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posted by Candy77019
 "It is time to strike back!"
"It is time to strike back!"
"Evy, I have a bad feeling about this..."
"Don't be such a baby, Jason!"
I pushed a 나무, 트리 branch out of my way, and I could finally see it.
"This is it!" I said, pulling Jason beside me. "This is the meeting place of the last of English monarchs!"
Standing before us, was a ramshackle cottage with shattered windows covered in mold, with weeds surrounding every inch of it.
"This is where English monarchs hold their secret meetings?" Jason asked.
"Well, back then, their meetings weren't very confidential, so they had to hold them in a discreet place." I took a step over a mossy log and walked toward the house.
There was a dim light shining from the inside, and low voices were talking all around it.
"I thought 당신 said nobody used this anymore!" Jason hissed.
"Shh!" I hushed him, peering inside the window.
The murmurs got louder as I got closer.
"...We've been in hiding far too long. It is time to strike back!" said a woman with a purple dress and gray hair piled into a large bun.
"Patience, Tremaine, good things come to those who wait," said a woman wearing a black robe. Her face was green, with two horns on her head.
"We HAVE waited!" yelled a man with black hair tied into a 조랑말 tail. "Those royals deserve it!"
"Oh but they do," said the green faced woman. "They've even sent spies to listen in on our meetings."
"What do 당신 mean?" Tremaine asked.
"Haven't 당신 noticed?" said the green faced woman. "There is a girl standing 의해 the window right now."
My 심장 sank as their heads turned to look at me. Their faces were as cold as ice--I felt a shiver run down my spine.
"RUN!" I screamed, taking off back the way we came.
Hasty footsteps beside me told me that Jason was near. "I told 당신 this was too dangerous!" he yelled.
I ignored him and leaped over a log. The 나무, 트리 branches scraped my skin as we raced through the swamp and back to the clearing, but I had a faint suspicion that the people were close behind us.
After what seemed like forever, I spotted my silver Volvo sitting amongst the bushes in the clearing. My legs sped up and we were out in the open.
I was only a few feet away from the car when the green faced woman appeared out of thin air, blocking my way. I heard a click and turned around. The man was holding a gun to my back, his face smug.
Jason and I slowly raised our hands.
Surprisingly, the lady laughed. "You two can't be spies. 당신 are much too stupid."
The fear inside me kept me from talking back, so I said nothing.
She pulled a green staff from her cloak, and started pacing. "I was a fool to think you'd actually understand what we were saying. But just in case..." Her staff was in Jason's face faster than I could say "princess".
"Tell me, boy," she demanded, "what do 당신 understand about our last conversation?"
His blue eyes flickered to my gray ones, clearly not knowing what to say.
The witch smiled and looked at the man behind us. "If 당신 must know, Gaston, they will pay for this." She emphasized on "they".
"We have no idea what 당신 guys were talking about, I swear!" My voice wasn't as strong as I intended it to be.
She chuckled. "Go, then. We have... 더 많이 royal business to attend to."
I slowly pushed Jason into the car, my eyes still on the witch. I couldn't think of a time in my life where I had been 더 많이 scared. I started the engine and drove away.
I went against my better judgment and looked back. But when I did...

They were gone.
 "If 당신 must know, Gaston, they will pay for this."
"If you must know, Gaston, they will pay for this."
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Snow White pressed her face to the cool window. For the past two hours, she had been crying over the loss of her older sister. Ariel had quit on her, for Snow just kept on crying. She thought it was her fault that Belle didn't get much attention.
"Don't worry, Snow, Belle will come back," Eric had assured her earlier.
"Well, she better!" Adam had barked. He wasn't taking his wife's departure too well.
Snow White cried some more. "I ruined it for everybody," she whined.
She realized that the person she needed most was not her brother.
But her husband.
She hated herself for fighting with...
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Belle crashed against an 주황색, 오렌지 wall. Her face was pressed against its sticky contents.
"Ew, what is this?" she shrieked.
신데렐라 looked out the window. "Oh, no!"
Belle peered behind her. It looked like they were in a 호박 garden, just outside of a dark manor. A horse was grazing on a patch of grass, when green vines reached out and grabbed it.
"Oh. My. GOD." Belle felt like hyperventilating. "We're in a PUMPKIN?!!!" She was heaved aside when the 호박 started moving.
신데렐라 looked at her with frantic eyes. "We have to stop this thing!"
"Right away, Cinderelly!" saluted Jaq. He...
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This song is catchy in all languages! :3
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Hella: But I didnt send any fairy to help me.

Fairy godmother: I know dearie, were like Santa Claus, we always watch your every move. The only difference is that we go to that location to help with whatever.
Jackal: See? I told ya Santa was real!

Hella: Why didnt 당신 come to help me before-

Fairy godmother: (Sounded annoyed)For crist sake, sometimes theres things that we can do and what we cannot do. Like bring someone back from the dead!

Peggy: So, 당신 know about that royal ball then?

Fairy godmother: Sure do, and I'm gona take 당신 there wit just a snap of this wand.

Bobby: Wouldnt it break?

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French version (Believe in your dreams, Princess) of the Dream Big, Princess campaign video
디즈니 princesses
snow white
재스민 속, 재 스민
This is not my video! Credit: Disney.
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Scene 7- Stellas house(main room).

*Knock knock* Anabella: THE DOORS ALIVE! *Hides under the table*

Denaji: No 당신 idiot, someone's outside of the door.

Anabella: Oh. *Gets out from under the table* I'll go get it.

Denaji: No, I'll go get it!

Anabella: No, I wanna get it! *She and Denaji beat up each other*

Hella: *Groans and walks to the door, then opens it.* WTF happened 2 your clothes?

Rodney: While I was delivering mail to all of the girls at the cities, I got chased 의해 a bunch of frogs and fell in a lake. 또는 was it a swamp?

Hella: *holds her nose* Ok, What invitation?

Rodney: *holds them...
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음악 video
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the princess and the frog
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