18) 사랑 Conquers All

Quasimodo burst open the door to cathedral bedroom with triumphant enthusiasm "WE DID IT BELLE WE'VE BEATEN THEM BACK COME AND SEE!!" He turned his head back toward her she wasn't moving "Belle wake up your 안전한, 안전 now" he walked up to her bedside and brushed his hand across her face "Belle" but she still didn't 옮기기 "Oh no" he went over to water bucket at her feet grabbing a spoonful of water he lifted her head but her lips didn't open. "Oh no" dropping the spoon and grabbing her hand but she was gone the gargoyles who had been watching shut the door behind them he grabbed Belle's limb body and clutched her in his arms crying the last of his dear 프렌즈 was gone when he had tried so hard to save her as Esmerelda's last wish he felt like he failed her both of them as he knelt down beside her if only he had gotten there sooner maybe he could have saved them both.
Suddenly the door creaked open "Belle!" Quasimodo turned around it was Phoebus the look of complete terror was in his eyes "Is she?", "Yes I I tried I'm so sorry" tears running down his face " It its not your fault Quasimodo I'm I'm sorry but I can't take this" Phoebus kissed Belle's forehead and left the room he had to get out of there as badly as felt leaving Quasimodo to grieve alone when everything went black. As Quasimodo continued to weep he felt a hand on his back he knew who it was "You killed them", "'Twas my duty horrible as it was I hope 당신 can forgive me there there Quasimodo I know it hurts but now the time has come to end your suffering forever" he gasped with fright as he saw Frollo's shadow holding a dagger in his hand he quickly turned around and grabbed Frollo 의해 the arm using all his strength he pushed him across the room back against the 벽 the the dagger now in his hand as he came up to him angrily Frollo shook with fear. "Now listen to me Quasimodo", "All my life 당신 have told me the world is a dark cruel place but now I see that only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you" tossing away the dagger "Quasimodo" Belle moaned "Belle" grabbing her off the 침대 "She lives" said Frollo furious pulling out his sword "NO!!" cried Quasimodo running out the door.
Frollo followed but he couldn't find them looking around every corner but he couldn't find them he thought about it for a moment then walked over to the edge of the balcony he'd caught them they were literally hanging 의해 a thread with nowhere else to go with one arm around Belle and other grabbing a gargoyle attached to the cathedral "Leaving so soon?!" asked Frollo with an evil grin on his face "Hang on!" Quasimodo shouted to Belle clinging to him for dear life as he swung from gargoyle to gargoyle as Frollo slashed at them with his sword making to the other side Belle quickly pulled herself up he lunged Quasimodo quickly pushed her out of the way as he stood up on the gargoyle "I should have you'd risk your life to save those witches especially that one just like your own mother died trying to save you", "What!" Quasimodo was shocked "And now I'm going to do what I should have done twenty years ago!" Frollo threw his cape in rage at Quasimodo knocking him off balance he quickly grabbed the side of the cathedral pulling Frollo along with him dangling for his life swinging to the gargoyle 다음 to him as he climbs up Quasimdo was loosing strength and consciousness from the smoke and fumes from the molten copper as Belle cried for him to hold on using all her strength to keep him from falling. As Frollo stood on 상단, 맨 위로 of the gargoyle his eyes filled with pure evil as he laughed his sword behind his back ready to plunge into Belle and kill her once and for all "And he shall smit the wicked and plunge them into the firefly pit!" when the gargoyle suddenly began breaking underneath his feet dropping his sword, loosing his balance he clung on for dear life once again as the gargoyle broke completely off it came to life roaring terrifying Frollo as he plummeted down screaming to his death in molten copper lake "Quasimdo Quasi NOOOO!" cried Belle suddenly loosing her grip as Quasimodo fell about to meet the same fate as his master when Phoebus leaned out and caught him pulling him in to safety from the 초 level as Quasimodo regained consciousness he looked up and couldn't help but smile as he hugged him.

Belle came racing in smiling she hugged Quasimodo relieved he was 안전한, 안전 "Oh Quasimodo I'm so glad your alright I couldn't bare it if I had 로스트 you", "I'm alright Belle I'm just so happy your alive" he couldn't help but cry tears of joy letting him hold her until he was ready to let go."Phoebus", "Oh Belle I thought I'd almost 로스트 당신 when I saw 당신 lying there I" wrapping his arms around her "Oh Pheobus" she looked around "Where's Esmerelda?", the last thing she remembered was both of them burning on the platform as much as she wanted to believe Esmerelda was still alive she knew there was no chance she could have survived she couldn't hold back the tears "Esmerelda, Esmerelda", "Oh Belle" he said softly comforting her he was about to explain everything when suddenly they heard a voice. "Belle" Esmerelda cried walking around the corner with her arms wide open "Esmerelda how did you? Why would you? I heard what 당신 told Quasi", tears were still running down her face "Let me explain Belle" said Phoebus "After Quasimodo had saved 당신 I managed to get free of the cage I was in Frollo had treated the people so horribly, ransacked the city, and was attacking Notre Dame to get to 당신 또는 so I thought I had to get the people to fight back if we were ever going to defeat him after they released all the gypsies a few of them went up to the platform and untied her from the pole taking her back to someone's home. When I finally found her she was unconscious and not breathing they were trying to revive her but I couldn't bare to watch I told them if she regained consciousness to bring her to Notre Dame it was all Frollo's doing I had to kill him not only because he had killed Esmerelda but I thought he had killed 당신 in the end I couldn't do it because the Archdeacon helped me realize I was better than that it was matter for God to handle not me", "And it was all Because I 사랑 당신 Belle I knew Quasi couldn't save the both of us but I also knew Phoebus would have been so 로스트 without 당신 and I couldn't bare to see him loose 당신 the way he protects 당신 with his undying loyalty, cares for you, loves 당신 for who 당신 are, and how 당신 have both completely given your hearts to each other that was something worth dying for knowing I had seen true 사랑 was 더 많이 than enough." She turned to Quasimodo "Oh Esmerelda I'm so sorry when 당신 told me to just leave 당신 there I I", "Shh Quasimodo do not beat yourself up about that it was what I told 당신 to do and had I died I would have been happy knowing that 당신 fulfilled my last request with such bravery and courage considering what I was asking of 당신 당신 were so 메리다와 마법의 숲 Quasimodo so 메리다와 마법의 숲 and I am grateful to have 당신 in my life" hugging Quasimodo as tears spilled from his eyes he was grateful externally grateful to have both the women he cared so much for back into his life when it seemed they were gone forever showing him how precious life truly is and every 분 should be spent surrounded 의해 the people 당신 사랑 and those who 사랑 you.

Belle couldn't hold back the tears never in her entire life has she seen such acts of undying 사랑 and selflessness "Thank 당신 but it's not enough what 당신 did for me I will never forget I will be eternally grateful", "We both will" said Phoebus as Esmerelda hugged Belle again reassuring her "Believe me it was 더 많이 than enough 당신 and Quasi were the best thing that has ever happened to me and always will be", "You will always be the best thing that has happened to me to all of 당신 I may have 로스트 my Papa but now I have a 집 and a family with each of 당신 which is 더 많이 than I could ever want" they all came together for a group hug realizing that it was true for all of them "And we always will be family no matter what" said Pheobus "No matter what" said both Esmerelda and Quasimodo then as his way off accepting their union and their 사랑 he joined Phoebus and Belle's hands "Thank you" she whispered in his ear. All of Paris had come together to defend Notre Dame from Frollo now that the city was 안전한, 안전 Phebous could no longer hold in his feelings he'd been trying to hide to protect the women he loved for so long placing his hand across her face he passionately kissed Belle. Together they walked out the cathedral hand in hand along with Esmerelda when their hands together as the crowd cheered but there was one very important person that was missing Belle and Esmerelda walked back to the open door each offering a hand to Quasimodo taking them as walked out of the darkness and into the light when a little girl suddenly looked at her mother than walked up the steps to him touching his face at first he was hesitant and scared but then he just let go and realized that maybe he wasn't that different as the little girl lead him into the crowd "Three cheers for Quasimodo" cried Coplin Esmerelda, Phebous and Belle couldn't be happier for Quasimodo as they lifted him into the air and carried through the streets of Paris he had finally found his place in the world just like Belle had finally found hers as Phoebus smiled upon her with such 사랑 and passion in his eyes as he ran his fingers through her hair "I 사랑 당신 Phoebus ", " And I 사랑 당신 Belle" as they sealed their 사랑 with a 키스 tis truly a tale as old as time a tale pure beauty.

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"Quasimodo?", "Belle!"
"Leaving so soon?!"
"And he shall smit the wicked and plunge them into the firefly pit!"