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I was 읽기 Six Sacred Stones 의해 Matthew Reilly
today, and I got to the part about Iolanthe (whose name I have memorized out of spite).
Keep in mind, I 사랑 old European royalty.
What do 당신 think NIMEAN Royalty is modeled after?
But the 초 당신 십자가, 크로스 Huntsman these days, I don't like you.
So, here's my plan to allow the filthy people to serve their sentences without prision.

A. Send a letter to King Diabo asking that a full Lawkeeper force be sent to investigate the awful people who want to kill children. (Assuming I wasn't filtered out. I have only one-one Myraith of a chance of being remotley...
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posted by thetacoman
Inspired by- MUSE, I Belong to You

Diabo Didas, the twenty-four-year-old prince of Heyotch, stepped out of a glorious limousine, dressed only in his best 망토, 망 토 for the single occasion to which he did not have a rebellious speech planned.
The Occasion of Matrimony, the 일 when all people of noble blood are expected to be married if they are 또는 are above the age of twenty-one.
Diabo, however, did not even have a date.
He supposed there were many barriers preventing him from finding a girl. Perhaps he just had not found anyone that he truly fancied. 더 많이 likely, however, was that he was simply off-putting....
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posted by thetacoman
The Court of King Sterling was splendorous and happy. Many a 일 were spent when the King flung open the palace gates to let the people dance to the 음악 of his favourite advisor, Iero. Iero was proficient in all the musical arts, and was also rather handsome. He had a talent for speech, and, sometimes, when the King was otherwise unable to, he gave vibrant speeches.
Iero was celebrated as a 초 king, a son.
But Iero was never really happy with that.
Every 일 he spent in the court, he was subject to seeing King Sterling as the centre. Always, it was he at the head of the table. He at the...
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posted by thetacoman
I thought the fed did 당신 bad I thought the fed did 당신 show did 당신 come up to me that to 당신 all the fed to 당신 up I bought the fed did 당신 show I thought the fed did 당신 bad that that’s what a route I thought the fed did 당신 bad at all the know what I invaded and in new I thought the fed did 당신 all that bad that that’s what the room I thought the fed did 당신 up on all 당신 know what I’d misstated a new type of the fed did 당신 all that bad that that’s what the room I thought the fed did 당신 call on all 당신 know what I see these new did talk with a view of a newer Mike Crawford, and...
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posted by thetacoman
From: H4K3R222

I git conectsuns 2 the F B I + the C I A + i take petty on u if u giv me the blog I wont hak u but if u dont Ill git my freinds 2 git u.

F.B.I.? Federal 성채, 간성 Investigators? Face it, you're just failing to get a reaction from me, and you're making up acronyms.


Why are 당신 even here?

I m hear to mak sur u r bein good ppl + so far u r not.

No, really.


LOLfail at angering me.
Drat. It's begun.
posted by thetacoman
His Majesty’s Posh Blog

Away at College
--Posted 의해 Lune--

You’d think that going to a college entirely owned and headed 의해 your dad would be weird. But, it’s not. Especially with the Infranet. It’s weird that it works down here, but whatever. I still get to stay in touch with --Dolphin--, and even my Daddy. Even though I could’ve done that anyway here.
Anyway, I really just 게시됨 this so --Dolphin-- could read it after Basic Ecology. He really doesn’t like it, but it’s vital if he wants to take Advanced Ultima Ecology. Anyway, hi, and always know I’m on the Posh Blog.

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posted by thetacoman
U r all dum
-Posted 의해 H4K3R222-

Yah so I m hear cause u was all mean 2 me + wont talk 2 me on the chat U guys need 2 listen up I m gonna mak all of u pay 4 bein so mean 2 me I m gonna hak all ur accounts + I m gonna broke the nayshon u mad hear so u bet r watch out cause I m mad
+ IT S 2 LATE U CAN T APOLOGIES I M 2 MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! U R GONNA PAY!!!!!!!!!


--HIH posted--
Really, child, I don’t think 당신 understand how this works. Please, leave if this is all 당신 are going to do.

--NXS posted--
Highness, is this the person who’s been trolling your posh blog?

--H4K3R222 posted---
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게시됨 의해 mr_illustrious D12M2

**mr_illustrious signed on**
**midsummers signed on**
mr_illustrious: Hey, son.
midsummers: dad, it’s a chatroom. 당신 dont need to spell right.
mr_illustrious: Who told 당신 that?
midsummers: I dunno. I just assumed.
mr_illustrious: Shape up, Puck. This is my forum.
**Dolphin signed on**
Dolphin: 저기요 guys. how r u?
midsummers: Dude, shape up. This is his forum. *points to mr_illustrious*
mr_illustrious: 당신 tell him, son.
Dolphin: Fine. But I won’t like it.
mr_illustrious: 당신 don’t have to be here, 당신 know.
Dolphin: But I’m bored at school!
mr_illustrious: You’re...
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posted by thetacoman
Name: Danny Roseau
Nationality: Nimean, Taetoro
Age: 22
Dialect: Common
Personality: Bi-Polar
Love-Life: Has a girlfriend, Tally Hawain
Favourite Day: The entire 월 of Spring
Religion: Lutheran
Friends: Jeremy Orlansu, Tally Hawain
Back-story: He never was chosen to be an Infiltraitor. He joined up, much to the displeasure of the Noch, which 'strongly recommended he stay at home'.
He left anyway.
Supposedly, he takes his meds, but it doesn't really show most of the time.
He met Jeremy and Tally at a political function, fell in 사랑 with Tally, and inadvertently made his future best friend into a (not-so-Platonic) Platonic.
He pays his dues on-time, somehow, and receives a heavy sum not to 가입하기 any local governments.
He owns a car, and has an extensive collection of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics memorabilia.
He hates any and all sushi.
아니메 freaks him out.
And touching his hair scares him outside of the measurable proportions.
Name: Jeremy Orlansu
Nationality: Nimean, Ostrien Tribal
Age: 23
Dialect: Common
Personality: Erratic and loud
Love-Life: Claims to be completely Platonic, but derps for almost every pretty girl on the street.
Favourite Song: Some sort of German thing.
Favourite Day: 25th December (Christmas), 31st October (All Hallows Eve)
Favourite Food: Charred meat
Religion: Calls himself Roman Catholic like his parents, but he’s probably 더 많이 Protestant.
Friends: Danny Roseau, Father Randal Serine
Back-story: Born on scenic Mount New Vesuvius in the Ostrien capitol, little Jeremy was chosen early on to go to the...
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posted by thetacoman
Diabo peered through the oversized telescope on the one 일 a hole was in the 구름, 클라우드 sphere.
"There," he said, 글쓰기 the coordinates down for the predator ships. "That planet. That's a desert planet. I want it. I want an excuse to ride elephants without being called insane. Also, I want to stop having to pay people for the elephants going berserk on their houses after me trying to hitch it up at a resturant."
The Royal Astronomers, happy they had a paying job for the first time this year, just nodded, and signed the correct papers to allow the Navy to capture it for their generous king.

The next...
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posted by thetacoman
It all happened so fast.
It started when MacGrath tried to run, and he was headed off 의해 the Hunters down the road.
Mercer simply strode toward his prey, smiling with extreme malevolence.
Grabbing MacGrath 의해 the jacket, he jumped up to an active water tower and shoved the man in, a Hunter sample inside of him already.
"Checkmate," was the only thing he said as he ran off to a hive that was preforming incorrectly.

Mercer sat in Grande Central Station, dissapointed.
No one to fight, no one to war with.
Now, the only person who could've been a challenge was a mindless Hunter.
Slumping a bit, he made a resolution; to find and preserve challenges so he could use them later.
Dawning his biomatic hood, Mercer strode out of Grande Central Station, outside of the island of Manhattan, and into the world.
The world full of new challenges.
Running in no real path, Mercer began his hunt for people who could match with him.
posted by thetacoman
"Name?" asked the attendant of the doctor.
"Schmones," Coyle replied, eyeing the sheet.
"Incredibly dopey. I cannot stress this enough, this is a woman who beleives she knows everything, but cannot even keep a handle on her mental stability. Like that annoying man from Corruption and Anarchy; Intent of the Naughty."
"Yes madame. Any final words loop?"
"I KNOW EVERYTHIIIIIIINNGG...., and then the shattering of the Kastorium."
"Is that the conclusion, madame?"
"It is all the sheet asks, Gerem."
"Yes, madame."
The great machine whirred, peicing together the Dummy, making a template, and mass-producing...
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posted by thetacoman
A man strode down the avenues of New York City, New York, completley alone.
This wasn't abnormal, especially in this part, near Grande Central Station, the epicenter of the original virus.
A lone Hydra crawled down a building covered in flesh, burrowing in the ground to spring on any survivors.
This was his New York.
The entire city was covered in the biomass of the virus strain he carried and manufactured within himself, right down to his own clothes.
Not even making an effort to build up a run, the man, named Doctor Alex Mercer, sprung up to a rooftop with a watertower suspiciously free...
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posted by thetacoman
Capitain West was on the summit first, with his crack team of archaeologists turned militants following close behind.
They had left only one teammate behind, a girl named Lilly, the Child of the Oracle, and for good reason.
This abandoned area was bound to be infected.
Even with their new biohazard suits, the team was in danger constantly.
They neared the small sampling- enough to make a vaccine for the population of one superpower- just enough for America and Australia.
But this did not fair well with the UN Security Council, AKA Mister Secretary-General.
Luckily for him, though, the 초 fearful...
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The two figures cut their way through the sky, one on carbon-fiber wings, the other waiting for the correct time to trigger his parachute.
They were in a race; a race to the ground.
A race to the Temple.
This was no ordinary reliquary complex, and had no real military value.
It was the site of a battle that had been raging for centuries; one that had new participants, but all were on a side, even if unknowingly.
The two, Capitain Jack West Junior and a man who currently went only as the Scarecrow, had found out about the terrible thing only recently, and had done so 의해 finding out they were enemies....
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posted by thetacoman

Name: Diabo Didas
Title: King of Heyotch (Bayutan, the Underworld, etc.)
Age: (It would be stupid for me to put this, as I am always reconfiguring the time and age systems.)
Alliances: His brothers, cousins, and children, who run governments, respectively.
Beleifs: Praegravo Domine (Nimea always wins) Nimeus Alphatum et Omegra (Nimea united with Providence, also known as God. But I like Providence.)

Likes: Throwing things, ruling in general, justice, assimilation, fellow Regals, and Prime Minister Rubithe Sheilds.
Dislikes: Being thrown at, being overthrown, injustice (especially...
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