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added by DemiTitan
I sat in the back of the ferrari with clarrise while in the front Daniela sar shotgun dancing in her 좌석 with headphones on, "Da. da-da. Nanannananana. DA DA DA DAAAAAAAA!", she muttered. Clarisee looked at me and mouthed ,"Why".
I shrugged. It had been long 일 and I had just wanted to get going.
A big truck bashed into the side of us and Danielas eyes snapped open.
"STOP", she ordered. The Ferrari stopped moving and she hopped out.
Rage in her eyes she stood still staring at the truck. ~Then she pulled out a bow and 애로우 and knocked 12 arrows staight at it. They curved and took out alll...
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I was scared to follow Clarisse and tell her she couldn't come with me on the quest but I felt like I had to.
So I didn't.
I feel alot of things and that does not justify being murdered 의해 an angry mini- ares. I was looking for a quest partner. I had Clarrisse so I figured taking a 초 stranger might at least divert my fear to a 초 person so I didn't pee my pants every time she looked at me. Like they (And 의해 they I mean the people I made up) say it is better to have two problems in different places than it is to have one your forced to stick with.

So I did what I always did when I am...
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I smiled at Chiron and walked out of the big house. I sighed.


I made Evangelos into a gun and shot bronze bullets into the air. I laughed my head off and started break dancing spinning on my head and doing back-flips. I rushed through the 딸기 fields doing cartwheels and leaping.


I finally got off of my quest high and stopped near the Hephaestus Cabin. I ran...
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“Um... Sorry I didn’t quite catch that”, I mumbled.

She lifted her head and in my head the voice laughed, “I was trying to be dramatic and now you’ve made me break character. Here I’ll write it down”. She pulled a piece of paper off the floor and a feather from her eye-socket. She pulled a glass cup from on 상단, 맨 위로 of some drawers and spat some green goop in it. She dipped the feather and began writing. She folded the paper up and pushed it across the table. I reached over and put it in my pocket. “Thanks”, I said and began walking away. “Oi cheeky. 당신 can’t just get the...
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I ran up the stairs as fast as could and when Chiron stepped in my way I just pulled the 셔츠 up over his eyes and jumped over him. I ran up the steps and ended up in a ricketty old room much like the outside of my mums caravan. A child-like voce laughed in my head ,"Hello. Don't get people like 당신 in here often".
An anceint mummy in tie-dye clothes stood up and brushed some 책 and a tiny shrunked head off a small 표, 테이블 pulled up a chair and sat down. "You can not tell anyone about this okay. Just say I was a bit weird and creepy". "sure you're the mummy".
"Cuppa", the mummy lifted a pink...
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My life is officially so messed up I am unable to sum it up. The meaning of the 제목 is that my mum’s magic Caravan is supposedly made of Nutshells.

So anyway. I am tied up in a 도서관, 라이브러리 with no doors 다음 to an unconscious Charles Beckendorf. I spat the balled up 양말 out of my mouth and tried to stand. I did but immediately fell over. So I rolled. I rolled sideways to a 벽 and pressed myself against it and pushed myself up it until I was on my knees. I started swinging my head and watched as my pocket-watch/shield swung on its chain and flew into my mouth. I wriggled my tongue, found...
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Mum walked me back to the ricketty rainbow-painted caravan. She opened the door and muttered, "Brace yourself". She pushed open the door and I stepped into a huge white, clean hall. In the middle was a huge 분수 with a woman with three heads stood on 상단, 맨 위로 of a fat body of a man. She held infront of her a torch that was really lit. Water gushed from the eyes and mouths and from the dead giants wounds. And from her arm hung a whole huge sheet of water. In the pool around herr stood several figures. Cal, Markus and Chenobly. My mother. And then there were five figures whose heads were covered...
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"Really mum why", I asked again. "For funsies", she giggled, "You know I could have done it with out slapping him but he didn't know that". "But why", I aked. "Three reasons. A; He deserved it. B; It was funny. And C; he is ginger". "You're ginger", I implored.
Mum bent down and took the hairbrush and mirror from an aphrofite kids hand. "Excuse me", she said. "It's okay honey you're excused", Mum laughed and walked away.
Looking in the mirror she chuckled, "Darren, honey. I am a redhead. Boys are ginger gits, and Girls are hot redheads. Deal with it it's the way things are".
"Now", she said,...
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Well as I digested what my mother had just said she reached over and sharply prodded my ear-lobe and neck at the same time and I fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up. As usual my mum had already got into an argument with management. She, some ginger boy and Chiron were having a blazing row. That is when I noticed that the ginger boys nose was a foot long.

The ginger kid yelled, "she shouldn't even be here other mortals aren't allowed. I tried to get my mum in".
She retaliated, "Hecate puts the dead souls of the sorcerers of greek into us so we can channel their power and do maggic....
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Okay so I punched her.

It wasn't my fault the girl was leaning over me, had red lips and black hair.
It turned out that;
1) Her name is Lou Ellen, Undetermined.
2) She was taking my tempareture.
3) She bleeds easily.
4) She swears alot.
5) I bleed easily.

So all in all after being punched in the face, getting a bloody nose, screaming a few curse words, yanking out a chunk of my hair, slapping me so hard I spat out blood, screaming and slamming the door so hard dust fell from the ceiling and giving my mum the evils she had an 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 alright day.

My mum stuttered, "Um she was um, she... um......
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My name is...
Well it used to be something else and now it's something different and my last name is a cover and write now I am being partially inhabited 의해 my patroness so...
Let's just call me the Gypsy.

So anyway. I am a little off balance with two extra heads so I kicked my shoes off and ran towards my son. He was lying on his back with open eyes, breathing heavilly. An african-american kid was stood 의해 him wearing a scowl.
A long, green claw protruded from the tip of his nose.
"He jumped", I gasped. Something in that boys clever mind had told him that if he ducked there would not be enough...
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My name is Athanasia.
I am as old as time itself and I must do my masters bidding to survive.
It is my duty.
My curse, my life.
This is my story;
On the orders of my master Mormo I just killed my temporairily former masters son. I am that Mormos. The villain.
Athanasia means immortal because I am the oldest and first Mormos and have never been slain. Although alot of Mor os like me spend alot time in the 언더월드 when they are not biting the bad children so our king doesn't have to.
Then I heard those voices;
"YOU JUST SHOT OUR SON", a deep mechanical voice said. I flapped my huge bat wings...
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Beckendorf came to see me a few times and was rustling through the bag of potion equipment when it happened. A large 코끼리 shaped blot appeared on the surface of the horizon. I heard the crack of reins and someone yell ,"Ya. Faster, faster".
I saw that familiar ginger head pop into view. She was wearing the same autumny dress but 다음 to her on the front of the ricketty caravan was a steaming pan of sizzling pork. Eating from it sat a small 밤나무 horse with seagull wings and I knew that he had told the other two Pegasi pulling it where to go.
That is when they showed up. Ten massive snakes...
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Everything was almost perfect. Apart from the fact that I had no 선실, 캐빈 and no 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 table. So Chiron offered to let me eat at his table.
I declined. So I turned my spear into a chair attached to 책상, 데스크 and set it down 다음 to the Hephaestus table. Charles and I talked a little but mainly I kept to myself. This was my 2nd 일 at Camp but my first 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 and it made me realise what an outsider I am. Oh well at least the 음식 looks good. I lifted a large piece of pork to my mouth and Charles kicked me in the leg.
I looked up and saw everyone waiting in line 의해 the fire. "We burn some of our food...
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