Corey Stoll 가장 좋아하는 Movie Role?

Pick one:
This Is Where I Leave 당신 as Paul Altman
The Normal 심장 as John Bruno
Glass Chin as Bud Gordon
Non-Stop as Austin Reilly
Decoding Annie Parker as Sean
C.O.G. as Curly
Victoriana as Bill Russing
The Time Being as Eric
The Bourne Legacy as Zev Vendel
Midnight in Paris as Ernest Hemingway
Salt as Shnaider
Helena from the Wedding as Steven
Push as Agent Mack
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men as Subject #51
The Number 23 as Sergeant Burns
Lucky Number Slevin as Saul
North Country as Ricky Sennett
 drewjoana posted over a year ago
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