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This is a fantastic book that was written for the screen. Which means author, Neil Gaiman, actually called Henry Selick with this idea.
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This Coraline 사진 contains 애니메이션, 만화, and 만화책. There might also be 신문 용지, 잡지, 타블로이드, 걸레, 신문, 종이, 타블로 이드, and 걸 레.

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Coraline is now available as an iPhone application on the 사과, 애플 iTunes store. Thanks to ScrollMotion's Iceberg Reader technology, Coraline 팬 can now download the book directly to their iPhone and read while on-the-go!

You can purchase the book and read user reviews here: link

The Iceberg Reader revolutionizes the 읽기 experience 의해 combining the familiarity and timelessness of 책 with the convenience of New Media. Iceberg makes it easier than ever to browse, buy and enjoy the written word.

- Natural book-like 읽기 experience with full pagination, like the original printed editions....
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When Coraline was 14, she walked herself over to the blacksmith's 샵 to ask if he could make a key for her. Coraline was going to use this key to go into the other mother's world again. After all, adventurers always go back to face their fears even if they are afraid, Coraline thought. "Come back tomorrow, and I'll have it ready then," the blacksmith said. When Coraline got home, Wybie was waiting for her. "Hello, Wybie," Coraline said. Wybie said,"Hey, Coraline. Do 당신 um-" "Coraline! Time for dinner!" called Coraline's mom, interupting Wybie. Over the years, Coraline had grown used to...
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The amputated fingers of the Other Mother's shattered hand squirmed beneath the rock at the bottom of the well. They rose, dragging themselves 의해 the fingertips to rejoin and connect to what could be scavenged of the hand. The resurrected hand reared up, wiggling its fingers, testing the air around it, before pulling itself from beneath the rock.
'Come back to me...'
The hand ripped a hole in the fabric containing the rock. It reached its slender, needle like fingers up to the thread on which the key to the door of the Other World was looped around and pulled gently.
'Bring it back...'
The hand...
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