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 Twilight vs Dead Until Dark
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dead until dark
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This Critical Analysis of Twilight 팬 아트 contains 애니메이션, 만화, and 만화책.

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posted by -Grace-
People making claims about Twilight is really beginning to grate on my nerves D; Not statments of opinion; the kind of claims I'm talking about don't begin with "I think". They are claims, stated as fact.

An example of a statement of opinion might be "I think Twilight is awful". An example of a claim might be "Twilight is awful". Or, conversely "I think Twilight is perfect/Twilight is perfect".

The problem with these kinds of claims is that they are completely subjective. 당신 can't make an objective claim like "Twilight is awful/perfect" based on opinion, it doesn't make sense :(

So the amendment I propose is simple: begin statements of opinion with "I think", 또는 whatever variation on this is appropriate (if any). Is that fair enough? :) I know many of 당신 already do this, but just as a reminder to the few who don't.
It seems that nowadays when people mention the words ‘Twilight’, ‘Edward’ 또는 ‘Stephenie Meyer’ a huge 토론 is formed. People are 스플릿, 분할 completely down the middle with their 사랑 또는 hate of the twilight saga, everything seen as either black 또는 white. So here is an opinion from one of the few stuck within the grey area (like, dislike and don’t care either way). Rip this opinion to shreds, 사랑 it 또는 hate it. Tell the world how much twilight rocks, sucks 또는 takes the complete piss out of teenage romance. But please remember this is my opinion and seeing as this place is all about...
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posted by renrae
Lauren, Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. She's the blond girl in twilight. The one tricked 의해 a modeling scam, the one that hates Bella. We first meet Lauren in the cafeteria, I believe. Almost all Twilight 팬 do not like her. I mean no disrespect to the ones on this spot 또는 any others, but I do not think she has a reason to be hated. Reasons people give for hating Lauren are similar to the reasons for hating Jessica. "She's rude", "She's mean to bella and stupid", even "she's blond." That last one made no sense to me. The reason Lauren "hates" Bella is because her crush, Tyler, is infatuated with...
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