firstly i'm going to give my opinion on who should be in the game character wise:

Kasumi: 19
Hayate: 25
Ayane: 18
Ryu Hayabusa: 25
Gen Fu: 67
Bayman: 33
Jann Lee: 22
Leifang: 21
Zack: 27
Tina Armstrong: 24
베이스 Armstrong: 48
Helena Douglas: 23
Leon: 44
Hitomi: 20
Brad Wong: 32
Christie Allen: 26
La Mariposa: 25
Eliot: 18
Kokoro: 19
Rig: Unknown
Mila: 21
Ein: 23 (Unlock)
Kasumi Alpha: Unknown (Unlock)
Raidou: 46 (Unlock)
Gohyakumine Bonkatsubo: 1500 (Unlock)
Genra: 44 (Unlock)
Alpha 152: Unknown (Unlock)
Victor Donovan (unplayable Final Boss)

we could add one new female n male character as well i guess but i don't really mind either way there.

the story should continue on right after DOA 5, so the same year, and i think it is time Donovan went over the edge and instead of turning other people into inhuman weapons he does it to himself...cause in all honesty i thought that was what was going to happen in DOA 5. I thoguht finally Donovan was going to be the final boss, but then they repeated Alpha 152...which was ok but not as exciting as i'd hoped.