Okay, i decided to write a critical analysis of a character from the twilight series. My first choice would have been to do one on Bella Swan, but there is already a whole spot dedicated to that, so i decided on my 초 choice: Edward Cullen. So I hauled out all my Twilight 책 and combed through them, analyzing and taking notes. Please leave a 코멘트 on my critical analysis telling me what 당신 think, what 당신 agree on and what 당신 disagree on. Please no nasty comments. Enjoy!
~ ~ ~

Okay, number one...one of the reasons Twilight is so dramatic and sometimes just plain depressing is because of Edward himself. I mean sure, we know living forever kind of sucks, but do 당신 have to go on and on and ON about it?! Get over it already. Take a page from Emmett's book and try to just live your life, and be a tad 더 많이 enthusiastic, would you? I mean, 당신 could at least focus on the positives of being a vampire instead of whining all day.

Secondly, would 당신 shut up about your soul already? I mean, really, your soul's fine. In some twisted, messed up, and just plain strange way, 당신 ARE still a person, and everyone has a soul, you're not special and 당신 have one too. You're obviously just looking for something else to complain about.

And something else, mind over matter? Give me a break, 당신 just exaggerated when describing how "difficult" and "painful" it was to be around Bella. Now you're caught in your lie!

And lastly, why did it take 당신 so long to change Bella?!? The soul thing, well, see above, and if 당신 사랑 her so much than why dont 당신 want to be with her forever and ever? You're a hypocrite and a phony, and the only reason 당신 changed her at all was to save her life. Whatever.

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Thanks for reading, and leave a 코멘트 telling what 당신 think! Again, please no nasty comments. Hope 당신 liked it!