Earlier this week an idea randomly popped into my head that I should make an 기사 on characters with the prettiest eyes and here it is! It's made up of different eyes and unlike my beautiful eyes list with famous people that mostly has guys, this list mostly has has ladies. (Probably because they use many different shapes for women).

10) 사과, 애플 Bloom

I was thinking about putting 사과, 애플 Bloom as a usual pony, but I thought it would only be fair to use humans and she IS human in the movies. Ha! Anyway I 사랑 사과, 애플 Bloom's eyes because not only are they 주황색, 오렌지 which is a cool and unusual color (I 사랑 unusual 색깔 btw), but they also remind me of an ombre sunset which is amazing! Seriously two tone eyes!

9) Cinderella

I personally think that the classic 디즈니 era had some of the best eyes because the female characters had proportional eyes then. I think Cinderella's icy blue color is really cool and 아몬드 eyes are my 가장 좋아하는 eye shape. In the DP franchise she is shown with smaller eyes compared to the other princesses which makes me 사랑 them even more.

8) Naveen

I'm not sure if Naveen's hazel eyes are supposed to be hazel 또는 tan, but they really pop with his tan skin with a special sparkle to them.

7) The Evil Queen

Unlike most people, I think narrow eyes look much better on women. (I hate the big eyed look) The queen's menacing, intimidating 라임 green eyes match her character. The dramatic make up compliments them making them look even 더 많이 intense.

6) Jasmine

I know I contradicted myself 의해 having Jasmine's "alien eyes'', but with Aladdin's cartoonish style, I can overlook that. I've always loved Jasmine's pretty brown eyes and I actually think she has the prettiest eyes of all the 디즈니 princesses. Her eyes have such a pretty shape to them. They're not really almond, but upturned. She's got beautiful eyelashes to and I 사랑 a good pair of eyelashes.

5) Esmeralda

Just like Naveen,her eyes pop with her darker skin. Not only are her eyes are a beautiful 에메랄드 green color, but I 사랑 how they look glassy like they are made out of porcelain. It may be creepy to some people, I think it's beautiful. She's got some thick, long, dark eyelashes which is rare to see natrually in real women. In real life, men have prettier eyelashes than women and it's not fair haha.

4) Opal

I usually don't care much for for green eyes, but there are times when they can be one of the most beautiful eyes I've seen. Take Opal for instance. Her distinctive eyes really stand out and she's got pretty eyelashes. Her eyes are gorgeous! They look like spring green jewels.

3) Eska and Desna

Just like the Evil Queen, their narrow eyes match their personalities. Their eyes are also a unique color I would add.Normally narrow eyes don't have a lot of detail to them, but I can see the shininess and coldness in their eyes. The twin's eyes are the polar regions put into a characters eyes. It's also the closest thing to grey eyes which is one of my 가장 좋아하는 unusual colors.

2) Megara

Another one of my 가장 좋아하는 unusual 색깔 are purple eyes. I 사랑 purple eyes! Such a beautiful color that 당신 don't see in real life. Megara has one of the most unique eyes in animation, especially for a 더 많이 modern heroine. I 사랑 the shape of Meg's narrow eyes and they fit well the Hercules' angular designs. Meg may have a lot of flaws in her design, but I can forget about that and just be mesmerized 의해 those spectacular eyes. Props to whoever designed her!

1) Eren Jaeger

Seeing Eren really took me 의해 surprise, one look he's got me hypnotized, I can't help but fall in 사랑 with those eyes. Seriously though, I can't get over how gorgeous Eren's eyes are! Their pretty blueish green color are only a small part. I just 사랑 how expressive, sizable, and detailed they are. Ironically, I like it when guys have bigger eyes opposed to girls. Eren's eyes add 더 많이 to his cuteness and my 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 사랑 for his design. I usually don't care about 아니메 eyes, but damn Eren's eyes really are something special. Many people are fond of his eyes.