Hello I'm NOT the Nostalgia Critic, I remembered it because no one else cares. As many of 당신 know I'm one of the few people who actually likes sequels. However I know a lot don't but I decided to makes a list of what I think are the best animated sequels. Of course I'll be comparing them to the 영화 that came before them whether they're not as hood, just as good, 또는 even better than their preceder. Now keep in mind this is just my opinion but please 코멘트 but don't be rude. Enjoy!

10.The Rescuers Down Under

In my opinion this is one of the most underrated 디즈니 masterpieces. First of all the 애니메이션 is absolutely gorgeous, surprising considering how bad that 애니메이션 in the original is. I 사랑 all of the new characters, though I'm not too crazy about Jake. While I 사랑 Penny from the Original I have to say Cody 의해 far surpasses her. I 사랑 how strong willed he is and how he really enjoys making McLeach mad because he knows he can't kill him because he's the only one who can help him. Also while Medusa is a pretty cool villain she's nothing special while McLeach is actually a much 더 많이 cruel and sinister villain. I absolutely 사랑 the action of this movie, everything makes my jaw drop. The climax really puts me on the edge of my 좌석 because I'm really concerned and really want someone to save that poor little boy. One flaw it has is that we hardly see any of our two main characters but to me that's kind of a good thing. It's not that they're bad and not likable but they're not as interesting as Cody. I wasn't even all that interested in them in the original and they actually have 더 많이 personality in the sequel than they do in the original. The Rescuers is suppose to be like an adventure and the original was kind of lacking that while the sequel is jack packed with it. The plot is much 더 많이 epic than the original. So as 당신 can already guess while I do like The Rescuers I think the sequel 의해 FAR surpasses it. I honestly don't see why people like the original more. Why it's the bland forgettable one people 사랑 더 많이 I'll never understand. For me it's not higher is because the others are just 더 많이 interesting.

9.The Land Before Time 4: Journey Through The Mists

First of all I have to say I 사랑 The Land Before Time movies, although they stopped being good after the sixth movie. However out of all the sequels I think this one is 의해 far the best and really captures some of the aspects of the original. I 사랑 how is ed-knowledge's that the world outside of The Great Valley is suffering and constantly changing. I also like how there's racism in this movie just like the original, it makes it 더 많이 realistic. However what makes this different is that unlike the original the racism is 더 많이 of just being shy and a misunderstanding rather that arrogance, stupidity, and bad raising. I 사랑 how the characters keep their original personalities, except Cera but she changes for the better. She's still annoying at times and I don't like her like I do in the third movie but she's alright. Ali is also a decently likable character, annoying in some ways but charming in others. I actually like all of the songs in this movie, which is something 당신 don't get in The Land Before Time sequels because they're usually not very good. The villains are also pretty good and entertaining. However it's no where near as good as the original because the original Land Before Time is a complete classic. The original is better animation, score, story, and emotion. However it's better than the sequels that came before it, although they're really good. The reason it's not higher is that the others are 더 많이 dynamic.

8.Toy Story 2

I absolutely 사랑 the Toy Story franchise first of all and secondly I'm so glad they made a sequel. Originally this was going to be a direct-to-video sequel but the 더 많이 they worked on it the 더 많이 they wanted to make it a theatrical release and I'm glad they did. First of all I 사랑 the new characters, especially Jessie. She's the most dynamic and complex character in the franchise. She has such a tragic back story which makes up with how she was rude and slightly bratty for part of the movie. However she's not just rude and a dull stick in the mud, she's a fun and active character. I 사랑 the emotion in this movie about how Woody will one 일 have to face the inevitable that Andy will one 일 have to grow up and leave him behind. Eventually we all have to face the inevitable whatever it is so this is a pretty realistic movie. Is also features one of the saddest animated moments in existence, When She Loved Me. This scene made me actually cry for a piece of plastic and actually feel bad for giving away my toys. I actually have to say, while I absolutely 사랑 Toy Story and it's one of my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 movies, I think this movie actually is much better. It's much 더 많이 dynamic, has a strong female lead that girls can identify with, and much 더 많이 emotion than the original. It's not higher because I find the others a bit 더 많이 interesting.

7.Aladdin and The King of Thieves

I have to say I think this is most a perfect ending to both the TV series and the 알라딘 franchise. I just 사랑 how the 알라딘 영화 have great continuity and how the sequels actually continues the story. I 사랑 how much of an adventure this movie is, it's really epic and I think deserved a theatrical release. It actually really could have if it had better 애니메이션 and was longer like 일 half an 시간 또는 forty-five minutes. I 사랑 that we actually get to learn about Aladdin's father and even 더 많이 so that we get to see 알라딘 and 재스민 속, 재 스민 finally getting married. I 사랑 how they developed 알라딘 and 재스민 속, 재 스민 as characters. 재스민 속, 재 스민 isn't rude 또는 bratty and is 더 많이 mature and becomes what she wanted in the original. 알라딘 finally stops lying and he really matures. I 사랑 how the other characters from the original stay the same. The villain is really good too. I also 사랑 all the songs, except Welcome To The Forty Thieves. Don't let the bad 애니메이션 fool you, this is one high quality sequel. So yeah 당신 must think that I actually 사랑 this movie than the original and I think I should but I don't. It's much better than Return of Jafar, although it's also really good, however this movie has better quality. However the original is a classic and the sequel does have things that bug me. I hate Aladdin's father, Jasmine's role is pretty minor, I didn't like the forty thieves, I didn't like the song Welcome To The Forty Thieves, Jafar is a much better villain, and I hate that they had Iago leave the group. I think the group needs to stay together, that's how it should be. It's not higher for those reasons and because I think they really should have given some of the forty thieves and the villain 더 많이 of a back story and how they ended up where they are.

6.Return To Neverland

One of the few 디즈니 sequels from 디즈니 집 Entertainment to actually make a theatrical release and in my opinion it completely deserved it. I 사랑 how realistic this movie is 의해 showing an actual war going on during the movie while in the original it was just nothing. Unlike most I absolutely 사랑 Jane and doesn't deserve the criticism she gets. I mean come on people she's growing up during World War II for goodness sake. Do 당신 know what it's called World War? Because it means no war like it. Besides she makes mistakes but makes up for them and actually saves the day. Even before she's pretty witty, sassy, smart, kind, responsible, mature, strong, is gorgeous, and unlike her mother actually has a backbone to stand up to Peter. Peter Pan is actually a pretty good character in this movie, in the original he's insufferable but here he's a charming character, with some annoying moments. Also unlike being hideous beyond belief like in the original he's quite handsome, mostly because of the WAY better animation. The 애니메이션 is absolutely gorgeous, I 사랑 the songs(except for the 로스트 boys song), the score, the character, and the villain. Hook is actually 더 많이 sinister and evil in this movie. I 사랑 the emotion in this movie, it's so sad and even makes me misty eyed. Tinkerbell's death/I'll Try reprise actually makes me cry. In my opinion this movie is FAR better than the original. I actually absolutely hate the original and I think this movie is a masterpiece. It has far better animation, songs, characters, and development. Plus the couple Jane and Peter is 더 많이 developed than Wendy and Peter Pan. I suppose Wendy and Peter Pan are charming is 당신 like abusive and spineless relationships but if 당신 don't, like I don't, than they're awful. Peter actually like Jane and actually has a crush on her. People say Jane and Peter aren't a couple and I think they only say that because they're 더 많이 developed than their precious Wendy and Peter. Jane and Peter are 더 많이 of a couple than Wendy and Peter, a fact not an opinion. Anyway it's not higher because it's a little too simple compared to the others. Plus I didn't really like the octopus, they should have kept the 악어 but I guess maybe there was some kind of reason for it. But 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 the octopus isn't bad.

5.The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Come on we all knew this was going to be on this list, there's hardly anyone who doesn't 사랑 this movie. I 사랑 how this movie really continues the story and has great new characters. I absolutely 사랑 all the songs, even Upendi. The animation, while not as good as the original, is pretty good especially considering the quality of some 디즈니 sequels and their animation. I absolutely 사랑 Kiara, she's even better than Timon and Pumba, my 가장 좋아하는 characters from the original. She's strong, smart, fun, adventurous, curious, and wise. I 사랑 her speech to Simba about the outsiders. Kovu is really great too, not as good as Simba but still really awesome and complex. The villain actually surpasses Scar, she doesn't turn whiny and pathetic in the 초 half and is really hardcore. I 사랑 how she really loves what she does and is psychotic, she's very frightening and a great villain. Kiara and Kovu are a great couple and actually surpass most of the 디즈니 couples. I bet your wondering if I think it's better than original and that answer is no, I think they're both equally as good. I think both of them are really great but also have their problems like the original's problem is the mixed message. The sequel's problems is for one it's not as long as it was before. I also wish we could have known 더 많이 about Zira's relationship with Scar and went into a little 더 많이 detail about the outsiders that were on Scar's side. Plus Simba is a little out of place here but he has his reasons, although at times it's a little over the top.

4.Shrek 2

This movie is absolutely amazing and hilarious and probably the best satire ever. The characters are pretty much the same, except Fiona isn't spoiled 또는 bratty. The 애니메이션 is absolutely amazing. I 사랑 all the songs they put in this movie, especially I Need A Hero. The villain is really cool, I 사랑 how she's not the traditional 신데렐라 fairy godmother and is very controlling and manipulative. Charming while kind of annoying and also pretty entertaining with how lame and pathetic he is. I 사랑 the romance between 슈렉 and Fiona even 더 많이 here because 당신 can tell how much they 사랑 each other with the way they sacrifice for each other. The climax is absolutely epic and the new characters are really great. I 사랑 how they actually have a hang out for all the fairy-tale villains called "The Poison Apple", that's really clever.I have to say this movie actually surpasses the original, the original is really good and is a classic but it's kind of simple 의해 comparison. It's not higher simply because I 사랑 the others more.

3.Toy Story 3

This is a franchise that just keeps getting better and better with each movie. I actually did kind of wonder as a kid what would happen when Andy grew up and here it is. I 사랑 how in this movie Jessie isn't rude like she was in the original. I really 사랑 how the toys decided to 옮기기 on. What's really great is that Woody really moved on and realized he can't hold on to the past forever, that's a huge character development for him. I know a lot of people don't like that Bo Peep isn't in the movie but I honestly don't care, I never liked her and I'm glad they finally saw that she was an unnecessary character. I 사랑 how unlike the Barbies in the 초 movie this one is actually really smart and a total bada**. I mean this chick is so tough that I would actually be afraid to go up against her. I 사랑 how it's darker than the first two 영화 and the character development on the character. The villain is actually pretty cool too. This movie is actually better than the first two movies, it just surpasses the quality and is 더 많이 dynamic with better character development. It's a perfect ending to and amazing franchise and PLEASE 픽사 DON'T MAKE A TOY STORY 4! It's not higher because the other two are in my 상단, 맨 위로 10 가장 좋아하는 영화 of all time.

2.Beauty and The Beast The 마법에 걸린 사랑 Christmas

I know a lot of people think this is a bad movie but in my opinion it's one of the best 영화 in existence and the best 크리스마스 movie. I 사랑 how the characters all stay the same, except Belle but I think she changed for the better, she became 더 많이 flawed and realistic. People usually say she was a push over who was trying to change Beast but I disagree. She stood up for herself and others and she wasn't trying to change Beast, she just wanted to bring joy to him and everyone. I really 사랑 the songs, all of them are great, even A Cut Above The Rest. The 애니메이션 is actually decently nice looking, not amazing 또는 anything but kind of good. I 사랑 the back story on Beast and Christmas, it's really interesting. I 사랑 how emotional and touching this movie is, sometimes I even cry tears of not only sadness but of happiness. The new characters are pretty cool too and the villain, though kind of a lame motivation, is pretty good too. I know a lot of people are gonna attack me for this but I actually prefer this over the original. Don't get me wrong the original is really good but I just felt 더 많이 emotion from this. The heroine actually has 더 많이 of a personality and flaws, it's 더 많이 touching, and the emotion is 더 많이 natural and not so much fake soap opera style. Plus it makes the relationship between Belle and Beast 더 많이 realistic 의해 having time gone by. It's problems are it kind of messes with the timeline only SLIGHTLY but 저기요 의해 logic Lefou and Maurice should have died just 의해 being out in the cold in twelve hours 또는 less. Beast is kind of a rage-aholic but that kind of helps make is 더 많이 realistic. But I wish it was longer so maybe we could have learned about Belle's mother and some 크리스마스 memories she had with her and some back story on Beast's parents and maybe it's another reason he hates 크리스마스 and 더 많이 over why he is the way he is.

1.Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure

If 당신 guys know me 당신 knew this was coming, I absolutely 사랑 this movie. First of all I must say the 애니메이션 is absolutely gorgeous and obviously better than the 애니메이션 in the original, obviously because of the improvement over time. The songs are all amazing, although I think we could have gotten a better song than Welcome 집 for an opener and finale. The villain is pretty awesome, clever, and sinister. I 사랑 all the new characters especially Scamp and Angel, but 더 많이 so Scamp. I relate so much with Scamp, he's so realistic an relate-able. He's basically the younger male 강아지 version of Ariel so that's part of why I 사랑 him. He makes mistakes but makes up for them 의해 being charming and admits to his mistakes. 앤젤 is also an awesome, sassy, smart, strong, and complex character. I 사랑 the beautiful message and how it teaches not only rebel kids but parents a lesson too. It teaches them to try to listen 더 많이 and be understanding. It teaches rebels to be 더 많이 appreciative of what they have, family is always there, and to go after your dreams but don't forget what's really important. It's not a rehash of the original and is actually it's own story. I actually think, while I actually quite like Lady and The Tramp, that the sequel is 의해 FAR A MILLION TIME BETTER! It has better songs, better characters, better development, an actual villain, 앤젤 and Scamp actually have good reasons for their problems with families while Tramp is too vague and just seems like a jerk, a MUCH better and developed couple, better animation, a stable story-line and plot, and a better message. This is my 가장 좋아하는 sequel EVER and I wish it was longer so it could be even better and have even 더 많이 adventure. It deserved to be longer and to get a theatrical release.