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디즈니 커플 Favourite Kiss?

47 fans picked:
Esmeralda and Phoebus
신데렐라 and Prince Charming
 smckinlay2 posted over a year ago
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RoseLovesJack picked 신데렐라 and Prince Charming:
I love both
posted over a year ago.
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prussiaducky picked 신데렐라 and Prince Charming:
Cute and modest

Esmeralda and Phoebus was just complete snogging and it made Quasimodo super sad, which hit me in the heart pretty hard.
posted over a year ago.
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JapannedMaxican picked 신데렐라 and Prince Charming:
I'm sorry but I don't like Esmerelda+Phoebus. Quasimodo just did so much more for Esmerelda than Phoebos.
posted over a year ago.