Having heard about the new DOA 5 Ultimate I want to give my new opinion on what I think this should be (even if it isn't going to be). To me the ideal DOA 5 Ultimate should be this:

Firstly continue the story of DOA 5 because anyone who completed the original knows...it ended on a bit of a cliff hanger...obviously promising a sequel.

Following characters should be in it IMO (even though sadly I know some of them aren't):

Kasumi: 19
Hayate: 25
Ayane: 18
Ryu Hayabusa: 25
Gen Fu: 67
Bayman: 33
Jann Lee: 22
Lei Fang: 21
Zack: 27
Tina Armstrong: 24
베이스 Armstrong: 48
Helena Douglas: 23
Leon: 44
Hitomi: 20
Brad Wong: 32
Christie Allen: 26
La Mariposa: 25
Eliot: 18
Kokoro: 19
Rig: Unknown
Mila: 21
Momiji: (if anyone knows her age let me know)
Rachel: (again if anyone knows her age..)
Shiden (Unlock)
Ein (Unlock)
Kasumi Alpha (Unlock)
Gohyakumine Bonkatsubo (Unlock)
Genra (Unlock)
Alpha- 152 (Unlock)
Alpha Phase 4 (Unplayable Boss)
Victor Donovan (Unplayable Final Boss)

Now this may sound like a lot of characters...but if anyone has played DOA Dimensions...it isn't...in that u can play as every character up to DOA 4 (including bosses). so in a way the original DOA 5...was actually worse than a hand held console version...which is actually fairly humiliating...the hand held didn't ask u to get 300 titles before u paly with Alpha -152 for instance...u had to just complete DOA 4 story I think...

I never liked the idea of guest character s from VF 또는 anywhere lese (like Halo) and never will. Characters from Ninja Gaiden is acceptable and makes sense because they are from the same universe, the story interconnects multiple times...in fact it is even mentioned 의해 the makers of DOA 5 that Victor Donovan knows people Ryu confronts in Ninja Gaiden... 또는 at the very least has heard of them.