Chapter 1

"Back down,you troubling pest,while 당신 still have a chance."A dark yet young sounding boy's voice said.A girl around age 14 stood her ground with two pistols.She had long black hair that had close straight bangs on her forehead.Her hair had 3 white horazantal lines on the right.She had 2 toned yellow and gold colored eyes and wore a black long sleeve dress that ended above her knees.It had a little skull for a tie and white sleeve wrist bands anf collar.She also had black furry boots on.Her eyes stayed focus as she charged at the boy. She fired her 총 at him as she ran. He dodge each shot and as soon as she was close enough to him he kicked her back sending her back a few feet. She hit the 벽 and winced. The boy took this as a advantage a jumped out of a glassless window. The girl, Phoebe, cursed herself. "I'm getting tired of him!" She said. Kraiss, one of her weapons, stretched as he formed back to his human self. "Eh, will get him, but don't fret. Why don't we go eat." He suggested. She smiled at him, her cheeks turning rosy red. "M'kay. Lance, 당신 coming?" she asked. Lance was laying on the cement floor, he sat up and smiled. "Yes! I'm starving." he said. He walked behind Kraiss and Phoebe. Phoebe's cheeks were bright red as Kraiss kept talking to her.Lance shook his head.Suddenly a loud boom took the three teens attention.They ran to it to see someone fighting pre-kishins."Whoa!Phoebs that's-" "Death the Kid."