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 A happy family
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신데렐라 and Alice can be natural sisters as they resemble each other. And Blue Fairy looks great as their mother!
posted by PrincessBelle2
 “Did 당신 have something to say, Miss French?”
“Did you have something to say, Miss French?”
Belle walked into the R.E classroom feeling somewhat confident. “No matter what happens,” she thought, “I will not let him abuse me again.”

“Hello, ladies,” grinned Aladdin, sitting at the front 표, 테이블 with his feet up.

“Shift!” grinned Jasmine. “You know we always sit here!”

“Aw! Do I have to? I’m comfy here!”

Meg rolled her eyes. “Well, if 당신 don’t move, one of us is going to have to sit somewhere else.”

Belle looked around. Aladdin’s 프렌즈 were sitting at the back table. There was a spare 좌석 beside Adam. Before her 프렌즈 could object, she made her way...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "Brilliant! Thank you, Miss French!"
"Brilliant! Thank you, Miss French!"
Gaston had left when Belle finally decided to leave Ariel alone with her sculpture and she was much relieved. She went to the 도서관, 라이브러리 and spent several hours deciding which 책 she wanted to read next. Fairy Godmother, the librarian, whose real name no one knew, not even the teachers, was impressed 의해 the amount of 읽기 she did.

“It makes my job worthwhile, girl,” she said.

Belle smiled and took her 책 gratefully. As she made her way back down the corridor, a door opened and Mr Thatch, who taught History, stuck his head out.

“Ah! Miss French! Could I have a word, please? Just...
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But what Aurora didn't knew was that Snow White also felt sad, she felt sad because she knew that she acted too crazy and that she should've letted Aurora go to the forest alone.
"Hopefully she won't hate me despite my many mistakes", Snow White thought for herself while the tears where running down her face.

She then decided to apologize to Aurora, but she decided to wait until Aurora felt ready for it.

Meanwhile Aurora had walked to the cottage to meet her aunts, their names where Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.
"I need a potion so that I can transform into a completely different person so...
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posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 6: The Storm

As Ariel came up out of the water she was a little disappointed this was a completely different ship than she was expecting but that only lasted for a moment as her curiosity took over. She quickly swam over and pulled herself up on the steps and peaked through a small opening in the ship these people were celebrating but it was unlike any celebration she had seen there was no fireworks 또는 dancing at all but it was merry the people were 노래 about a new world with Injuns that looked like an octopus but with 더 많이 tentacles and had a feather of a bird , and gold whatever...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "Plenty of other girls in other schools do this for better grades."
"Plenty of other girls in other schools do this for better grades."
“Miss French, may I have a word, please?”

Belle looked up in surprise. She had been in 디즈니 High for about a week and she was beginning to get used to everything here. She had spent her first enjoyable evening at the Book Club meeting and it had been wonderful. Rapunzel, Hercules, Linguini, Ariel and John made very interesting 읽기 and debating companions, although Belle couldn’t help wonder if Ariel, who didn’t seem to have paid much attention to 1984, had another motive for attending the club. At any rate, it had been great to be in a place where others shared her deep passion...
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posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 4: No one Understands

Late that night everyone in the 성 was asleep as Ariel slipped in through the large opening into her bedroom but had a hard time falling asleep all she could think of was Eric she tossed and turned several times before she finally couldn't take it anymore and sat on the 봉인, 인감 of the opening until morning when her sisters called her down for breakfast. She slowly swam downstairs to the eating area that had a large 표, 테이블 seated for eight underneath a large shell chandelier as she took her 좌석 on close to the end between her father and her sister Alana "Oh my gosh...
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posted by kristenfan10109
 I Remember
I Remember
Chapter 3: A World Unknown

As their ship sailed to the New World far beneath the ocean waves not known to the world above was the of merpeople ruled 의해 King Triton the only child of the Greek God Poseidon long 이전 he he took over his father's duties of controlling the seas and built a city of his own called Atlantica. After loosing his wife Athena years 이전 he took every precaution to make sure his people never had contact with humans again especially his seven daughter they were all he had left of his beloved wife especially one in particular his youngest daughter Ariel not only did she look...
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posted by kristenfan10109
 The Past Hurts
The Past Hurts
Some say that things happen for a reason others say its our fate 또는 our destiny I believe its a little bit of both that lead me to where I am now although I didn't realize this was consequence for the path I had chosen leaving me here standing in between what I should and what I needed to do.

Chapter 1: Remembering

England a city of life full of hustle and bustle 당신 can literally hear the hooves of the horses, people in the town square the smell of freshly baked bread, the sights of magnificent buildings, castles, and structures its all very appealing I'll admit but I tire of the same...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "Follow in the footsteps of the Lord, class!"
"Follow in the footsteps of the Lord, class!"
“Tell me,” Belle said, after they had eaten lunch and made their way up to the North Tower for their 다음 lesson “what exactly is Religious Education?”

“It’s where Mr Frollo hammers into us about how God is good and the Devil is bad, blah, blah, blah,” Meg replied drily.

“He does go a bit overboard with it all,” 재스민 속, 재 스민 agreed.

“Overboard?” Snow White shook her head. “He’s plain scary!”

“You’ll see,” 재스민 속, 재 스민 told Belle as a tall, old man wearing black robes strode into the room.

“Quiet!” the man demanded, even though they were barely making any noise at all....
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "Make him think 당신 don't 사랑 him!"
"Make him think you don't love him!"
"Tell me, girl!" Seti snapped once they were alone together in the room. "What are your intentions with my son? Are 당신 after the 제목 of Queen? 또는 are 당신 determined to make a total laughing stock of him?"
"I would never, never do that, your Majesty!" Ariel cried, shocked.
"You think that just because he calls 당신 a princess that 당신 are worthy of that title?"
"Sire, 당신 are much mistaken in your beliefs! I 사랑 Ramses 더 많이 than I can possibly say!"
"Yes, very much."
"Prove it."
The words were soft and dangerous. Ariel trembled. "What...what do 당신 mean?"
"Prove to me that you...
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So here's my 기사 for the best guy for Ariel. I have made picks to eliminate choices until there are only two left. Last one standing is the best match for Ariel. This 기사 is what I think of each guy with Ariel and than 코멘트 from 팬 from the picks.

Jim Hawkins #9
 의해 ponyboyjonny
by ponyboyjonny

This one couple is widely debated. Some people 사랑 it some hate it. I personally like this couple but I prefer him with Audrey. I'm still a 팬 of Ariel and Jim but not as much as I use to be.

dont like her much with jim...i like him 더 많이 with 재스민 속, 재 스민 for example. (DIAMELA)
hate it (pretty_angel92)...
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(A short fanfic I wrote as a part of the 디즈니 Crossover What If game)

Full Question: What if Chel was a servant for Kuzco and he kept denying marriage purposals because of his 사랑 for her? What would happen? Would they marry, 또는 would he be forced into a marriage?

Some things 당신 should know before reading:
-This is after the first movie so Kuzco has learned his lesson and isn't as self-absorbed.
-I am ignoring the Emperor's New School series because Kuzco seems the same as he was in the beginning of the first movie.

All was quiet in the great hall. No servants bustling about, no 20 diplomats...
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posted by bugbyte98
 Ariel walking into the Dining Hall
Ariel walking into the Dining Hall
알라딘 led the stumbling girl, who he now knew was named Ariel, into Jasmine's elaborate palace. 재스민 속, 재 스민 grumbled behind them. She slowly turned on her heel, creating a rather unpleasant noise, and hurried into the servants' quarters. She slowly emerged with a worn and tattered robe. "Here Ariel" 재스민 속, 재 스민 sneered tossing the ragged cloth at the jittery girl. Ariel caught it and looked at it like 재스민 속, 재 스민 had just given her an atomic bomb. "You put it on." 재스민 속, 재 스민 said, obviously annoyed.

Ariel looked at the cloth in her hands. She slipped around her shoulders, before being hastily shoved through...
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posted by bugbyte98
 Ariel coming out of the water in rags.
Ariel coming out of the water in rags.
This is now Ariel's turn

Ariel swam as fast as she could towards her underwater palace. When she arrived she was out of breath and panting. She quickly arched her back and slowly made her way inside. She swam into her bedroom, where all 6 of her older sisters were at their own personal vanities, humming a lovely tune with a blank look in her eye.

"What's going on in her head?" One of her sisters, Aquata, asked. "I don't know, but I hope she doesn't keep humming, 또는 she will drive me insane!" Adrina said as she sat in her sea shell bed. "Sounds like she's in love!" Arista and Attina said as Arista...
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