Welcome to my article! Here is a list of (female) 디즈니 characters that I personally believe are pretty/beautiful but don't get much attention and deserve their chance in the spotlight. I’ve never been very good at explaining why I find certain people (well, characters in this case) attractive, so I may accidentally repeat myself throughout the 기사 and the 코멘트 won’t be very long but I’ll try and make it short but sweet. Some of these characters are not only underrated in beauty, but also in character, though for the sake of the 기사 I’ll only talk about the former. It’s just my opinion, some may not agree, but I hope 당신 enjoy regardless!~

10. Nani (Lilo & Stitch)

First up… Nani. She’s very realistic-looking in terms of 디즈니 and while I don’t believe she’s stunningly beautiful, she is very pretty and relatable. I 사랑 her black hair and her nose might look ugly on someone else, but it 슈츠 her and adds to her look. Oh, and those curves! She has a perfect body shape and is pretty in an understated, subtle way.

9. Katrina Van Tassel (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)

신데렐라 lookalike, much? I don’t think she’s as angelic-looking as 신데렐라 but she’s still very pretty. Gorgeous blue eyes, amazing figure, cute features. She’s very dainty in the way that she carries herself and whilst I haven’t seen this movie from start to finish, I just 사랑 the way she is drawn.

8. Ellie Fredricksen (Up)

I think Ellie is one of the prettiest 픽사 females. She’s absolutely adorable! I 사랑 her expressive eyes, her cute button nose, her simple but nice hair and her lovely fashion sense. She also has such a sweet smile.

7. Mary Darling (Peter Pan)

This woman is very classically beautiful; she oozes elegance and charm. I 사랑 her sophisticated style and I think the way her hair is arranged helps bring out and enhances her pretty features.

6. Sarah Hawkins (Treasure Planet)

Sarah Hawkins looks 더 많이 또는 less like an older, female version of Jim so of course I find her attractive. I 사랑 the way she looks with her hair down and wearing a simple nightgown; she doesn’t need to dress up all fancy to look nice. Through the majority of the movie her face looks tired and overworked but it doesn’t detract from her simple beauty.

5. Mermaids (Peter Pan)

I couldn’t possibly choose an individual Mermaid to put into the 기사 - they all look similar, just with different hairstyles - so I decided to incorporate them into one. I think they’re all gorgeous. They all have amazing hair and I 사랑 how they style it. They’re definitely the most beautiful characters in the Peter Pan franchise – to me, at least. It's a shame they don't have lovely personalities to match their looks!

4. Aphrodite (Hercules)

It’s ironic that the Goddess of 사랑 and beauty is on here. While she has little screentime, I still think she’s stunningly beautiful. I know the stylized artwork of this movie isn’t to many people’s tastes, but personally I like it a lot. I 사랑 how caricatured every character is. She has a pretty smile and there’s just something very alluring and mysterious about her – “That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets!”

3. Slue-Foot Sue (Melody Time)

I haven’t even seen this movie but I don’t think I need to in order to see how beautiful she is. She’s in some ways another 신데렐라 lookalike (like Katrina) with similar sort of features. I absolutely 사랑 her lips/smile, her beautiful blue eyes and her cute red-hair. She’s stunning!

2. Tarzan’s Mother (Tarzan)

She’s only in the beginning of the movie and doesn’t even utter a single word but WOW she’s gorgeous! I’ve always thought so. Her hair is so uniquely styled and 슈츠 her very well; I also 사랑 the auburn colour. She has a beautiful smile and 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 pretty features. Man, Tarzan had hot parents.

1. Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)

I think the Blue Fairy is absolutely stunningly beautiful. Captivating and alluring without trying too hard; she has a natural charm about her. I 사랑 the 'classic' sort of look that she has. I 사랑 her blonde hair (style as well as shade), her complexion and her lips… well; I 사랑 everything about her looks. The sparkly blue outfit really brings out her stunning eyes. She’s graceful, elegant and enchanting. No wonder Jiminy Cricket is mesmerized 의해 her!
Blue Fairy is my #1 most beautiful 디즈니 character, not just on this list, but out of all 디즈니 females in existence. She's angelic!