Ok I have been a 팬 of 디즈니 since I was about 5. In my time I grew up watching the likes of Aladdin,Pocahuntas The Little Mermaid(released in 1989), The Lion King, Tarzan and of course Beauty and the Beast which was made when I was 6 months old lol. What I like about the past 디즈니 영화 is that each story that goes with the movie is usually centered on our lives. For Example:

1# Pocahuntas: Indian Princess falls for sailor while her father doesn't like him.

Reality part to it: Falling for someone from a different background e.g Jewish,Traveller etc.

#2 TLM: Mermaid falls for human while her father doesn't like human's as he thinks there barbarians.

Reality side to it: 당신 can fall for whoever and just be happy.

#3. Beauty and the Beast:

A french girl stays in an 마법에 걸린 사랑 성 guarded 의해 a beast and they fall for each other.

Reality side to it: It doesn't matter if your ugly 또는 not ,your personality says it all.

Now here is my outing on today's 디즈니 movies.

I think that 디즈니 has 로스트 that magical feeling in their 영화 as its all refered like 영화 또는 HSM 또는 Hannah Montana.

The only present film that I thought was very good was of course Enchanted. And here's why:

1. 사랑 can happen in reality and fiction
2. 당신 don't have to marry someone in a day
3. Go with your heart.