on a tipical sunny 일 kid was walking to school alone . he was walking alone beacause liz and patti had gotten sick with the flu and decided to stay 집 . once kid got there stain was waiting for him at the front gate . "hey kid your father wants to see 당신 he says its really important " stain said . he wondered what would be so important now that his father couldnt wait till after school . he went on his way to his fathers office. "hello father 당신 wished to see me " he said. there was someone hiding behind the mirror kid was to far to see who it was . "yes kid-chan , i have someone i want 당신 to meet . her name is shikyo .she is your twin sister ." kid thought it was a joke "your kidding right i , why should i belive 당신 당신 rarly tell me the truth " kid said .then the person from behind the mirror came out and said " hes not lieing , at least i belive my mother she told me to come here before she well passed away " she said while putting her head down . "wait so your telling me i have a twin sister ?" kid said . the girl was wearing a big cloke covering her head and her face all her clothes was coverd to . "yes kid-chan i cant belive it eaither but your mother did leave a note saying that she wanted 당신 to be with me and shikyo to be with her . so this is your sister ." lord death said . she took off the cloke and she looked exactly like kid .she had black hair with the white lines on her hair she almost had the same suit as him . the only diffrences were that she had a 치마 , and the skull, that kid has around his neck , she had a bow that tied it to the collar. her eyes were orangy yellow and they were a little brighter that kids . "like lord death said im shikyo wich means death . i am going to be going to this school with 당신 .i want to know what 당신 think of the idea of me staying here ." shikyo said . " well first off why is your hair not symmericsl ! i will not let that go every thing else is symmetrical except for your hair ! " kid said . " dont judge my hair i know its not perfect ! your the one to talk 당신 look just like me ! how come your hair isnt perfect then !" she yelled getting upset . "both of 당신 calm down !" lord death yelled . they both instantly got quite ."you two are already 연기 like brother and sister now kid-chan go show your sister around okay kid-chan ." lord death said . "okay come on shikyo-san , i want 당신 to meet all my 프렌즈 " kid said.