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 another Chibi Potter!
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당신 don't like Harry, too bad.
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Yea, when i'm bored...I think up songs, gotta problem with it? no......GOOD! so here we go!

This called...."do 당신 think she'll know"....let's get his over with!

당신 look at her every-da-ay,

thinking to yourself.......she'll never look at 당신 the same way-ay-AY!

Do 당신 think she'll know how 당신 feel,

Does she even know 당신 think it's real?

Do 당신 think she'll ever feel.........the same.....

your walking with her...again,

shes lookin at you-oo-oo-oo,

you're wondering what she thinkin,

your always saying you'll try let her know,

But tonight, 당신 think, its let her go.....

DO 당신 THINK...
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Break:Mom!can 당신 at least tell me what it is!?
Dexi:If 당신 must know if 당신 pretend to romance her then she will tell 당신 every thing about her ,her family and her stupid father!!!!
Dexi:We can figure out there weakness and watch them plummet to there doom!
Break:As long as that dweeb goes down!(covers mouth)grrrrrrr!
Break:Don't say it!
Break:Don't say it!!!!
Dexi:Your voice is sooo cute!
(thinking)stupid mom thinks she knows everything!(bumps into Baily)
Baily:Hey what are 당신 doing here!
Break:Me?what about 당신 my mom showed me this 나무, 트리 hang out it's were...
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Ahhh another 일 in megaville and we find Dexi labs corps.
Dexi:Get out!stupid brother ahhhh!
(Something comes crashing through her ceiling Dexi sees a girl with short red curly hair a lab 코트 and a purple bow with big powerpuff girl like eyes)
Girl:Owwww(rubs head)Dad whats up with the girl get up?
Dexi:Grrrrrrr!!!!!!I am not your stupid father who ever he is!!!!!
Girl:Oh man what do 당신 think I am a nim rod?My dad is 덱스터 Thompson.
Dexi:He is my arch enemy my dream is to watch him plummet to his doom!
Girl:You and me both girl!
Dexi:Whats your...
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For the first time ever, I actually felt happy to see DeeDee. My sister was still a big pain in my neck, and I was loving it. DeeDee talked of her adventures stuck in a cell. It was pretty boring, but it had given her time to think. Otto asked DeeDee what she knew about what was going on,but she did'nt seem to know anything accept Mandark's betrayl. In fact, we had 더 많이 to tell her then she had to tell us. Blossom was just as happy as I was to see DeeDee.

So, our first mission was to get the first key, we traveled hours on end, not stopping to rest until Otto finally passed out. We were...
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Drax left us hangin pretty quick.Him and Mandark left with manical glints in their eyes. Buttercup sobbed.Turns out, Mandark been fooling her to, only pretending to like her to gain 더 많이 trust. After Drax and him disappeared, we all worried what might happen now. We kept silent for a few moments, trying to let the feeling of being truly betrayed sink in. It was DoDe that finally broke the silence. pretty much everyone followed in after that.

"He lied to us, I just.....don't believe it.."

"Well we know he was evil before, we should have expected him to be tricking us"

"I knew my brother was...
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 It's like Grim Tales With nine extra doses of strange, and twenty extra doses of action. Oh and I thin it's better then salami(my friend Austin said that when he read the first book, I typed it out for my 프렌즈 to read)
It's like Grim Tales With nine extra doses of strange, and twenty extra doses of action. Oh and I thin it's better then salami(my friend Austin said that when he read the first book, I typed it out for my friends to read)
A blood ridden town of tear an ruin...of lies and cheats...with little chance of ever coming back......I live in this world, I was meant to restore it back to what it once was.....till the infinites came, the took over, and renamed this town... and now it's called purgatory...might as well call it what it means...Hell.Plain and simple... Who am I 당신 may ask...I'm Lucinda, Lucinda Cain, I'm twelve and me and my brother Chuck were supposed to save this town....but instead we helped destroy it.... they call us spawn's of Devil...or, as we're now called....the little satin's...If only they knew...
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(the new chapter's are taking a little bit of a different route now, we shall now be seeing it from the character's point's of view, anytime 당신 see a character's name before 또는 imbetween the paragraphs that the person narrarating the story. also I've made it less script form and 더 많이 book like.)


Dexter is a stoopid imbecile. A wretched, stoopid, moronic, im becile. Yet....I still barely understand why he did what he did. He could've stopped Our universe from endangerment, yet he wanted to save me more. But that's not what's creeping me out right now. What is creeping me out is that....he...
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Copyrights to Selena Gomez. I strangely think of this as a Dexi and Mandark 사랑 song, 또는 a 벨 and Mandark 사랑 song, your choice.
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Copyright's to taylor swift. I consider this another Dexi and 덱스터 사랑 song. This is actually the only song on Dexi's 아이팟 that she listen's to daily. 덱스터 still has no clue why. Typical.
I don't make 비디오 so I just put the orignal 음악 video, Copyrights to Justin Bieber! I consider this Otto and Dexi's 사랑 song. Would'nt it be weird if that ever actually happend?Otto and Dexi as a couple? weird mental pic.