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critical analysis
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This Critical Analysis of Twilight 사진 contains 기호, 포스터, 텍스트, 칠판, 사인, and 서명.

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OK, I know 당신 guys are thinking: "What?! How dare you! Bella and Edward's 사랑 is the best and most romantic 사랑 of all times!111Elevntyone!!!1" And then, you're going to say I'm just some guy who hasn't read the books. I'm not. I'm a teenage girl, and I have read all the books. Even Bree Tanner and that bit of Midnight Sun on Meyer's website.

I'll just discuss the reasons why it's not true love.

Physical Attraction
...And 더 많이 of it.
Picture this. Our great female lead is in an average high-school cafetaria, surrounded 의해 average, high school kids. It's noisy and loud, and she wishes she was...
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1. In Twilight, the "romance" as they call it is just there from the beginning. In Percy Jackson and the Olympians (We'll call it PJO), the Percy-Annabeth relationship was apparent from the start, but built up until the 키스 in Battle of The Labryrinth and eventually their relationship began in The Last Olympian.
2. In Battle Of The Labryrinth, Percy ran into Greek mythology's equivilent to vampires: the empousai. These were ugly creatures who had flaming hair, one goat leg, one metal leg, fangs, were deadly poisonous, and usually disguised themselves as mean cheerleaders. In Twilight, the...
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O Tempora o Mores
Oh the times, oh the customs

This 기사 is an appeal to all Twilight 팬 out there, I invite 당신 all to think over your good and bad actions here on 팬팝 and contemplate them.

I have seen and compared examples of the appearances of the fandoms Harry Potter and respectively Twilight when criticism appear in each other’s sites on 팬팝 and I am astounded 의해 the comparatively aggressive tone the Twilight 팬 carried when they respond to the said criticism.

Compare the responses of: link

And: link ;

Notes are to be made that both internet addresses were found 의해 searching...
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Dear Ms. Meyer,

Hi. I’m Tria. It’s nice to meet you. As 당신 have probably guessed, I am 글쓰기 to 당신 concerning your series known as “The Twilight Saga.” If you’ll forgive me for being rude, I’d like to be blunt.

You fail.

Again, apologies for my rudeness. If you’ll allow me, I’m going to back up this assumption of your literary failure.

Let’s start with the plots, looking at each book individually, and then the 책 as a whole.
Twilight: Barely has a plot. The book is 300 또는 so pages of nothing happening besides mooning on about Edward and his eyes. Then 당신 throw in three...
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Is it just me 또는 is SM into brainwashing? She has systamatically taken over the world with her books. 다음 she will be Americas first ever hem hem SPARKLY PRESIDENT (no offence Barrack 당신 rock) and twi hardiness has been taken to a whole knew level people religions such as CULLENISM yes 당신 guys heard me cul-llen-ism.
Here is the cullenism 10 'commandments'

1.thou shalt wear gold contact lenses-even to sleep!
2. thou shalt only drink cherryade 또는 크랜베리, 적갈색 주스 (bassically its gotta be red)
3. thou shalt not take the lords name in vain (robert pattinson) cept when 당신 are screaming it at his...
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It's called "Daughter of Darkness" 의해 V.C. Andrews.

This book was just aweful. It's about a 17 년 old vampire girl named Lorelie Patio (Mary Sue alert!) whos only purpose in life is to be her Daddy's sex slave. This book is filled with shallow evaluations of beauty, anti feminism, poor morals, and disgusting turn of events.

Lorelie has three sisters who are manipulated and emotionally abused 의해 their father. The worst thing about it is that it's never seen as a bad thing. It's disguised as fatherly love. None of the characters recognize the manipulation 또는 abuse. 당신 have to read between the...
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