Dan and Blair My reasons for Dair and not Chair 또는 Derena

BeautifulLover posted on Jan 29, 2011 at 10:52PM
1- Because they both deserve happiness.
2- Because opposites attract.
3- Because Blair is the only woman Dan has ever listened to even when is about his sister and Blair.
4- Because she seems way more reliable and good for him than Serena or Vanessa.
5- Because they balance each other out.
6- Because she's the only one who can corrupt him just looking at him.
7- Because John Lennon was right: "All you need is love".
8- Because he doesn't play mind games with her.
9- Because they can start a book club together.
10- Because he knows she will do great at anything.
11- Because they can be the best and cutest unexpected relationship-twist on Gossip Girl.
12- Because they don't have to pretend anything.
13- Because they are each other's fresh start.
14- Because Blair is finally not only the ice queen for him.
15- Because we've never seen either of them smile like that ever before in their lives.
16- Because Dair definitely looks like a fairy tale.
17- Because he comforts her many times.
18- Because she's glad he stayed with her in holydays leaving alone Serena.
19- Because they go to the cinema together.
20- Because they're our gorgeous, intelligent bookworms!.
21- Because he can be her Romeo and she can be his Juliet.
22- Because their relationship is based on more than just physical needs.
23- Because they looked at each other in a party when they feelt alone in the same time.
24- Because she took a seat to his side without mattered who was looking at them.
25- Because he´s Brooklyns´s Drama King and she´s Uppert Eat Side´s Drama Queen.
26- Because they love the same movies.
27- Because Blair come to him when she was shamed of herself.
28- Because he made her smile when she was sad.
29- Because their Valentine´s day was the most sweet thing still happens on the entire show.
30- Because they hugged each other when they fell sleep on his house.
31- Because they have a unresolved wrestling combat.
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over a year ago chouchou22 said…
THIS !!!
over a year ago xlovingbunnies said…
So many epic reasons!
over a year ago ky02121 said…
Great list !
over a year ago isabellebadgley said…
i am not a hater, i love Dair with all my heart, but you can't say that Dan wasn't happy with Serena!!! why do Dairio's always 4get that Blair doesn't love Dan (yet)
over a year ago kittiwitti said…
I always loved their interactions. Made me fall in love. Faithfully, they will fall in love too lol