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News by Stelenavamp posted over a year ago
fan of it?
The new series is 더 많이 action focused, how was it, with all the hanging about in freezing water and other things like that?

Daniel: Oh God, iced water for hours.
Crystal: Well the ice was silicone, I got in as well!
Daniel: 당신 got off lightly though! I did much 더 많이 of it!
Crystal: I was soaked, drenching in the woods!
Daniel: I was outside in a factory soaked too!

I’m in the wrong job, I’d 사랑 to do all this!

Daniel: It is great, but at 4 in the morning you’re like uuurgh.

4 in the morning though, you’re in a cranky mood, and I’d imagine 늑대인간 are pretty cranky generally, doesn’t being up at that time help with the crankiness?

Daniel: Yeah, it’s very easy to act at that point. You’re either freezing, 또는 at a heightened state of emotion. It’s a bit method 연기 in a way. Like, I asked them to put real ice in the water. 당신 can’t fake how that feels really. Some of that stuff 당신 can’t fake. When you’re filming, 당신 can do the work, and the work can include staying up all night, being cold for a...