There are three (3) big categories of abuse. These are the ones that happen on a daily basis, and they are not at all uncommon :( In Twilight, all three of these abusive categories are represented 의해 a character. They are grouped as follows:

Psychological Abuse: Edward Cullen
Sexual Abuse: Jacob Black
Physical Abuse: Sam Uley

Now, 당신 Twilighters are probably thinking, "Whaa-? That's ridiculous!" No, actually, it is not, if 당신 will give me a chance to explain.

Edward Cullen does indeed abuse Bella psychologically. He constantly refers to her stupidity and her clumsiness. Some may call this "keeping it real." In reality, he is pointing out all the bad things about her, lowering her already abysmal self confidence into the negatives. He also stalks her. I'll provide a definition of "stalking" from the dictionary:

stalk (verb): To follow 또는 observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession 또는 derangement.

Now, this romance between Bella and him cannot be called "love". Tell me; when do these two ever go out to do things together? When do they sit and just talk (no, "I 사랑 당신 more" conversations don't count)? When do they ever joke around and laugh with each other? Heck, when do they ever even go on a freaking date? Answer: they don't. They just sit around staring at each other and making out all the time. That is called lust. Now, lust is often confused with love, so it is understandable that so many of 당신 seem to be confused. Why am I bringing this up, 당신 ask?

"...especially out of obsession 또는 derangement."

That was a segment of the definition of "stalk". What Edward feels for Bella is a lusty obsession. He is indeed obsessed with her.

Okay, how does he follow her, then? Hm?

I'm getting there. For one thing, they had a total of two (2) conversations before he started breaking into her room to watch her sleep. He wasn't even officially her boyfriend at the time! Romantic, 당신 say? Let's imagine... sit 다음 to a new kid in a class. For the duration of the class, he is extremely rude to you, making 당신 feel terrible. It seems as if he is purposely being malicious toward 당신 specifically. He then does all in his power to completely avoid 당신 for a week. Now, 당신 must be feeling very self conscious at this point. The 다음 class, he sits 다음 to 당신 again, and is suddenly all polite. Weird, right? So 당신 talk to him politely, and that's that. Now, 당신 go home, do your homework, eat dinner, maybe talk to a few friends, blah blah blah. Then 당신 go to bed. You're sleeping... zzzzzz... A noise wakes 당신 up! 당신 jump up in 침대 and find... he is standing right there staring at you, watching 당신 sleep! What is he doing here? How did he get in? 당신 see the open window and realize he broke into your bedroom! He admits he'd been in your room watching 당신 sleep because he finds it fascinating...

Still think that's romantic?

Now, I know that's not what happened in Twilight. That isn't the point. The point is, stalking is NOT romantic. It is creepy.

Another thing he does? He follows her into the city. It's her girls night out with Angela and Jessica, and he follows her there, "just to keep an eye on her." Yes, I realize he saved her from rapists, but still. He didn't realize he was going to need to save her when he followed her there. He followed her because he wanted to. After four (4) conversations with her. Again, this is NOT normal. It is creepy.

Edward dominates Bella well enough. This is well hidden, but it is evident. He uses his charm (his "liquid topaz eyes," especially) to "dazzle" her. This makes her submissive to him. We see him do this to the waitress in the restaurant. He even seems to do this to the reader. It is a common, and very dangerous, tactic to hide his true intentions. He does command her to do several things. True, they are small things, things that one may overlook. However, a baby must learn to sit before it can crawl, crawl before it can walk, and walk before it can run. Indeed, the things he commands of her do grow progressively 더 많이 significant. They start with ordering her to eat at the restaurant. However, 의해 Eclipse, he is ordering her to stay away from her best friend in the entire world; Jacob Black.

"But Jacob's a newborn werewolf! He's dangerous!"

This is true. However, this is not the reason Edward does so much - from disabling her car to convincing Alice to kidnap her, which are both major signs of abuse - to keep her from visiting him. He even admits it later; he was jealous of Jacob, and he was prejudiced. This is a completely different matter than "because it's for her own good." He isolates her from Jacob against her will for no good reason. That is abuse.

Jacob Black is a symbol of sexual abuse. How? There are two extremely significant things he does here.

1. He forces himself upon Bella.
Jacob, being a werewolf, is infinitely stronger than Bella. He uses this against her. He forcibly kisses her, holding her tight so that she has no hope of escaping him. He doesn't care that she doesn't want it. He wants it, and that's all he cares about. Then, after seeing her anger, shock and pure horror at what he did, he merely grins at her. Even after she punches him in the face, he doesn't give a darn about how she might feel about what he just did. Then, later on, he does this AGAIN. While he may not have actually had sexual contact with her, this still counts as sexual abuse.

2. He becomes a pedophile.
Let me explain. He takes one look at Bella's newborn baby, and he immediately decides he is IN 사랑 with it. Hold up. Let me analyze the current situation. How could he fall in 사랑 with a baby the moment he sees it? This, my friends, is called LUST. To lust after a small child like that is called pedophilia. Now, I realize that the way Imprinting works, he would not have wanted sexual contact with her until he was older. In fact, he would act as "whatever she needed him to be" until she is old enough. Ah, now we get into a whole new situation. We go to a different BRANCH of pedophilia. This is called Child Grooming.

What's "Child Grooming"?

Good question! Child grooming is a form of pedophilia where the man would know a person from their childhood. They would grow very close to that person in order to gain the child's trust. Then, once older, the man would have sexual contact with the child. Devastated, confused and terrified, the child would 대합, 조개 up and refuse to tell anybody because they had trusted this man.

Then there is Sam Uley. Here we have another issue with Imprinting. When he falls in "love" with Emily, she is reluctant. How could she go on and 날짜 the man who had been so important to her cousin and best friend, Leah? Of course, Sam wasn't having that. Oh no. When she told him, he became angry. He transformed into a werewolf and ATTACKED her. He nearly ripped her face off! She finally gave in, having gone through so much pain. He literally beat her into submission. That is not romantic in the slightest.

Now, Edward can be abusive in many ways. Psychological just so happens to be his specialty. However, he has proven to be physically abusive as well (forcing painkillers on her in the hospital, towing her to his truck and forcing her to let him drive her home, etc.) but that's all I have to say. Thanks for reading!