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This Death The Kid 사진 contains 애니메이션, 만화, and 만화책. There might also be 백합 드 lis, 프랑스 드리스, fleur 드 문양이, and fleur 드 lys.

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Death The Kid


Black Star



Mizomi (Kid's sister)His sis I made up.prononsed me-zoo-me and it's a real japanese name and so is kurumi....

Kurumi (Kid's girl friend) i made up and mizomi's weopond long 담홍색, 핑크 hair and blue eye,super cute has many weapond forms.

Yukury (mizomi's other weapond)If youve seen haruhi then 당신 know about the girl with the glasses and grey hair,well,Shion is just like her.Greenish blue hair and red eyes.has many weapond forms.



They are at Maka and Soul's apartment.It has gotten late and the rest of the group cant get 집 because the new's...
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