)
sweetie-94 (2)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
Ashley-Green (4)
ppv (4)
alexon31 (4)
iHyrule (5)
ArielandEric (6)
DamianLUVR (6)
Pink_Love (7)
PrincessSnow (7)
rtlong90 (7)
Maria7Potter (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
boolander25 (8)
pretty_angel92 (8)
ppgbelle4 (8)
hisblueeyes (8)
Pocahontas1Fan (8)
shaddi903 (8)
blablablu95 (9)
BelleAnastasia (9)
PociandSmith (9)
milky-way (9)
CuteDiana (9)
fiina (9)
rogueslayer17 (9)
mergirl13 (9)
SailorM91 (9)
fhghu (9)
tiffany88 (10)
Mongoose09 (10)
KataraLover (10)
phantomrose89 (10)
random_camo (10)

___________________________________________▐ █ 8 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs █▐
The One That Started It All!

Actually that was a Surprise for me! I mean really? Walt Disney's FIRST Animated Feature so low i mean i know it wouldn't be very high but that low?

What 팬 Said:

callejahLUVSed - There is something magic about this movie. Up until about a 월 ago, I had never seen it, purely because Snow White annoys me (her appearance) but I 사랑 this movie now! It hasn't really moved up in my countdown of favourite DP movies, but it is such a feel-good movie

PociandSmith - The one that started it all. I ADORE the villain in it.I like this movie but sometimes it gets bored.Also the romance between Snow White and Prince is not so interesting and heart-breaking and strong but still: there's something magical in this movie.So i think we have to give it a try.

fiina - I like that movie but it's too stretched, some scenes get me boring. Story is little 구식 but plot awesome.

milky-way - I'm not a big 팬 of the fairytale, but this movie is so cute! I 사랑 the 애니메이션 and attention to detail, it looks so beautiful, and the scenes with the 퀸 can really make me shudder! The main reason that it is fairly low on my list is because I get bored with the dwarf scenes. It feels as though it takes forever for them to find Snow White in the house, and the washing scene really drags on for me. These scenes distract me from the 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 plot, and I wish they were a bit shorter.

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
pretty_angel92 (1)
sweetie-94 (1)
PrincessSnow (1)
fhghu (2)
iHyrule (3)
alexon31 (3)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
JonnaSe (4)
Mongoose09 (5)
CuteDiana (5)
KataraLover (5)
ppgbelle4 (6)
ppv (6)
phantomrose89 (6)
blablablu95 (7)
BelleAnastasia (7)
milky-way (7)
mergirl13 (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
VGfan30 (8)
tiffany88 (9)
boolander25 (9)
Pink_Love (9)
ArielandEric (9)
random_camo (9)
shaddi903 (9)
DamianLUVR (9)
Ashley-Green (10)
PociandSmith (10)
fiina (10)
hisblueeyes (10)
Pocahontas1Fan (10)
rogueslayer17 (10)
SailorM91 (10)
rtlong90 (10)
Maria7Potter (10)

▐ █ 7 신데렐라 █ ▐_______________________________________________________________
Midnight never Strikes when you're in Love!

I can't say that i'm happy that my 초 가장 좋아하는 DP movie is that low! I mean really i can't understand the princess exept that she is stunning she is a very good role model! The movie had great songs and a great villian! but i won't say 더 많이 things and i'll zip my mouth shut!

What 팬 Said:

callejahLUVSed - I LOVED THIS MOVIE WHEN I WAS A KID! Now though, because I've seen it waaaaaay too many times, I don't like it as much. I still 사랑 Cinderella, her kindness, and beauty, but I prefer the other DP 영화 that I haven't seen as much!

PociandSmith - Ok, i have to admit i 사랑 this movie.I don't find it boring at all.Although i don't like Prince Charming and i don't care (i don't like) about the romance between 신데렐라 and Prince Charming the movie is magical.

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
alexon31 (1)
blablablu95 (2)
PociandSmith (3)
sweetie-94 (3)
ppv (3)
phantomrose89 (3)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
Mongoose09 (4)
iHyrule (4)
fhghu (4)
pretty_angel92 (5)
SailorM91 (5)
BelleAnastasia (6)
boolander25 (6)
Pink_Love (6)
hisblueeyes (6)
KataraLover (6)
rtlong90 (6)
random_camo (6)
shaddi903 (6)
tiffany88 (7)
Ashley-Green (7)
JonnaSe (7)
CuteDiana (7)
ArielandEric (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
milky-way (8)
fiina (8)
mergirl13 (8)
rogueslayer17 (8)
DamianLUVR (8)
ppgbelle4 (9)
Pocahontas1Fan (9)
VGfan30 (9)
Maria7Potter (9)
PrincessSnow (10)

______________________________________________________________▐ █ 6 Pocahontas █ ▐
Two different worlds. One true love!

Okay Pocahontas, I'm actually very happy that this movie is in that placement i like the songs The Characters are development and all that stuff!

What 팬 Said:

callejahLUVSed - Although I personally don't like Pocahontas (the person) I have to admit the movie is magical. I can understand why people like it so much. The score is beautiful and the romance between JS and Poca is special. However, I don't particularly like the movie as a whole. It just gets a bit boring for me sometimes.

PociandSmith - It's my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Movie out of them all. It's a masterpiece.The 음악 is Menken's best composition out of all his 디즈니 compositions. The ending is so uniqie and heart-breaking.The romance between Pocahontas and John Smith is so special and different. The message for equality and justice is a wonderful message for everyone. "You think the only people who are people,are the people who look and think like you, but if 당신 walk the footsteps of a stranger,you'll learn things 당신 never knew, 당신 never knew".

milky-way - Looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, everything about it is beautiful! I'm one of those people who don't care about the historical inaccuracies. It was made for entertainment, and I wouldn't have even known Pocahontas was a real person if it wasn't for this movie. There are two scenes in this movie that I just can't get enough of: when Pocahontas and John meet, and the ending.

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
Ashley-Green (1)
PociandSmith (1)
milky-way (1)
ArielandEric (1)
Maria7Potter (1)
Pocahontas1Fan (2)
rogueslayer17 (2)
PrincessSnow (2)
shaddi903 (2)
DamianLUVR (3)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
blablablu95 (4)
mergirl13 (4)
SailorM91 (4)
ppgbelle4 (5)
Pink_Love (5)
tiffany88 (6)
Mongoose09 (6)
fiina (6)
iHyrule (6)
ppv (7)
hisblueeyes (7)
VGfan30 (7)
fhghu (7)
random_camo (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
BelleAnastasia (8)
CuteDiana (8)
pretty_angel92 (9)
JonnaSe (9)
KataraLover (9)
phantomrose89 (9)
rtlong90 (9)
boolander25 (10)
sweetie-94 (10)
alexon31 (10)

▐ █ 5 라푼젤 █ ▐__________________________________________________________________
They're Taking Adventure to New Lengths!

What can i say? Oh i know "Once upon a time a new DP movie came out and suddenly it BECAMES ALMOST EVERYONE'S 가장 좋아하는 MOVIE!" that's it.

What 팬 Said:

phantomrose89 - A nice modern twist on a classic fairytale that doesn't manage to get too modern-y. They managed to be 더 많이 modern but still didn't include pop culture references 또는 other such cheap gags.

callejahLUVSed - This movie is tied with Beauty and the Beast for my favourite movie, DP 또는 not. Sure, it's CGI but regardless, the storyline is great, the characters are all funny (apart from Mother Gothel, but she's just an evil cow so forget about her :)) I adore all the songs and even though all the 라푼젤 hype has gone down, I hope people still appreciate it ;D

blablablu95 - I just really hate how modern try to make one of my 가장 좋아하는 fairytales! (I 사랑 the original Fairytale 의해 far 더 많이 than the 디즈니 version!). I think Rapunzel is one of my least fave princesses maybe because she's like a combination of the 이전 Princesses! At least Flynn is so hot! and he's funny!

PociandSmith - I don't like the 3D 애니메이션 in 디즈니 Movies.That's something that made me feel bad. I liked the changes in the story, i 사랑 the ending, although the 음악 was one of Menken's weakest if 당신 ask me. It's a cute story but there is not something special, it's just a good 디즈니 movie but not a masterpiece like Pocahontas, Lion King 또는 the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
Pocahontas1Fan (1)
ppv (2)
hisblueeyes (2)
BelleAnastasia (3)
pretty_angel92 (3)
milky-way (3)
Pink_Love (3)
KataraLover (3)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
CuteDiana (4)
ArielandEric (4)
DamianLUVR (4)
Ashley-Green (5)
boolander25 (5)
PociandSmith (5)
VGfan30 (5)
rogueslayer17 (5)
phantomrose89 (5)
PrincessSnow (5)
rtlong90 (5)
random_camo (5)
shaddi903 (5)
sweetie-94 (6)
Maria7Potter (6)
fiina (7)
ppgbelle4 (7)
SailorM91 (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
blablablu95 (8)
tiffany88 (8)
Mongoose09 (8)
JonnaSe (8)
iHyrule (8)
fhghu (8)
alexon31 (9)
mergirl13 (10)

__________________________________________________________________▐ █ 4 뮬란 █ ▐
The 꽃 that Blooms in Adversity is the Most Rare and Beautiful of All!

Well we all exept for 뮬란 to be high i mean that movie it's just so awesome! I mean really it doesn't have anything that someone can dislike!
What 팬 Said:

callejahLUVSed - 뮬란 is such a cute movie. I don't really like the way they kinda threw in the Mulan/Shang romance at the end... I would have been happier if they ended up best friends, as opposed to being romantically linked, and sometimes Mushu can get a litttle annoying, but I know the lyrics to every single song in the movie, and I don't know all the lyrics to 라푼젤 또는 Beauty and the Beast, so thats saying something :) very cute

PociandSmith - I adore this movie.I never get bored. The messages are so meaningfull: Equallity, independence,Royality, the importance of friendship and family.I don't like either the romance that was thrown between 뮬란 and Shang.And the ending was kinda..not as epic as the whole movieBut the movie is still GREAT!!!!

fiina - My 가장 좋아하는 movie ever!!! Thanks for that movie i became disney-fan. That movie is special bacause i never get bored watch is over and over again. I 사랑 음악 in this film, even that it not play away in your head. Characters is great and lessons important, and it's so many. I thing 뮬란 and shang are nice couple, the end of movie is cute and just let think "oh, whatnext whatnext whatnext". I can't understand why somebody don't like this movie.

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
boolander25 (1)
fiina (1)
Ashley-Green (2)
Mongoose09 (2)
iHyrule (2)
VGfan30 (2)
tiffany88 (3)
CuteDiana (3)
ppgbelle4 (3)
rogueslayer17 (3)
ArielandEric (3)
fhghu (3)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
BelleAnastasia (4)
pretty_angel92 (4)
PociandSmith (4)
Pink_Love (4)
KataraLover (4)
blablablu95 (5)
milky-way (5)
mergirl13 (5)
hisblueeyes (5)
Maria7Potter (5)
JonnaSe (6)
alexon31 (6)
SailorM91 (6)
Pocahontas1Fan (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
sweetie-94 (8)
phantomrose89 (8)
rtlong90 (8)
random_camo (8)
ppv (9)
PrincessSnow (9)
shaddi903 (10)
DamianLUVR (10)

▐ █ 3 알라딘 █ ▐__________________________________________________________________
It is Not what is Outside, but what is Inside that Counts!

Yay 알라딘 is that 상단, 맨 위로 3 and for some reason i think it's because it's the first Princess movie with male lead and i don't know why lol!

What 팬 Said:

callejahLUVSed - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Aladdin, Aladdin, Aladdin! :) I 사랑 this movie. I don't know if it's because of the name, 또는 the fact that it is about him 더 많이 than her, but I just like 알라딘 so much 더 많이 than Jasmine. He's just awesomeness! He and Genie are what make the movie worth watching. 재스민 속, 재 스민 doesn't really give anything to the movie for me. I 사랑 A Whole New World though, one of the best DP songs imo. And I like how hard 알라딘 falls for her. It's really cute seeing it from the guys point of view, coz usually we see it from the girl's. Anyway, awesome movie :)

PociandSmith - Ok, first male character in a DP movie!Sounds nice.The 음악 is beautiful,too but i don't like this movie that much.I get bored.Also hate so much Jafar.!!!!!!!!

milky-way - I like this movie, particularly the storyline, but I can't get into the songs. Some of the characters annoy me too, mainly Iago and sometimes the Genie (characters who talk too much have a tendency to get on my nerves!). However, I think the magic carpet and Rajah are adorable. 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 it is good entertainment, just not one of my favourites.

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
tiffany88 (1)
CuteDiana (2)
BelleAnastasia (2)
KataraLover (2)
rtlong90 (2)
DamianLUVR (2)
boolander25 (3)
Mongoose09 (3)
fiina (3)
mergirl13 (3)
hisblueeyes (3)
SailorM91 (3)
PrincessSnow (3)
Maria7Potter (3)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
ppgbelle4 (4)
Pocahontas1Fan (4)
phantomrose89 (4)
random_camo (4)
shaddi903 (4)
JonnaSe (5)
ppv (5)
ArielandEric (5)
blablablu95 (6)
Ashley-Green (6)
milky-way (6)
VGfan30 (6)
rogueslayer17 (6)
fhghu (6)
pretty_angel92 (7)
PociandSmith (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
Pink_Love (8)
alexon31 (8)
sweetie-94 (9)
iHyrule (9)

________________________________________________________▐ █ 2 The Little Mermaid █ ▐
Somewhere Under the Sea and Beyond your Imagination is an Adventure in Fantasy!

OMG I'm still in shock i was expect that TLM will win awwwww but anyway the movie got a great place in our hearts but still it's not as good as the 상단, 맨 위로 1 in 팬 opinion!

What 팬 Said:

callejahLUVSed - Although it isn't actually one of my favourites, I do like this movie. I like how Ariel tries so hard to get Eric, and I like the fact that he comes through for her at the end. I like the songs, and I like 가자미, 넙치 and Sebastian. The only thing I don't like in this movie, is the way Ariel defies her fathers orders. Obviously, teens rebel. Thats just what they do. And I know that she was just fighting for what she believed in... but it's not exactly what 당신 wanna teach kids :P Nevertheless, I still 사랑 this movie!

blablablu95 - Everything in that movie is so perfect I 사랑 it! I 사랑 the Characters! also Ariel is my 가장 좋아하는 Princess and Eric is my 초 가장 좋아하는 so that somehow explain why i freaking 사랑 this Movie so Much!!

PociandSmith - I 사랑 this movie.Beautiful music,interesting story and characters.This movie is adorable!!!!

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
blablablu95 (1)
CuteDiana (1)
iHyrule (1)
KataraLover (1)
rogueslayer17 (1)
SailorM91 (1)
phantomrose89 (1)
random_camo (1)
DamianLUVR (1)
PociandSmith (2)
milky-way (2)
ppgbelle4 (2)
mergirl13 (2)
Pink_Love (2)
ArielandEric (2)
Ashley-Green (3)
JonnaSe (3)
rtlong90 (3)
shaddi903 (3)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
tiffany88 (4)
fiina (4)
hisblueeyes (4)
VGfan30 (4)
Maria7Potter (4)
BelleAnastasia (5)
sweetie-94 (5)
alexon31 (5)
fhghu (5)
Pocahontas1Fan (6)
PrincessSnow (6)
boolander25 (7)
Mongoose09 (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
ppv (8)
pretty_angel92 (10)

___________________█ ▐ ▐ █ 1 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST █ ▐▐ █_____________________
The Most Beautiful 사랑 Story Ever Told As It Has Never been Seen Before!

"Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends.... Oups sorry here we go BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! *fireworks!*

What 팬 Said:

phantomrose89 - Beauty and the Beast is the perfect princess movie. Great story, great songs, wonderful lead heroine, and excellent animation.

callejahLUVSed - I could totally rant about how much I 사랑 this movie, but I'm gonna put it simply. Best. Disney. Movie. Ever. The songs, the characters, the animation, the storyline. This movie has no faults in my eyes. Everything about it is perfect, every moment is magic.

PociandSmith - This movie has wonderful 음악 and the story is interesting but i can't take something.There are so many songs.Ok,so what?Other 영화 have many songs,too.But the songs in this movie are boring....Only "Belle song" is nice.

The Rankings of The Fans:

High Rank (1-3):
BelleAnastasia (1)
Mongoose09 (1)
JonnaSe (1)
ppgbelle4 (1)
mergirl13 (1)
Pink_Love (1)
ppv (1)
hisblueeyes (1)
rtlong90 (1)
fhghu (1)
shaddi903 (1)
pretty_angel92 (2)
boolander25 (2)
fiina (2)
alexon31 (2)
SailorM91 (2)
phantomrose89 (2)
Maria7Potter (2)
blablablu95 (3)
VGfan30 (3)
random_camo (3)

Mid-Rank (4-7):
milky-way (4)
sweetie-94 (4)
rogueslayer17 (4)
PrincessSnow (4)
tiffany88 (5)
Pocahontas1Fan (5)
DamianLUVR (5)
CuteDiana (6)
iHyrule (7)
KataraLover (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
Ashley-Green (8)
PociandSmith (8)
ArielandEric (8)