The 4 Protagonists
Hi guys, I had seen this film many years 이전 and I immediately feel with the film. Especially Judy Garland's portrayal of Dorothy Gale, so here is my review on this 1939 classic.

The Film

I really 사랑 how the film starts of as a sepia tone, it wasn't only until Dorothy lands in Oz that it became multicolour. It was like stepping into a storybook universe that we always dream of!
I always 사랑 Margaret Hamilton's portrayal as the Wicked Witch of the West, I kind of feel bad when she was killed of! But, Dorothy has no choice at all.

The Songs

The song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' has been my favourite song from this movie, it has been sung 의해 many artists in the likes of Il Divo, Ariana Grande and Katharine McPhee on American Idol 2006.
The other song 'Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!' is very comical and sadly to say, it is played at Margaret Thatcher's funeral 의해 Anti-Thatcher movement in the UK. I couldn't imagine why!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

So, I hope that 당신 go ahead and download the film. It's a definite classic!
We're Off To See The Wizard!!!