Thank 당신 everyone for participating! I was inspired 의해 BelleAnastasia's 기사 to make one like this myself. Though it's not the same thing, I don't do creative collages but I hope 당신 guys will still like this! I was going to write about the placements but I later didn't see the need of doing so for this, I'll just read your 코멘트 whether 당신 agree with this list 또는 not. What I like about it is that the animated females don't need to have perfect traits to be included, it is about looks but other attributes can make a character sexy. Some who made the list don't usually get a lot of recognition for their looks which is refreshing.


Honorable Mentions: 15. Belle 14. Helga 13. Tzipporah 12. Vanessa 11. Ariel
10. Holli Would
9. Babette
8. Pocahontas
7. Kida
6. Eris
5. Chel
4. Jessica Rabbit
3. Megara
2. 재스민 속, 재 스민
1. Esmeralda