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season 4
damon and elena
I'm torn between much 더 많이 than two lovers
I'm torn between two different ways of life.
One showed me what it was like to 사랑 another.
The other? What it feels like to fly.

My first 사랑 gave me a 안전한, 안전 haven,
a quiet place to hide when I was scared.
Everything in life revolved around him.
I knew that other loves could not compare.
I never thought that I could 사랑 another,
no one could ever tempt me to stray.
Then one 일 my eyes were opened to him
and I knew our 사랑 could never be the same.

It was in this time that my 심장 found another
and so much 더 많이 than the first he makes me smile.
I can't imagine...
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Hi guys! I may not been 글쓰기 so much but I always stalk here. After 3x15 I decided to write something because lately I’m seeing so much hate towards to writers. Some people saying that they’re about to quit the show because “We don’t get Delena.” Aren’t we? I honestly think that the way that we ‘get’ Damon and Elena’s relationship could not be better. Kudos to writers. I adore and respect them with my 심장 and soul.

Here is why;

Every single of us knows that how “epic” Damon and Elena’s build up is. I’m personally glad that they’re not handed over, like SE. Would...
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I found this on Tumblr:link

Now that I’ve read the interview, I honestly don’t understand what the big deal is. This was blown way out of proportion imo, probably due to the fact that Damon and Elena 팬 have been waiting so long and our couple is prone to taking baby steps 앞으로 that are followed 의해 huge steps backward. So I can understand the frustration, but still, I don’t think the quote is necessarily a bad thing.

So this is just my take on it:

“He’s no longer convinced he should be with Elena.”
Isn’t that kind of a good thing? When couples get closer to that moment when they’re...
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1.Being completely truthful to a girl 당신 want to pursue about the fact that 당신 stalked her for four months to make sure she wasn’t a woman 당신 loved 145 years 이전 and still kept a picture of in your bedroom
2.Being truthful to a sad girl about stalking her to a cemetery
3.Being truthful to this girl about how 당신 knew where her house was
4.Being truthful to this girl about how your parents, 또는 your father, really died
5.Being truthful to this girl about the fact that you’re immortal and will never grow old while she will
6.Being truthful to this girl about how 당신 have this intense...
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This is my first article, so please don't be hard on me and I apologize if my grammar isn't good, English is not my native language.

I recently came across a couple of TVD 'confessions' in Tumblr that made me feel really bad:

One was comparing Damon's quote about the SE breakup in 4x07 'I heard about the breakup, I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not' to Stefan's quote about Elena choosing Damon in 4x23 'I'm not happy about Elena, but I'm not not happy for you'. This person said that Damon is the worst brother ever.

The 초 one was about DE: 'they're so selfish together, I hate them'

I'd like to explain...
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“Oh my…” I brushed Damon off and backed away from them slowly. “Stefan…what…What have 당신 done?” I was shivering with fear. This was not the Stefan I used to know. This Stefan was full of malice and I was frightened. I was 더 많이 frightened than I had been when I had discovered that he and Damon were both vampires. But then I knew I could trust him. Then he didn’t feed off of people. Then he was gentle, controlled. And now? Now he was dark and dangerous. Like Damon. But Damon had learnt to control his urge for human blood. Stefan however was obviously finding it difficult since...
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