So I've been 글쓰기 this Soul Eater fanfic "The DSM?" for a while now and am looking for some 더 많이 feedback...

Here's a basic summary/preview thing, let me know it you're interesting and if anyone wants, I'll post the chapter files here as well.

Thirteen years 이전 Lord Death made a desicion that would impact not only his own life, but his son's as well.

He held out his hand to the children, bending down in an attempt to show he meant them no harm.

"It's okay, I won't hurt you."

The young girl was the first to shakily stand and cautiously lay her hand on Lord Death's, appearing miniscule in comparison.

"There, you're safe, I promise."

Stein sat in his wheeled chair facing the young meister who stared at him blankly.

".. What?"

"You heard me Dawn, hit me. Let's see what's so special about you. 당신 like any other kid to me! Prove to me 당신 deserve the 제목 Lord Death gave you!!!"

His voice kept rising until the point where he was practically shouting at her, challenging her.


"Uh Kid? 당신 sure we should be doing this?" Dawn asked cautiously.

"Don't 당신 want to figure out what they're up to?"

"Well.. sure but is hiding in Liz and Patty's closet really necessary?"

Kid raised an eyebrow. "Do 당신 see anywhere else in the room we'd both fit?"

She pouted, huffing and crossing her arms. "Yeah... but I really don't like closets. Never the same since my own tried to bury me alive."

Kid tried to stifle his laugh but didn't do a well enough job at keeping Dawn from noticing.

"It's not funny reaper."

She playfully shoved his shoulder but instead succeeded in pushing him over, and as he instinctually reached for something to stop his fall he grabbed Dawn's wrist and pulled her down with him.

Not sure how to end that other than there so I don't make this too long.

I'll add 더 많이 if people show interest... 또는 당신 can just go check out the story - "The DSM?" 의해 VioletDawn00 on, link below.