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BelleRose829 posted on Nov 19, 2017 at 03:05PM
Post updates of your favorite heroine list! Any length of list is is fine, just make sure there's a definite listings in a numerical order.

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over a year ago BelleRose829 said…
big smile
I wanted to make a fancy article about my Top 10 Animated Heroines, but let's be honest ain't nobody got time for that. I just wanted to epress my faves without having to type up a big list, soooooo without further ado here's mah list.

1. Esmeralda - My muse, my love, my strife for life
2. Marina - My warrior my role model, like girl has to be the most fleshed out animated heroine here, and she's a side character at that.
3. Pocahontas - She's my favorite Disney Princess too, which I know is pretty unpopular, but I love her.
4. Jasmine
5. Belle
6. Cinderella - She's my classic baby I'll probably love her forever
7. Anna - I can't believe I used to hate her when I love her
8. Mulan
10. Madellaine
MissCinico commented…
We actually have quite a few places in Common mainly Marina, 재스민 속, 재 스민 and Pocahontas, I'm not too fond of the rest though (at least not anymore), I despise Belle it's cool to see those 3 on another person's list that isn't mine! over a year ago
over a year ago AudreyFreak said…
Best hair:

1. Anna
2. Blue Pearl
3. Blue Fairy (loooove vintage hairstyles)
4. Elsa (she'd be higher if not for that mullet braid)
5. Aurora
6. Marina
7. Snow White
8. Crysta
9. Rose Quartz
10. Vidia

Honorable mentions: Tiana's flapper hair, Lottie (except for that big round updo), Eris, Miriam, Madellaine, Raven, Argent, Mulan's matchmaker do, Nakoma.

MissCinico commented…
마리나, 선착장 <3 Also it's super original how 당신 have Vidia on here, usually 영화 with bad 애니메이션 their characters don't get very high on prettiest list and the like. Also you're the first person I've seen to prefer shorter hair. over a year ago
over a year ago UnholyNoise said…
idk how i missed this, but

just my current 10 favorite animated women:

1. miriam
2. nani pelekai
3. eris
4. asenath
5. chel
6. tiana
7. lady eboshi
8. zlabiya (from the rabbi's cat)
9. mei and satsuki kusakabe
10. princess carolyn (bojack horseman)
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MissCinico commented…
Eris! Also Miriam is a great character glad she's gotten 더 많이 recognition. I 사랑 Asenath as well, on the list I post she's not there, but she's definitely 9th in a 상단, 맨 위로 10. over a year ago
over a year ago AudreyFreak said…
I couldn't think of others earlier but-


1. Anna (standing up the the queen in front of everyone, risking her life for Elsa, someone see didn't believe loved her at all, risking rejection every time she tries to reach out to Elsa)
2. Pearl (defying the only purpose she was created for and leaving all she had known to fight in a war with the odds stacked against her side knowing she'd die if they lost)
3. Miriam (talking back to the crown prince and risking his anger to tell him the truth. WE know Moses is good, but clearly Aaron knew the risk of death was apparent. Also, trying to save the old man)
4. Chihiro (having to work with dangerous spirits and grow up fast all alone)
5. Sally (going to Oogie's lair alone, making her feelings obvious to Jack)
6. Mulan (I think her bravery is exaggerated but yes, I'd be terrified of going to war or marrying a stranger)
7. Fluttershy (facing the monsters she does and overcoming terrible anxiety)
8. Cinderella (facing abuse everyday without breaking, defying her stepmother both by refusing to show anger and going to the ball and risking getting caught)
9. Merida (admitting you were very, very wrong and working to fix something that was totally your fault)
10. Moana (traveling alone to save your home, facing a demigod AND an angry volcano god and whatever crap the ocean wants to throw at you)

Honorable mentions: Rapunzel (while I think her reasons for leaving were selfish [just wanting to see some lanterns and doing it believing she would hurt her mother] but nevertheless it took courage), Snow White (going through the dark forest and surviving almost getting murdered), Aurora (I don't care if it's an unpopular opinion- it takes guts to face learning everyone liked to you and dealing with an unwanted arranged marriage and taking up the position of queen), Duchess (being brave facing a new situation for your kids), Nala (living under Scar's rule and breaking out to find help all by yourself), Wendy (facing your death with utter dignity).

Basically my bravery scale is 1) how fearless or scared the character is to begin with plus 2) how much risk they take and 3) what they lose by doing it. Sometimes even if you aren't risking your life, you can be brave by showing restraint or trying to overcome an emotional obstacle. To Kill a Mockingbird made a very good point about this.

Most attractive guys (no order):

Little Creek
John Redcorn (terrible person but he's pretty foine)
Kristoff (beautiful coloring and great body)
Miguel (more cute than hot but it's also his personality)
Nightcrawler (super cute)
Prince Edward

Prettiest girls:

Blue Fairy
Nancy Tremaine
Snow White

Honorable mentions: Tuya, Miriam, Rosetta, Katrina Van Tassel, Arista, Crysta, Kayley, Amalthea.

Best wardrobes:

1. Anna
2. Elsa (again, she'd be higher but I'm just not that fond of her famous ice queen look)
3. Aurora (it's small but fantastic, it's all flattering and perfect, even of the shade of pink doesn't suit her)
4. Odette (except for that wedding dress)
5. Anastasia
6. Mulan
7. Tzipporah (at least, her main outfit is gorgeous)
8. Snow White
9. Tiana
10. Cinderella (except the unflattering nightgown)

Honorable mentions: Merida, Rapunzel, Moana, Thumbelina (except for the ugly mole wedding dress and hair), Mrs. Brisby (am I weird? I love the simple brilliant red shawl and amulet combo), Pearl.
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UnholyNoise commented…
the thing is, moses isn't a good guy at that point - he isn't /bad/ but...he has a lot of growing up to do. like, he doesn't let tzipporah go because he feels bad about what he did to her, it's because he realizes how humiliated tuya is over it. and he still gets violent when miriam does speak up. i think a lot about what he might have done - to his own siblings - if miriam hadn't freaked him out with the lullaby. over a year ago
UnholyNoise commented…
also yeah, little creek is pretty hot and people don't talk about this enough. over a year ago
MissCinico commented…
^True that. over a year ago
MissCinico commented…
Nightcrawler was my childhood crush if I'm honest, him and Red Hood, and Miguel is still my fictional character crush. over a year ago
over a year ago MissCinico said…
CAMH Couples:

1. Hercules x Megara
2. Naveen x Tiana
3. Little Creek x Kocoum
4. Eris x Sinbad
5. Nita x Kenai
6. Miguel x Tulio
7. Moses x Tzipporah
8. Aladdin x Chel
9. Rapunzel x Flynn
10. Anna x Kristoff
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UnholyNoise commented…
"miguel x tulio" XDDDD over a year ago
MissCinico commented…
^What can I say? I'm into slash! over a year ago