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A hilarious cartoon I found, spoofing "Breaking Dawn" and the whole Jacob-goes-pedowolf thing. XD
critical analysis
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This Critical Analysis of Twilight 사진 contains 애니메이션, 만화, and 만화책.

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I found this online. It's a real conversation a bookstore employee apparently had with a Twilight fan. It didn't happen to me. I found it funny, thought 당신 guys might too.

(A customer in her late teens approaches me in the bookstore.)
Customer: “Hey, do 당신 guys sell the Twilight books?”
Me: “Yes, they’re right over there.”
Customer: “Have 당신 read them?”
Me: “Yes, I have.”
Customer: “Didn’t 당신 just 사랑 them?!”
Me: “Well, actually, they aren’t really my type of book, so–”
Customer: *suddenly furious* “Are 당신 f***ing serious?! These are the best 책 ever written! I’m going to tell Edward to come and bite 당신 and drink all your blood!”
Me: *backing away* “Have a nice day, ma’am…”
How Edward Got Bella Pregnant, Why it's Not Sexist, and Why Renesmee Does Not Suffer From Down Syndrome

Youknowit101/Cassie-1-2-3 collaboration.

I asked a 질문 a bit 이전 asking what bothers 당신 about Bella’s pregnancy. (in a different spot) We got some very interesting answers, thank you. We are now here to respond to the points made.

(Keep in mind that we did not consult anyone associated with the creation of the Twilight Series. We just used logic and text to make sense of everything.)

(I’m going to be using words like penis and orgasm, so if 당신 haven’t had a certain talk with your...
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There are tons of anti stories out there, and mine is probably no different than yours. (If you, are, of course, an Anti.) However, it all started out the very 일 I picked up the book Twilight...

I heard many 코멘트 about Twilight, how wonderful the series was, and how wonderful Edward and Bella's 사랑 was. As usual, I resisted. But my friends, who were all Twilight fans, kept insisting that I read the most amazing book in the history of books. So I'm like, "Hey! I missed out on Harry Potter-(I only read Harry Potter when I was nine, when I could have read it when I was seven, all because...
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If 당신 have ever doubted the insanity of the C.A.T. Kittens, this will cease your doubts. I think it got long enough to be put into 기사 포럼 thread. This makes absolutely no sense, does have swearwords, includes lots exremely odd things, and is kind of innapropriate. You've been warned.


One 일 Bella fell over while being chased 의해 Steve the Spider, while Edward and Jacob were kissing. Pausing every once in a while to get a dazzling breath when Alice walked in on them and said - "Edward, what are 당신 doing? 당신 know Bella is over there.'re GAY?"

"Yes, but don't tell Bella...
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Right ok, so there's all this hype surrounding Rob 더 많이 so than any of the other cast from Twilight. But why?

It's not because he's the hottest. Because, well he just isn't. He was voted 'sexiest man alive' in numerous magazines such as heat and glamour. My personal favourite from the Twilight film is Peter Facinelli. I met him in July and he is the most geniune actor I have heard of. He has time for his fans, something which Rob doesn't.

Then again Rob does gets chased 의해 crazed 팬 girls, so yeah valid excuse. But say if Peter played Edward, everyone would be all over him just because of the...
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I realize that there is a lot of insults and hate going back and forth from both sides of the Twilight fence. But this is
critical analysis
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