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As soon as the 벨 rang Kacey picked up her back-pack and shot out the door. But before she made it all the way, her 셔츠 was grabbed. It was Mr. Hart.
"I didn't clog the toilets! I swear!" Kacey yelled as the other kids walked out.
"No, no, you're not in troub- Wait, what?!" Mr. Hart said. Kacey laughed as if it was funny.
"Never Mind, what were 당신 saying?" Kacey said. Mr. Hart cleared his throat and continued.
"You're one of those KND thingies, right?" Mr. Hart asked. Kacey gave him a weird look.
"Ya....." She replied.
"Good, cuz those two guys have stickers on their butts saying: Property of KND Arctic Prison." Mr. Hat continued. Kacey facepalmed.
"Ya, they're 'villains'. I'd just ignore them if I were you." Kacey said. "Now, I gotta meet my cousin at the flagpole. BYE!" She shot outta the room before Mr. Hart could say anything else. Then, Toilet Butt raised his hand. Mr. Hart pointed at him, confused.
"Thank you, sir. So, when do we leave?"
Wally was trudging home. There was nothing good that happened after recess. David and Christian kept trying to get it out of him. He snarled. So, they just talked with Kacey. Kuki was skipping around humming to the tune of "Rainbow Monkeys" Christian was humming a Halo song. David was humming "Call the Ice Cream Man". (Only Kiki knows what that song is) Kacey was texting Kiki letting her know about The Count and Toilet Butt. Abby was texting Megan. Hoagie was 연기 weird. He kept repeating: "Don't do it." over and over again. Wally smacked him over and over again. (Once for each time he repeated the phrase) Kacey was fed up with Wally's attitude.
"Alright, bud." Kacey said. "Who was it?" Wally got a puzzled look on his face.
"Who was what?" Wally asked. Kacey sighed.
"The 아령 who apparently peeved 당신 off." David said. He was provoked to say something worse than peeved, but was too late.
"It's no one." Wally answered. "I just got another F on an assignment."
"Of course 당신 did." A Transylvanian accent said. Everyone turned around, only to see the 2 new students at Sierra Verde.
"Ya, well, guess what I got today!" Toilet Butt said. Everyone shrugged. He tried to hold it in, but was too excited. "A SWIRLY!!!!!!!" Everyone had a "Wow, I didn't know." face on. Kacey went back to texting Kiki, who's replies were too funny. Abby continued to text Megan. Megan was real calm about it, except for the fact that she was laughing so hard. Wally was slouching as he walked. Christian then shouted something.
"Let's all play I Spy!" Kacey looked at him with a strange face.
"OK, that's low even for you." Kacey answered back. David nodded.
"Well, I wanna play!" Kuki said. Christian smiled and they played. It was so funny, Kacey stopped texting Kiki with a "BRB" and video-taped the entire thing. Then, she sent it to Kiki and Megan. It was not the best SOUND cuz all 당신 could hear was David's laughter.
The following 일 was Wednesday, so Mr. Yorke's homeroom had P.E. with Mr. May's homeroom. (In case 당신 wanted to know, David and Christian were in Mr. Hart's homeroom) As they were in the locker rooms changing into their P.E. clothes, Kacey could hear weird noises coming from the Boys' room. She climbed up in the vents, and traveled her way to The Boys' room. She was relieved that everyone was dressed. But what Toilet Butt and The Count were doing was much worse. They had poor little Pranav Talwar, one of the shortest boys, up on the bench face down. Toilet Butt was holding him, so he wouldn't run away. Then, The Count lifted his hand. Kacey knew what was coming next. She covered her eyes. All she heard was high-pitched screaming. When the screaming stopped, Kacey moved her hand away from her face. Pranav had run into a sink, to cool the pain. Then, The Count lifted another boy, Grant Larson, and began to 헤로인 him too. It was kid after kid getting their butts smacked. Kacey tried to grab her KN- Code Collector, but then realized she had left it in her regular shorts. She dashed down the vents. Then, she grabbed her KN- Code Collector and called in a red alert. Kacey didn't even care that there were girls watching.
"Moon base, this is Numbuh 7 of Sector V! I just witnessed The Count and The Toilenator 헤로인 the crap out of kids at my school!" Kacey hollered into the Code Collector. "They were told not to do any of that stuff and they did it anyway in the Boys' locker room!" Then, there was a pause. "No, I wasn't in the Boys' Locker Room, I was in the vents cuz I heard strange noises. Just bring back -up!" She hung up the Code Collector and grabbed a S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. and dashed out of the Girls' Locker Room.
After doing their run to the Green Fence and back, Kacey had kept an eye on The Count and Toilet Butt. She decided to make her move.
"Why were 당신 guys smacking the crap out of kids in the Boys' Locker room?" Kacey asked. "And don't change the subject 의해 asking me WHY I was watching you!" The Count sighed.
"I'm so sorry!" He said. "I just couldn't stay THAT long without spanking a kid. Please don't tell anyone." Kacey smirked.
"I already did." Was her reply. The Count went ballistic.
"WHO? WHO DID 당신 TELL?" The Count said, his nose touching Kacey's.
"Kids 다음 Door Moon Base." Kacey said. The Count tried to grab her, but she put the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R in his face. He backed up.
"You can't lay a finger on me. AND KND Moon Base will be here any 초 to take 당신 guys away." Kacey replied.
But throughout the entire period, no back-up. Nothing. Nothing at all. When the 벨 rang, Kacey made her way back to class. (After everyone changed back into their normal clothes of course) "What was taking Moon Base so long?" Kacey thought. Then, Kacey did something she was forced to do. She grabbed her phone from her back-pack, stuffed it in her pocket, and raised her hand.
"May I go to the rest-room?" Kacey asked when Mr. Yorke called on her. He nodded, and she filled out a pass and asked as normal as possible. Until she was outside.
In the bathroom, Kacey had called Kiki twice. Kiki gets out of school at 2:00 New York time, which was 2 hours ago. Finally, Kiki picked up. Kacey told her the plan.
7:00 PM. If they weren't in class, the kids could be out on missions 또는 just goofing off. But NO. They had to learn about the proper way to eat 수프 and crap like that. Kacey looked around. Raleigh, David and Christian were in the middle of a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors", Emma was drawing up schematics for an escape route, Val was asleep (using her "Please and Thank You" 무지개, 레인 보우 Monkey as a pillow), Maddy and Minerva were styling each other's hair, Megan was in the middle of giving Wally a purple nurple (OW!) for calling her a nerd because she brought a pen and notepad to take notes, Abby...
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"Give back my 'Tea Party Time' 무지개, 레인 보우 Monkey, Wally!!" Kuki yelled as she chased the boy throughout the treehouse.
"NEVER!" he chuckled, "Not until 당신 uninvite me!!"
She growled and tackled him...unfortunatly, they were right 의해 the stairs, and ended up rolling outside. Kacey and Kiki (both still in their PJs) were outside 의해 the mailbox talking. Kiki pointed at the two fighting kids.
"Do I WANNA know?" she asked.
"Probably not." Kacey answered.
She sighed and grabbed Wally 의해 his collar. Kiki snatched the 무지개, 레인 보우 Monkey from Wally and gave it back to Kuki. Kacey let go off Wally, who landed on...
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Kiki explained to Kacey and the others what had happened. In short, 음식 and chairs were thrown, kids were tackled AND a new policy was put in place: all the kids in the 다음 two lunch periods would have their bags checked.....cuz appereantly, SOME kids had silly string, water balloons and even drugs (no lie) in their backpacks. A lot of the other kids groaned, Kacey had a WTF moment, and Kiki pouted and whined...typical. Then the 벨 rang for 6th period. Kiki stormed out of the classroom, muttering some not-so G-rated words under her breath. Every so often, Val would ask what a few of the...
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Cree:Easy..I brainwashed her!she works for me now cuz she's a

Numbah2:Let me guess a vampire?

Cree:No Technically she's a flingpire like a 모기 only not considered a monster.

Numbah5:Enough talk Cree...lets fight.

Cree:So little Abbey wants to hurry up and get it over with huh?Okay then hehe...(pulls out a-


Numbah2:But nobody's figured out how to power gasious tech yet!.

Cree:Exactly thats why I had to go to the future and get some..

Numbahs5 and 2:(gasp)

Cree:But let me tell 당신 it wasn't easy I had to turn the entire sector M into flingpires to...
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The 에메랄드 City was 더 많이 packed than A 무지개, 레인 보우 Monkey 50% off sale at the mall. And just as visually disurbing. People of all kinds in a manner of all clothes, similarity being only the varying shades of green, rushed past to unknown places. The mix-matched group tried to ask several people where to find the wizard, but them being children, and the questioned being adults, they were, of course, ignored. The Cowardly Lions eyes suddenly went wide, and with a yank, he pulled the Scare 까마귀 back.
"HEY! WHAT THE CRUD ARE YOU.....oh." The Scare 까마귀 spluttered, then died out.
Directly in the spot...
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Numbah5:This is bad...totally bad!

Cree:Sorry to gets even worse....

Numbah5:Well what am I gonna do?!this is so stupid!

Cree:Maybe 당신 should talk to and Lela talked it out and now im dating Chad...



(Numbah5 walks into the supah dupah secret room where Numbah11 had been "crashing")


(Jessee drops down from the ceiling dressed in black almost 고딕 but not quite)

Numbah5:(screams)...oh Jessee what are 당신 doing hanging on the ceiling?!

Numbah11:Um...nothing..hello Abigail......
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Abby came to about an hour-and-a half later. She tried to yawn and stretch but couldn't. Her legs and hands were being held down 의해 little braces.
Wally, Kuki, Megan and Val were screaming and gnashing their teeth. Maddy, Minerva, and Hoagie were shaking. A sinister voice filled the air.
"You see, 당신 naughty little childrens, THIS is why you're NOT supposed to enter a lab without asking. Consider this your punishment!"
Abby sighed.
"Not again...Listen, Fangface! Numbuh 5 has HAD it with 당신 constantly-"
She stopped when she laid eyes on the face that the voice belonged to. His face was purple...
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While Kacey was being given an offer she couldn't afford to refuse, all the other girls- well, MOST of the other girls- were fooling around with her stuff. Abby was listening to her iPod, and Kiki was asleep. Thankfully, they were smart enough to not bug her. Waking her up, as they learned early on, would be catastrophic.
"HIDE-AND-SEEK TIME!" Minerva called out. Val and Megan took off in a flash. As Minerva counted, Maddy and Kuki struggled to find a place to hide. She was nearing 20, so they dashed into Kacey's closet, and slammed the door shut. Minerva smiled. She knew exactly where the...
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October. One of Kiki's 가장 좋아하는 months. October meant 할로윈 and 할로윈 meant vampires, goblins, witches, ghosts, and things of that nature. Kiki 의해 nature was sweet, mildly naive, and kind of girly, but she could never turn down a creepy monster movie....unlike Kuki, who shrieked at the mere mention of a spook.

She impatiently paced in the mission prep room, dressed in her purple cat nightgown.
"Guys, come ON!! The 'Month Of Monsters' show is TONIGHT! I wanna get to the theater before it gets crowded!"
Tonight, at the old theater downtown, they were showing a whole bunch of old monster...
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The BB Gun's bullet made an awful noise. Especially when it entered Wally's head. Everyone gasped. Even Falken. Wally had a few 초 to reach up to his head before falling over. Falken couldn't believe he just shot someone. Falken tried to run. Christian and David grabbed him 의해 the arms. Kacey had went into shock. She fell over too. Kuki was only a few feet away. She began to cry when she saw what her 날짜 had done. She ran to Wally's aid.
"You idiot!" Kuki yelled. "You didn't have to hurt him! What did he ever do to you?"
"He kicked me in the groin!" Falken shouted.
"Well, it's not gonna...
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The Dance was probably the best dance Sierra Verde had ever held. There was a sweet DJ. There was a disco ball. They even had a colorful dance floor built in the ground! Kacey, David, and Christian arrived. They each let out their own "Whoa." Nearby, they could see Falken getting some punch. Kuki was over on the dance floor waiting for him. She had a pretty 담홍색, 핑크 dress on with ruffled sleeves and on the bottom was ruffled too. Falken returned with some punch. Kuki smiled. She took the 펀치 and drank it. Over on the other side of the Gym, 당신 could see Kiki and Megan talking. Kacey's eyes bulged....
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Every one was in the cafeteria eating lunch, but today wasn't like any other 일 i mean... different-er than any other one. After the school bells ring for the last time for the day. Wally and Hoagie decided to mix up the 일 instead of going to the 나무, 트리 house but don't leave the school(how sucky ..yet not)and take screws out of teacher chairs and putting cinder blocks and making people trip face-first into 'stuff' on the ground. *RIIIING* "there goes the lunch 벨 RACE YA TO THE PLAY GROUND!" wally shouted to hoagie but kuki grabbed him 의해 the 후드 while numbuh 2 was pushing people out of...
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Abby had been clinging to the 나무, 트리 for the past several hours. About 3 hours earlier, the 곰 got tired of growling, roaring and being all, and decided to take a nap. This gave her the chance to slowly climb down and make a run for it. She had quietly made it about 3/4 of the way down when Kuki skipped towards the big 나무, 트리 and shouted: "AAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBYYY! Abby! Yoo-hoo, AaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaBbBbbbbbbbBBBBYYyy!!!" She cringed as the 곰 started waking up. Kuki merrily skipped to her teammate, and bombarded her with questions. "Where have 당신 been? Why didn't you...
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numbuh 1's like 당신 missed a spot then wally whines to numbuh 2 and say "how come he neva has to paint?"
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