Magic Mirror on the wall, what are my 가장 좋아하는 and least 가장 좋아하는 animated 영화 of them all?
This is like the third 또는 so time that I've made an 기사 about what I consider to be the WORST animated 영화 of ALL TIME, but this is the first time I've done it about my 가장 좋아하는 animated movies. I've been meaning to make one about my 가장 좋아하는 animated 영화 for a while now and I've FINALLY gotten around to it! So I thought I'd combine both lists into one 기사 in order to kill two birds with one stone. Plus I think it's kind of fun to start out with negativity and end it on positivity. Keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion, so don't be rude. Please 코멘트 telling me what 당신 think, but again, be polite about it. Enjoy!

The WORST Animated Movies

10.Eight Crazy Nights

당신 know that 당신 can't have a worst 영화 list without having at least one Adam Sandler movie, though it's rare to think of an animated movie 의해 Sandler. Thankfully, the Hotel Transylvania 영화 are good animated movies. This movie has all the problems that Sandler's bad 영화 (Which is almost all of his movies) have: horrible humor, a generic story, an unlikable protagonist, some good morals that are usually messed up 의해 the execution, either boring 또는 annoying characters, a plot full of holes, and is absolutely disgusting and juvenile. For goodness sake, will Adam Sandler just GROW UP already! Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depth are 더 많이 versatile in Tim 버튼, burton 영화 than Adam Sandler is! The 애니메이션 is pretty to look at and the designs are nice, which is probably why it's not higher, but that can't save the movie. I DESPISE gross-out humor in 영화 and this movie has plenty of that since Sandler likes to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I usually like to eat 음식 while I watch 영화 and if 당신 do too, this movie will ruin your appetite. Also, this movie has an unnecessary 사랑 interest and just like all of Sandler's 사랑 interest's, she's smart, attractive, and WAY out of his league. Sandler sure has a huge ego to constantly be doing that and that is definitely clear in this movie. In a shirts and 스킨스 game, the Adam Sandler character (which is meant to look like an animated version of him) is shown to be pretty ripped (Not massively) and that's CLEARLY not what Sandler looks like with his 셔츠 off. I have proof of that from seeing some of his other movies. As for Sandler's performance, he plays three characters, the protagonist is basically the standard performance 당신 get from Adam Sandler in his movies, while the other two are an old brother and sister where his performance is just AWFUL and irritating! Even the director of the movie admitted that this movie was awful, that should tell 당신 something! There is very little story here and is basically Adam Sandler just being Adam Sandler, unfortunately.

9.The Magic Voyage

This movie is absolutely HORRID! The 애니메이션 is beyond cheap and is so ugly looking, the characters are either annoying 또는 bland, the plot is complete nonsense, the voice 연기 sucks, the songs are lame, the movie never shuts up, and this movie is complete bullcrap. If people think 아나스타샤 and Pocahontas are insulting to history (Both of those 영화 are fantastic, 의해 the way), they are NOTHING compared to this movie being an insult to the story of Christopher Columbus. The only somewhat entertaining thing about the movie is Mickey Rooney's narration in the beginning, mainly because it's freaking Mickey Rooney, although I don't blame him for sounding so disinterested. This movie never knows how to just let itself slow down and breath because it's always making some kind of noise and it's absolutely obnoxious! It also can't seem to pick a plot for its movie between discovering America and having to fight some 황소, 불 crap evil creature that wants to take over a fairy kingdom. The designs are also really weak, cheap, and unimaginative! This movie feels like an acid trip and 당신 have to see it to believe it. The characters are so obnoxious, aside from the Fairy Princess Marilyn, who is just bland and boring. The movements in this movie are beyond LAZY! This movie is complete crap! It's not higher because it's at least not as memorable as the others.

8.The 백조 Princess Christmas

When I first saw the trailer for this I couldn't believe that it was actually real. It's absolutely horrendous! It's even worse when you're actually watching it. I mean first of all the 애니메이션 is ATROCIOUS and the characters all look hideous! Look what they did to my gorgeous Odette! Plus what they did to Odette's transformation, they ruined one of the most stunning pieces of 애니메이션 in existence. They completely ruined all of the characters, except for maybe Uberta. Secondly you're not going to get the plot, Rothbart's ghost is trying to come back from the dead, has a cat for a minion, wants to ruin Christmas, and his weakness is 크리스마스 bells. Yeah, 당신 heard right! This is also kind of insulting to have made this movie, especially after Odette's original voice actress (Who voiced her in all three of The 백조 Princess 영화 before this movie) died from cancer. Also the songs, while good, don't fit the movie. They're basically pop versions of 크리스마스 songs, that REALLY doesn't suit them. Plus apparently Rodgers is the one who created the light bulb and they came up with the invention of lightsabers. Also guess how Rothbart is defeated, Odette sings and he explodes. Also Derek temporally dies and all Odette has to do is sing and he comes back to life. YEAH, 당신 HEARD RIGHT! They ruined a wonderful trilogy and one of my all time 가장 좋아하는 movies. If you've seen this then I say go back and watch the other three 영화 and you'll feel much better, it'll just feel like a bad dream. It's not higher because there are two nice scenes, where Rodgers and Uberta are threatening each other with cute 동물 (Mainly enjoyable because of how ridiculous it is) and when Odette, Rodgers, and Uberta bring joy to a poor family.

7.Rock and Rule

I honestly can't believe something like this actually exists. I mean for one the 애니메이션 is absolutely hideous, all of the characters are hideous too. I mean a movie about half human half animal creatures, to me that's just something that shouldn't happen. It's really distracting from the actual movie for one. The characters are all annoying, except Angel. The most annoying is Omar, talk about a completely undeveloped total jackass. Actually, none of the characters are developed at all, they have the development of a premature baby. The plot of the movie was stupid, I mean 당신 need one specific person to bring back a monster. WHAT THE HECK!? The villain is really lame and his minions are even worse. Also, I have to say this movie comes up with the most 랜덤 and weirdest stuff. I mean they show 당신 a woman's butt, people almost having sex, a dudes butt, people high, club dancing while being half naked, and the language in this movie. I didn't even know what the heck I was watching. I get that they're trying to make this 더 많이 adult but it's not done in a good way. It feels like an acid trip from getting drunk and represents SO MUCH trash in the world. It's like something Nicki Minaj would come up with. The only thing missing is women with giant asses bashing skinny women. Plus the way they defeat the villain and the monster is 의해 singing. 당신 heard right! It's not higher because while this does kill your brain cells the others are just insulting.

6.Titanic: The Legend Goes On

First of all for those of 당신 who haven't heard of 또는 seen this movie, LUCKY YOU! It has absolutely the worst 2D 애니메이션 in existence. They reuse several clips and a lot of it is slow motion when it's suppose to be normal motion. It rips off not only the live-action film Titanic, it also rips off Cinderella, American Tail, 101 Dalmatians, and a little bit of Anastasia. They tried too hard to make Angelica and William look just like Rose and Jack. However they did horrible with William because he looks weird, Angelica wasn't that bad, she's pretty but not as pretty as Rose. I don't think they needed to make her look like Rose in order to make her pretty, although better 애니메이션 would help. They ripped off the 목걸이 from the live-action 타이타닉 and made Angelica's 목걸이 look just like it. Did they really have to have talking mice and 동물 in this movie? Was it really necessary? They were so annoying! I hate the Rapping Dog and that AWFUL rap he did! If I never hear it ever again for the rest of my life it'll be too soon. It just comes out of no where, a little 쥐, 마우스 thanks him for saving him and he just raps for no reason. Angelica and William as a couple isn't bad but not that good, it's blah. It could use a lot of work and doesn't hold a candle to Jack and Rose. They weren't annoying characters but they're not that interesting either, I'm neutral about them. All the other characters are either annoying 또는 just boring. The only thing I like about this movie was the song that singer lady sings, Holding Me. She has a beautiful voice and it's an amazing song. Other than that there is no originality 또는 effort put into this movie. It's completely insulting to the Titanic! Did they even try with this movie? Stupid question, of course they didn't!

5.The Princess and The Goblin

I'm jealous of anyone who hasn't seen this movie and wouldn't wish this torture on my worst enemy, well maybe I would if I was bored. I hate every single thing about this movie! First the 애니메이션 is absolutely horrendous, almost as bad as Titanic: The Legend Goes On. The worst is when the nanny trips and she flies in the air for like five to eight 초 before she hits the ground It's so horrible I'm surprised the Nostalgia Critic hasn't reviewed it yet. First of all the main protagonist Princess Irene, let's just say she's the animated version of Bella 백조 from Twilight, in fact she might be worse. Okay, maybe she's not as bad as Bella, but she's terrible and is a little 더 많이 of a dumbass in distress than her. She's the most whiny, annoying, stupid, weak, pathetic, useless, damsel in distress heroine in existence. She always needs saving, even when she tries to save someone all she needs to do is take one step and she needs to be saved again. The leading man is a little boy named Gurdy. He's basically a know-it-all, annoying, stupid, and useless. All the characters in this movie are irritating, I hate every single character in this movie, they're so annoying and stupid. Prince Froglip is a terrible villain, just like his parents. They're so annoying and stupid. Apparently in this movie there's only two weaknesses that the goblins have; whenever someone sings and whenever someone steps on their feet. That's so stupid! You're telling me that evil creatures weaknesses are that? Even when Irene knows this and can easily sing 또는 step on their toes, she doesn't! She's so pathetic that she can even beat pathetic villains. Absolutely everything about this movie is stupid. The songs in this movie aren't that good either. Gurdy is a good singer I will admit, he has a good voice. But the characters don't even develop 또는 grow as characters, especially Irene and Gurdy. They do stupid things and only win on account of dumb luck. When I first watched this I kept pulling on my hair trying to wish it was over. It's absolutely horrible! It's not a likable movie AT ALL! I felt like I was slowly dying.

4.The 크리스마스 Tree

There is absolutely no doubt about it that this is the WORST 크리스마스 movie of ALL-TIME! The 애니메이션 is beyond horrible! It looks hideous, cheap, there is barely ever any movements, the designs a uncreative, the facial expressions are pretty much nonexistent (Aside from Mrs. Mavilda), and a five-year-old with colored pencils could do a better job than this! The characters have absolutely no personalities, except for Judy, Mrs. Mavilda, and somewhat the Mayor but all of them have one-dimensional personalities. I RARELY say that a character has no personality because I think any character (Aside from background characters with only one 또는 two lines) has a personality, no matter how minimal and one-dimensional, but this movie is an exception. The voice 연기 in this movie is absolutely the WORST I've ever seen in any animated product. They are all so emotionless and dead, which goes with their lifeless facial expressions, so 당신 wonder if any of them are actually alive. Mrs. Mavilda is the only one who shows emotion, but she's so over-the-top that she makes Nicholas Cage look subtle. She screams to the 상단, 맨 위로 of her lungs and screeches so much when she's really angry that Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers would be telling her she needs to chill out and shut up! There is very little story and just as little personality in almost all of these characters! There is absolutely no effort put into this movie! It's one of those 영화 that 당신 have to see in order to believe it actually exists because it isn't that well-known but is THAT BAD! It's getting 더 많이 attention as being known as the WORST 크리스마스 movie of ALL-TIME! It's so bad that I don't even know what else to say about it because of how little effort was put into it.

3.The Legend of The Titanic

Yes, another animated 타이타닉 movie but surprisingly this one is even worse than the other one. I'm surprised that this one didn't win an award for the worst movie of the year. Then again, I guess people just want to ignore its existence, which is understandable. It's a complete disgrace to the 타이타닉 and the people who 로스트 their lives. No one even dies in the movie, apparently everyone gets off the ship safely and there's enough boats for everyone. Those who didn't get off were rescued 의해 whales, dolphins, a killer whale, and an octopus. That's so stupid! Plus guess what, in this movie the ice burg was actually planned out to happen. It was because of a man, his butler, the heroines wicked step-mother, her sister, and this gang of talking sharks that they can understand from out of no where. The sharks tricked the octopus into bringing an ice burg above the sea. Yeah because that's the way is happened in real life, NOT! Once again there's talking mice in this movie, except they're 더 많이 irritating. All the characters are either annoying 또는 just blah. Elizabeth's not even pretty, which was the one good thing about boring Angelica, where Elizabeth is just boring and nothing else. The 사랑 story is stupid, it just comes out of no where. They just saw each other for one second, they're in love, than suddenly even though they've never spoken to each other they wanna get married. Plus the leading man is creepy like Edward Cullen from Twilight! He constantly sniffs Elizabeth's glove, like every five 분 like some weird fetish. Elizabeth practically 스톨, 훔친 Rose's entire wardrobe and she's in an arranged marriage just like Rose. At the beginning she refuses to marry him and her dad says she has to but later when she says she can't marry him he's all like "Oh 당신 don't have to, I just want 당신 to be happy". WHAT THE HELL? WHY DID HE CHANGE HIS MIND SO RANDOMLY! THAT'S SO STUPID! Plus Elizabeth can suddenly talk to dolphins because she was crying. Than why can she talk to every animal in the movie? Also why can every human character in the movie talk to animals? LAZY 글쓰기 PEOPLE! Plus guess what, the octopus comes above and tries to keep the ship from sinking, yeah that's not historically inaccurate at all. Not one character in this movie dies, not even the bad guys. The dolphins can apparently jump out of the water and float in the air for as long as they want to because of bad animation. The 애니메이션 isn't awful but it's still pretty cheap looking. This movie is a disgrace to the Titanic, the people who died on the Titanic, and to animated 영화 everywhere. I wouldn't wish anyone to see this movie, not even the person I hate the most in the entire world. It's not higher because the others are even 더 많이 idiotic and makes 당신 suffer even 더 많이 because 당신 feel like you're slowly dying!


This is the most HIDEOUS looking movie that I've EVER seen in my entire life! The 애니메이션 in this movie is absolutely CRINGEWORTHY, which is surprising because this movie had such a huge budget. What? Did the actors read the script and decide to quit unless they were offered 더 많이 money. There is no texture, nothing appealing, it's plastic and lifeless, and is just HORRENDOUS! The characters in this movie are stereotypes of stereotypes with little to no personality and not one of them is likable 또는 memorable. It has several terrible designs that are just downright frightening! Every time I see these things in pictures 또는 reviews of the movie (Because I REFUSE to watch this movie again) I scream worse than Courage The Cowardly Dog! I have no idea what kind of messed up mind thought up these designs but CLEARLY they were either BLIND 또는 usually did horror films! The story is an absolute MESS that is so BAD that even bad fanfiction writers would be saying the 글쓰기 is embarrassing! A lot of the dialogue is ridiculous! Like a lot of these movies, this movie is something that is such a bad acid trip that it's hard to believe it actually exists unless 당신 see it for yourself. Although, even then it's still hard to believe anyone could be this stupid to make this movie! It's not higher because number one is not only the worst animated movie ever, it is the WORST movie of ALL TIME PERIOD!


Yeah apparently the original was 인기 enough to have produced a sequel. HOW? I mean everyone absolutely hates the original. Why would they make a sequel to it? It's actually even worse, the worst movie that ever was. First of all, they actually have a rapping Shark, and it's even worse than the rapping dog. They're trying to find the Titanic, yeah because that technology really did exist a 년 after the 타이타닉 sunk. Also apparently the villains are the sharks from the original who send notes to the villain of the original and his butler. It keeps on getting worse, trust me. They have Atlantis with mermaids, merman, and talking toys. Basically a bunch of rejects from Toy Story, The Nutcracker Prince, Disney's The Little Mermaid, and even that terrible 아니메 version of The Little Mermaid. The new characters, especially that toy fish, are annoying. Something that really bugs me is that the voices aren't the same, the Spanish 쥐, 마우스 sounds like an American woman. I guess they all realized what a waste of their time and talent the original was. They're given a drink and they decide to drink it because it's a pretty color, which it's not, it's puke green. The song the 물고기 sings is just AWFUL, but then again, all of the songs are except for the short one at the end. Apparently since they drank the magic whatever they can't leave Atlantis and they're okay with it. I mean I'd be furious if they gave me something without telling me and told me I couldn't leave so I couldn't see my family 또는 프렌즈 again. Also there's another set of villains working with the sharks and original villains and it's a team of 쥐 rebels. 당신 HEARD RIGHT! Plus there's this character who looks like a little girl but it's not, apparently he was cursed to wear a wig and he can't take it off but when he goes into battle he takes it off. 당신 HEARD RIGHT! Also here's the worst part they actually put the 타이타닉 back together and it can sail again. 당신 HEARD RIGHT! I can't believe they're not 더 많이 upset that they can't go back home, I mean Elizabeth has her father and one mice has his wife who's the others sister. Which I don't get since in the original that 쥐, 마우스 tells the original story. So if he can't leave than WHAT THE HECK WAS THIS? This movie can't even do justice to the original, which was already horrible and didn't need a sequel. I think the original was meant to have kids commit suicide and when enough kids didn't do it they decided to make a sequel to it. This is 의해 FAR the WORST movie of ALL TIME! I'm scared for life from having to watch this! It at least has nice looking 애니메이션 but that's it! I remember when I told people this was worse than Twilight and they didn't believe me, so they watched it..... Those poor fools ended up wishing they listened to my warning.

My 가장 좋아하는 Animated Movies


The songs are absolutely amazing and it has the 초 best 애니메이션 of all animated movies, after The Prince of Egypt. 아나스타샤 is so gorgeous that every single one of the 디즈니 heroines are jealous of her. I 사랑 all of the characters, except Dimitri. Who cares if this is historically inaccurate? Besides the critics loved it! The adventure is fantastic and 당신 can really feel Anya's growth as a character, even if it's not the best. I 사랑 how this movie is a pretty dark movie but it's not over the 상단, 맨 위로 like The Secret of Nimh. The only downfalls are the 사랑 interest, the romance, and SLIGHTLY the villain. Rasputin is at times a badass and I think it was cruel how he was trying to use Anastasia's family to lure her to her doom, however he's kind of pathetic. Dimtri is just annoying, a liar, and a selfish little jerk. Even after he changes he's annoying, suddenly he can be rich beyond belief and be royalty if he stays with Anya but he decides not to for some stupid reason. Plus the romance is just so terribly done! These two constantly fight and then right after 아나스타샤 puts on a pretty dress and changes her dress they fall in love. But other than that, this movie was absolutely fantastic. The emotion in this movie is really strong, especially when 아나스타샤 and the Empress are finally reunited. A lot of idiots say this is just a cheap 디즈니 copy but we know it's not true, it's an EXPENSIVE 디즈니 copy. However it's actually better than A LOT of the 디즈니 movies. Ironic that Don Bluth, who left Disney, made a 디즈니 copy and it ended up being considered his best movie. I do also hate how the movie ends with 아나스타샤 leaving her grandmother that she has a limited number of years left with and searched for her entire life just to be with some con-man. It really makes her look bad and is a flaw in both the movie and kind of in the character. It's in my 상단, 맨 위로 20 가장 좋아하는 영화 of ALL TIME, but it does have its problems.

9.Toy Story 3

Absolutely the best of all the Toy Story movies, ever since I saw it I've been obsessed with it. This is the perfect way to end the trilogy, even though stupidly they're going to make a Toy Story 4 for some reason. The characters remain the same while still growing as characters. Jessie is still one of my favorites and I 사랑 her even 더 많이 because she doesn't act rude. She's learned that she needs to 옮기기 on and doesn't want to have that whole Emily situation happen to her again. Everything about this movie is brilliant and dynamic. It features who I consider to be the best 픽사 villain, Lotso, just like Jessie he has a back story. I 사랑 how he appears as this sweetheart-ed guy but is really manipulative and cruel. This movie has a lot of action and I 사랑 how they made the characters all involved in such an awesome escape. I 사랑 how they made 바비 인형 smart, useful, and a total badass. I 사랑 how she basically torments Ken. This is a real change from how the other Barbies acted like brainless bimbos in Toy Story 2. Woody is my 가장 좋아하는 character and one of my 가장 좋아하는 fictional characters. I 사랑 how he's grown throughout the trilogy and this film concludes his development. He's a good leader, a great friend, and is loyal. I also 사랑 the emotion where they're finally facing what they were fearing in the 초 movie, of having to learn to eventually let go and 옮기기 on. The ending was so perfectly sad and beautiful. It's not higher because I just like the others more.

8.Inside Out

A new 디즈니 and 픽사 movie that I absolutely ADORE! I can't believe how easily it clicked for me just from watching it once. When I first saw this movie I just knew it was going to be in my 상단, 맨 위로 10 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 영화 EVER! The 애니메이션 is absolutely incredible and it 슈츠 the movie perfectly! The real world is 더 많이 realistic looking and the emotional world is 더 많이 cartoony. The designs of the emotions are perfect and all of the characters are just so likable! I thought I would hate Bing Bong, but I ended up absolutely ADORING him! My two 가장 좋아하는 characters are Joy and Riley. Joy definitely has the most depth out of all the emotions and has such a unique kind of character development. You'd think that it would be about Sadness learning to be happy, but instead it's about Joy learning to accept Sadness. If this was any other movie it would be the other way around. Riley is pretty much a combination of all of the emotions because they are her emotions. I 사랑 how in the end it shows how children do develop 더 많이 complex emotions and expand their personalities and beliefs. It's an amazing adventure that is truly groundbreaking. It's also one of the most emotional films I've ever seen, no pun intended. It's not higher because I'm 더 많이 invested in the characters in the other movies, even though I 사랑 the characters in Inside Out.

7.The Lion King

The movie is absolutely GORGEOUS looking! It's probably the best 애니메이션 of any 디즈니 movie. The 색깔 are incredible, the lighting is stunning, the attention to detail is impressive, the backgrounds look amazing, and the film is just HUGE with the scenery. The characters are also really likable and memorable. I 사랑 all of these characters, well, almost all of them. I like Nala and Scar, but Nala is sort of just there to be the 사랑 interest and Scar becomes a whiny primadonna in the 초 half. Sarabi is an okay character. But the rest of the characters are great. Simba is a fun character and does have a lot of emotional turmoil that gets me invested in him. The comic relief is HILARIOUS, especially Timon and Pumbaa, who are my 가장 좋아하는 characters in the movie. Rafika is also a great character that can be wise and serious but also fun and crazy at the same time. When something he does seem ridiculous, it really has a deep meaning to it, like when he hit Simba on the head to teach him how to learn from his past mistakes. The songs are also AMAZING! This is the best soundtrack of all the 디즈니 영화 in my opinion. Unlike the opinion of Doug Walker/The Nostalgia Critic (Who I am a huge 팬 of), I do think that these songs do 옮기기 the story along and show how a character is feeling. The 원, 동그라미 of Life is a great opener that shows the theme that everything that happens is part of nature's 디자인 and that life goes on. I Can't Wait To Be King shows how young Simba is naive about what it takes to be king, which he would learn later on in the movie. Be Prepared is a great villain song that would give us some view of what was in store for our heroes. Hakuna Matata is a song that would have Simba try to run away from his past and live his life without worries. This works better than something like Let It Go because he does go through a change and doesn't stay the same. Simba forgets about his troubles until he sees the stars and thinks of his father and later when he sees Nala. Can 당신 Feel The 사랑 Tonight is supposed to show the characters (kind of rushed) falling in love, how Simba is afraid to tell Nala about what happened, and Nala seeing that there is something wrong with Simba. Plus the instrumental style really has an amazing African style to it that gives us a sense of the culture. It gets 당신 sucked into this world. It's not higher because I really think Matthew Broderick's voice 연기 is really bland. Also, the message is kind of messed up because no one is backing Simba up when he admits his mistake, even if it wasn't a mistake he actually made. That is a serious flaw, but everything else is just absolutely incredible!

6.The Land Before Time

I loved this movie ever since I first saw it. However, I have to say I thought the 초 movie was the first movie when I was little. But when I saw this when I was six I absolutely fell in 사랑 with it. My 가장 좋아하는 character is Littlefoot who is one of my all-time 가장 좋아하는 animated heroes. I 사랑 how brave, determined, smart, kind he is, and how he'll never stop until his goal is achieved and that his 프렌즈 are safe. I 사랑 how dark this movie is for an animated film. I mean looking at it, you'd think it was just a silly little cartoon with a bunch of funny 공룡 but really it's amazing. It doesn't sugar code how violent things would've been in the time of the dinosaurs. I also loved Sharptooth as a villain. I mean I know he didn't do much but he was really intimidating and really shadows the conflict of, well, conflict. It's hard to explain but I 사랑 him as a villain. I absolutely LOATH Cera, I always have and I always will. She's an ungrateful, spoiled, selfish, annoying, arrogant, racist brat. Anyway, I 사랑 all the characters, except Cera and her father. I 사랑 the end credit song If We Hold On Together, it's one of the best animated songs EVER! The death of Littlefoot's mother absolutely devastated me and even to this 일 I can't help but burst into tears, and I'm a guy who's in my early twenties. So what does that tell you? I 사랑 the instrumental 음악 to death. This movie really got me into dinosaurs, I was obsessed with them as a kid. Also this came out the same 년 as Disney's Oliver and Company(which I love) and the critics said it had 더 많이 of that 디즈니 formula than the actual 디즈니 film. Ain't that sad when a non-Disney movie is 더 많이 디즈니 than the actual Disney? It was a coming of age story where all the main characters grew and developed, even Cera, not enough for me not to hate her but still. Spike became a little bit 더 많이 than just someone who just eats, Petrie learns to fly, Ducky earns some courage and guts, Cera stops being racist and actually comes back to help her 프렌즈 and defeat the Sharptooth, and Littlefoot learns to be a leader and not depend on his mother. I also really enjoyed the sequels. I absolutely 사랑 The Land Before Time 2-6, The Land Before Time 8 and 10 are okay and I'm neutral about them, The Land Before Time 7 and 9 are bad and I dislike them, The Land Before Time 11-13 are AWFUL and I DESPISE them. I absolutely LOATH the TV series, it was cheesy, annoying, stupid, ridiculous, added an unnecessary new main character(Ruby), and doesn't do justice to the films. Anyway I've loved this movie and it's first five sequels and I always will for years to come. However, the others I guess I just felt a little bit 더 많이 of a special something for.

5.Finding Nemo

Absolutely without a doubt the best 픽사 movie in existence. It's an amazing and entertaining adventure in the most beautiful place on earth, the sea. I'm not kidding, every single scene under water is absolutely stunning and makes my jaw drop. One of my 가장 좋아하는 characters is Nemo. He's fun, smart, brave, adventurous, curious, and shows that he's stronger than he looks. My absolute 가장 좋아하는 is Dory! She's always making me laugh so hard! She's such an idiot but in a good way. I think she's especially funny when she's trying to speak whale, which surprisingly she actually can speak whale. I 사랑 how the three main characters go through such a growth in the movie: 돛새치과의 큰 물고기, 청새치, 멀 린 learns not to be so overprotective and uptight, Dory learns that even though she has short term memory loss that she can do anything and useful, Nemo learns that no matter what anyone says about him 또는 his "lucky fin" that he's stronger than they say he is and can do anything he puts his mind to. All the characters we run into in this movie are memorable. I also have to say that I 사랑 how they don't make 돛새치과의 큰 물고기, 청새치, 멀 린 and Dory are a couple. It's really tempting for them to just make Dory a 사랑 interest, especially with the mother being dead, but they don't. They just make this movie have two 프렌즈 that are the opposite sex travel together to help one another. They help each other with their growth during the adventure and really care for each other. Dory helps 돛새치과의 큰 물고기, 청새치, 멀 린 realize how he needs to take chances and not to be so over-protective and 돛새치과의 큰 물고기, 청새치, 멀 린 helps Dory somewhat with her short term memory loss. She even says that when she's with him she's home. It's not higher because I simply 사랑 the others more.


I know this movie is still fairly new but I just absolutely ADORE this movie! It's rare that I make such a connection with a new movie so quickly, but from the moment I saw this movie I knew it was one of my absolute favorites! It's weird because when I saw the pictures and the trailers for this movie, I didn't think very much about it and thought at best it would just be moderately good. However, when I heard that this movie was getting critical acclaim and even had a rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 99%, I just had to check it out to see if it was that good and it was! The 애니메이션 looks amazing, the characters are great, the humor is hilarious, the message is REALLY DEEP (especially for an animated movie about talking animals), and it has incredible emotional moments. I 사랑 the relationship between Judy and Nick because it's very rare that there is a movie with a male character and a female character that aren't romantically involved as the main relationship of the movie. They bring out the best in each other because they're so different and yet similar at the same time. The voice 연기 is absolutely PERFECT, especially Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon A Time fame doing the voice of Judy. I also 사랑 how they showed that not only do the 동물 that are prey get prejudice against them, but also predators as well. I think our society forgets that everyone has prejudice against them but only focus on the 더 많이 인기 one. People of color have prejudice against them, but white people get prejudice against a lot of those same people. Women have prejudice against them, but men also have prejudice as well. This movie does a great job of balancing that out. I also 사랑 how it balances out the humor and the serious moments, unlike a lot of animated 영화 that just have too many jokes that are SO FORCED! Ever since The Princess and The Frog came out, 디즈니 has been advertising every single new movie they have as "The best 디즈니 movie since The Lion King," but none of them have been as good 또는 better than The Lion King. This movie is the first new 디즈니 movie where I can say that it is better than The Lion King. So why isn't it higher? I just 사랑 the others more.

3.The 백조 Princess

I know a lot of people don't like this movie but I don't give a rats ass, I absolutely 사랑 this movie. First of all, I absolutely 사랑 all the characters and the songs are all amazing. The 애니메이션 is beautiful, especially with Odette's transformation. That one piece of 애니메이션 is better than most of the 디즈니 animation. The villain is really great, he's cruel, clever, and really enjoys what he does. Odette is a great character and I 사랑 how she stands up to Rothbart and refuses to let him have her father's kingdom. Plus she's one of the most gorgeous animated characters in existence, 상단, 맨 위로 5 easily. Odette and Derek are the best Non-Disney couple in existence. I 사랑 how they actually know each other for years and develop. When Odette dies I just feel such sad emotion. Sure it's basically a 디즈니 film but there's no reason Non-Disney 영화 can't have that charm to them. I 사랑 this movie so much and always have. In my opinion, it's one of the best 영화 of all time. I think it didn't do so well with the critics because it came out the same 년 as The Lion King. If it had came out a 년 later when Pocahontas was out they probably would've loved it.

2.Rise of The Guardians

I mean for one I have to say the 애니메이션 in this movie is absolutely gorgeous, the best 애니메이션 of all computer animated movies. I absolutely 사랑 all the characters, there's not one that I don't love. Jack is especially an amazing and complex character. I 사랑 his back story and really feel bad for him. The villain is also really interesting and pretty complex too. I 사랑 how this movie has the perfect amount of action and slow moments. I don't find this movie rushed and lacking slow moments AT ALL like other people do. However my problem with it is that it doesn't really tell the back story on the other guardians 또는 Pitch, I think that would be really interesting. I feel like that was the only thing it was really lacking. Also one problem I have is if when the guardians were weak and Bunny turned back to a normal bunny than why didn't Tooth turn back into a normal human? I really wanted to see her turn human and thought it would match. Also I think it was ridiculous making Tooth a humming bird, it's kind of hard to take the movie seriously. Plus I just have 더 많이 nostalgia from the other two. Also I have to say this movie is a MILLION time better than 메리다와 마법의 숲 and Wreck-It Ralph.

1.The Little Mermaid

My 가장 좋아하는 character is of course Ariel she's my forth 가장 좋아하는 fictional character. I 사랑 her to pieces and her personality is realistic and relatable. Everyone relates to her in some way, even if they won't admit it. I 사랑 the songs especially Part of Your World. The songs are all so memorable and fun. I 사랑 the romance with Ariel and Eric, it always makes me smile and sometimes gives me hope that I'll find love. I adore the 음악 score of the movie especially the entering Atlantica, Part of Your World, and the ending. I never get tired of hearing Ariel's voice, it's one of the most beautiful voices that I've ever heard in my life. I also 사랑 that 디즈니 was in big trouble and was in danger of being shut down, but The Little Mermaid was the movie that saved them. It started the Renaissance, a new age of 디즈니 영화 that we all fell in 사랑 with. Just like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella, without The Little Mermaid we wouldn't have a lot of the amazing 영화 we have today. I just 사랑 the whole longing to be in a world that you're not part of and willing to give up everything and do anything for love. I 사랑 the ending, especially considering in the original fairy-tale the mermaid dies, which I hate, in my opinion the original story stinks on ice. Anyway, I actually shed a tear when I saw the ending because of how touching and beautiful it is. Even though Triton hated humans he's will get to get over his hatred for humans (Because for one a human, Eric saved him, his daughter, and his people) because his 사랑 for his daughter is greater than is hate for humans. The long awaited 키스 between Ariel and Eric, Ariel's stunning sparkly dress, and the wedding. It even has my 가장 좋아하는 family moment when Ariel and Triton hug and she says "I 사랑 당신 daddy" I definitely shed a tear at that part. I know people think it doesn't show that Ariel has grown 또는 learned, they just think that she's a selfish and spoiled brat. But people who say that completely miss the point, they think she needed to die like in the original to prove she's unselfish, which I think is completely stupid. She didn't need to die to prove she was unselfish! Besides there is some self-sacrifice because Triton has to give up his daughter and Ariel has to give up her 프렌즈 and family, so there is a bittersweet ending. The only movie I 사랑 더 많이 than this is The Wizard of Oz!