Magic mirror on the 벽 who is the fairest one of all?
I know some of 당신 know me as someone who's made several of these things but I decided to wait a 년 to make sure of my opinion. It has changed and I don't find every heroines ever created to be beautiful, only my 상단, 맨 위로 15 are beautiful in my opinion. I will include a quote from their movie where someone 코멘트 on their beauty. I'm not including computer animated heroines because I don't like to mix computer animated characters and hand drawn characters together. Unlike my other list I'll be including sequel heroines and child heroines. Please leave a 코멘트 and keep in mind this is only an opinion and be polite.

Cinderella, you're as lovely as your name! Cinderella, you're a sunset in a frame!

The intro song was right she is very lovely. No wonder her step family is jealous of her beauty. my 가장 좋아하는 feature is her lovely smile. Her eyes are pretty and unlike most people I actually like her hair, it's kinda pretty. I 사랑 her pale complextion it goes well with her natural lips and 담홍색, 핑크 cheeks. She's beautiful in a realistic way. I actually think she's much prettier in the third movie because of better animation, a 더 많이 dazeling smile, her hair has moments of being beautiful, and her eyes are gorgeous with those white highlights. If she looked the way she did in the third movie in the original than she'd be like number 6 또는 maybe even 5. The reason she's not higher is because I'm not a 팬 of her nose, it's like they didn't even try to draw it. Another is she's kinda too common; her face is exquisite but no 더 많이 exquisite than as rose.

14.Kayley(Quest For Camelot)
The heavens are sparkling with starlight tonight, that's what I see through you're eyes.

Yep "Belle's little sister" makes it to the 상단, 맨 위로 ten and I wanna say first that I prefer Kayley WAY 더 많이 than I do Belle. I 사랑 her long beautiful brown hair, it's her best feature. I also adore her hazel eyes, 담홍색, 핑크 lips, smile, and skin tone. I've gotta say this that I don't see that much resemblence between her and Belle. Their hair are different shades of brown, Kayley's eyes are smaller, Kayley looks younger, Belle has puffier lips, and her nose has 더 많이 detail than Kayley does. I mean she does look like she could be related to Belle but she's not an exact clone. I hate not having her higher than Belle but as much as I 사랑 her she's not as pretty. She's beautiful but the 애니메이션 doesn't have as much detail. That's basically the reason she's not higher because her face doesn't have as much detail as the others but I do think she's beautiful.

13.Marina(The Little Mermaid, 아니메 version)
Surely a beautiful young thing like 당신 can rewitch a human 심장 without a voice!

Even though I hate the movie and the story, I like 마리나, 선착장 and she's beautiful. I 사랑 her eyes and hair, so beautiful. She has a nice nose and a lovely smile. She's no where near as beautiful as Ariel but still she's lovely and has her own style about herself. She's actually the only 아니메 movie heroine here. I use to have Amalthea here but I replaced her with Marina, Amalthea isn't all that special. I 사랑 아니메 style characted not as much as 디즈니 style but still I think it's cool that they look cartoony but realistic at the same time. I can't believe the prince chose some other girl over her, she's way prettier. She's not higher because there are times where she's just cute 또는 pretty. Also I'm not a 팬 of the animation, it's kinda cheesy.

12.Kida(Atlantis: The 로스트 Empire)
Oh I swim pretty girl! PRETTY GOOD!

She only beat Madellaine slightly and the reason for that is her exoticness, that gaved her a plus. I think she's underrated, she's unbelievably stunning! She does look weird in some scenes but in most of them she's beautiful. Her best feature is her amazing white hair obviously! I 사랑 her beautiful blue eyes and her smile is sexy. I think that this is what Pocahontas should have looked like on with Pocahontas's hair, necklace, and outfit. I also think she should have brown eyes. Why couldn't Pocahontas look like that, she'd be much higher on my prettiest 디즈니 princess list. Kida looks amazing even as the crystal. I can't believe hardly anyone pays attention to her looks. Yet they pay attention to heroines like Meg who in my opinion is ugly. The reason she's not higher is because of how she sometimes looks weird and I'm not a 팬 of her nose.

11.Daria(The Princess and The Pea)
You're beautiful!

I know that alot of 당신 don't know who the heck she is I didn't either until a few years ago. I think she's so beautiful and so tragically not well known. Her gorgeous red lips are her best feature! I 사랑 her beautiful red hair, her lovely smile, and her stunning green eyes. She's one of the very few heroines that there are with green eyes. Her pale skin makes her red lips look even lovelier. I think she looks like a mixture of Ariel, Cinderella, and Aurora. I wish she was 더 많이 well known because she's 더 많이 beautiful than most of the 디즈니 heroines, and is one of the prettiest non-disney heroines. If 당신 haven't seen the movie I think 당신 should look it up on 유튜브 and watch it. However she's not higher because her chin is too pointy it's not extreamly pointy like Aurora but kinda pointy.

10.Shanti(The Jungle Book 2)
We give thanks to Shanti's beautiful brown eyes, without them Mowgli would have never found his way into our lives.

She's perfetly lovely in both 영화 but slightly 더 많이 so in the sequel. The reason for that is better hair style anf 냉각기 clothes. Her hair style in the original looked like it should be on a five 년 old and her outfit looked like it was going to fall off at any minute. Anyway she has such pretty black hair, a lovely smile, and big beautiful brown eyes. Her eyes are obviously her best feature! It was imporant in the original for her to be beautiful so she could lure Mowgli into the village. A beautiful girl will always lure a boy anywhere. I also really like that red jewel thing on her head, I always wondered what it meant. Any of 당신 know? Sorry back on topic, Even though she's so beautiful the others just having something 더 많이 unique about them.

9.Belle(Beauty and The Beast)
Now it's no wonder that her name means beauty, her looks have got no parallel!

I don't care much for her as a character even though I 사랑 her but I do think she's drop dead gorgeous. My 가장 좋아하는 feature from her is her gorgeous lips! I also 사랑 her smile, nose, her lovely skin, and her beautiful hazel eyes. Hazel is my 초 가장 좋아하는 eye color, if I didn't have blue eys(my 가장 좋아하는 eye color) than I'd want for my eyes to be hazel! I 사랑 her simple look, it's simple but also rare. Some people think she should have been blonde because of how rare they are but I don't think that would work. Because having hazel eyes is 더 많이 rare than having blonde hair and hazel wouldn't look good with blonde hair. Blonde with blue eyes would work but it's too common, while brown hair and hazel eyes are a lovely combination. A friend of mine think if I had a daughter she'd look like either Belle 또는 Melody and I'd be happy with either one. I think she looks most gorgeous during the Beasts death she looks amazing her hair, eyes, lips, smile, nose, everything! She's not higher because for one being inconsistantly drawn, I'm not a big 팬 of her bangs.

The 꽃 that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

The asian beauty that crossdressed and looked amazing while doing it. I know some people don't give her much attention because she's a man for most of the film but when she's a girl she's so beautiful. My 가장 좋아하는 feature of hers is her beautiful hair, even when it's short. Her eyes are soulful and a pretty shape. Her skin is very lovely, especially in that picture. I don't think she needs make-up at all because she's a natural beauty. Do 당신 put a dress on a tiger? Do 당신 paint a swans wings? Do 당신 fill the sea with 음식 coloring? NO! She's already a magnificent beauty! Why would they try to make her look better with make-up when she's already so gorgeous! I actually thought she was handsome as a man, much better looking than Shang(UGLY). Her hair is so amazing the movement of it even when it's short, it's detail is amazing and lushus. I think she looks most gorgeous during The Decision I loved everything about the way she looked. The only asian beauty that is prettier is Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The reason she's not higher is because she's kinda plain compared to the others.

7.Madellaine(The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2)
May I present the prettiest ordiment on the midway?

I know some of 당신 might be shocked because I know alot of people don't find her pretty. I find her to be stunning, especially in that picture. She can be ugly in some scenes but in alot of scenes she's beautiful. I 사랑 her green eyes they're her best feature. Her smile is lovely, I 사랑 her gorgeous red lips, her nose is adorible, and her hair is really cute and kinda pretty. I think she's WAY prettier than Esmeralda! Not because I hate Esmeralda because I think Esmeralda's really pretty but Madellaine is gorgeous. Madellaine is a much simpler beauty and isn't one of those who looks like they try to hard to look great like Esmeralda does. Her smile is sweet while Esmeralda's is 더 많이 vain. I think Madellaine is one of the few heroines that can pull of short hair and it looks like a hair style someone would actually have. Only one person can pull of Esmeralda's hair style and that's Fran Drescher. Both have green eyes but Esmeralda's eyes are too bright and Madellaine's are normal green. However even though I 사랑 that she's a simple beauty she's kinda too simple compared to the others. Plus there's the fact that's she's inconsistantly drawn and the 애니메이션 in the movie is lame.

6.Jane(Peter Pan 2: Return To Neverland)
All the world is made of faither and trust and pixie dust(Nobody in the movie commented on her beauty so I just used my 가장 좋아하는 quote from her)

When I first saw her in her movie her looks just hit me like BAM beautiful. I 사랑 her beautiful eyes and smile I can't decide which I 사랑 more, she has the two things that I think makes someone beautiful. Her nose is so cute and I unlike alot of people really like her dirty blonde hair, it's cool. She's WAY prettier than Wendy! The main reason is the eyes Wendy's eyes are lovely but Jane's eyes have 더 많이 detail in them and have that shine, I'm not sure what it's called. Wendy smiles like she's trying too hard while Jane is dazeling without even really trying. Wendy's forehead is HUGE in 프로필 while Jane's is normal size. Jane's nose is kinda cuter because it's 더 많이 realistic. Her hair is 냉각기 because it's actually something a girl would actually have in fact I've seen lots of girls with her hair style. With Wendy well I heard a cousin of mine tried to have her hair done like hers and it turned out DREADFUL! Besides I think Wendy's hair is ugly her bangs are awful, the color is mud brown, and her curles look like they belong on the tail of a poodle. Wendy is a very pretty girl but isn't beautiful(but is when she's an adult), I actually didn't find her pretty when I was a little kid I actually found her kinda homely when I was a little kid. Like I said with Jane she's like BAM beautiful but with Wendy she's someone who 당신 need to get use to, to really appritiate her looks. Wendy is too typical looking while Jane is someone unique and IMO underrated in the beauty department. The reason she's not in the 상단, 맨 위로 five is simply because the others are just prettier than her.

5.Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron)
I just wanna see the pretty lady.

Yes a little girl makes it to the 상단, 맨 위로 five but come on look at her, she's stunning! Her best feature is obviously her hair! I also 사랑 her eyes, smile, skintone, and basically everything. I think she looks like she's related to Aurora only WAY prettier. If she's already prettier than Aurora right now at age twelve than she'll definitely be prettier than her when she's Aurora's age. I think what makes her prettier than Aurora is for one her chin isn't pointy, her eyes actually have color and stick with it, her smile is warm and loving not vain, and her hair is 더 많이 natural looking. I think she's 더 많이 beautiful than most of the 디즈니 adult heroines and that she's one of the most beautiful animated females. When I can't keep my eye off her in the movie, I usually keep my eye on my 가장 좋아하는 characters in 영화 my 가장 좋아하는 is Taran but I can't keep my eyes off her. No wonder that little fairy wanted to see just Eilonwy because 당신 have to admit that she's something amazing to look at. The only reason shs's not high is because the others are just prettier than her.

4.Tiana(The Princess and The Frog)
Look at you! Aren't 당신 just as pretty as a 목련 in May!

The first black 디즈니 princess, actually the first black movie heroine for that matter. She's hot! My 가장 좋아하는 feature is her eyes! I 사랑 her beautiful smile and her hair is really pretty. I watched her movie recently and I couldn't take my eyes off her because she is smokin! I 사랑 the way her hips move, she's sexy! I think people put too much pressure on her looks because they expect her to impress them like the classic ones before her. She was even pretty as a frog and if 당신 can look pretty as an ugly little frog than you're definitely gorgeous! I think she looks like a cartoon version of 브랜디 Norwood. Especially when she's in her blue dress she looked exactly like 브랜디 did in Rodgers and Hammersteins 신데렐라 as Cinderella. Which is part of what makes her so gorgeous! However the reason she's not higher is because the others are just prettier than her, even though she's gorgeous, sexy, and HOT!

3.Ariel(The Little Mermaid)
You'll have your looks! Your pretty face!

Yes I know alot of 당신 are shocked that she's not number 1 but she's just not as beautiful as I thought, but still stunning. She has such an amazing smile, so dazeling without even trying. Her nose is just so perfect it's not too small 또는 too big, plus it actually has detail and doesn't look invisible like Snow White 또는 Cinderella's. I 사랑 her hair it's so gorgeous, I 사랑 red hair I think it's so beautiful. I adore her bangs, especially when they're messy. She's also incredibly sexy, she's a mermaid so of course she's sexy. Your gonna think I'm weird but I sometimes notice in some scenes where her boobs jiggle. I 사랑 red lips, a little too thin but still lovely. Her 프로필 and facial structure are stunning. No wonder she's the prettiest 디즈니 princess but she's still not pretty enough to be higher. I 사랑 her eyes but there's also something off about them which is why she's not higher. Maybe it's because they're too big but still they're so gorgeous.

2.Odette(The 백조 Princess)
You're everything I've ever wanted, you're beautiful!

Whenever I see this girl this is what happens. *EYES POP OUT*, *WOLF HOWL*, *DROOLS*! HOT! SEXY! GORGEOUS! How can anybody not find her gorgeous? Just look at her! She has the most gorgeous hair I've ever seen, I just wanna get my hands on it and stroke it, it looks so soft. She has an amazing smile, beautiful eyes, and a nice nose. She's also perfectly lovely as a swan. I actually think the fake Odette is slightly 더 많이 attractive than the real Odette. I realize they're the same person but with that black dress it makes her sexier. This is what I think Eilonwy will look like when she gets older. I mean seriously people make a big deal over Aurora's looks(which I don't get) and Odette makes Aurora look like Yzma. This is what I think describes Odette(ironic because it's from Sleeping Beauty); "One gift, beauty rare! Gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose! She'll walk with spring time wherever she goes!" perfect description. This is what Aurora should've looked like but if she did we wouldn't have the gorgeous Odette. There's only one reason she's not number one because number one is SLIGHTLY prettier.

1.Melody and Anastasia(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea and Anastasia)
Anastasia: How beautiful 당신 look. , Melody: 당신 look beautiful!

Yep it's a tie, I couldn't decide who's prettier so I just decided to give them both the same spot. Besides I think that when Melody grows up she'll look just like 아나스타샤 only with her color scheme and a better nose. Yeah I actually think Melody is prettier than her mother. For one her eyes aren't too big. I don't know what it is but when I look at pictures of Melody and Ariel in the original Ariel doesn't look as good as Melody. I 사랑 Melody's black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin comination. Her lips are a pretty shade of 담홍색, 핑크 and her hair is so beautiful, I 사랑 that one strand of hair that hangs out. Her nose is so cute, not too big, not too small, and is actually visible. She also has the best smile ever! 아나스타샤 has the most gorgeous eyes ever! Her hair is so beautiful, she has the best bangs. She also has an amazing smile with lovely 담홍색, 핑크 lips. I think she's basically a realistic version of Ariel in terms of looks, but with a worse nose. I really don't care for her nose, but that's a minor detail. I actually don't mind their bushy eye-brows. They're the most gorgeous animated characters ever, not just animated movie heroines, I mean most gorgeous animated PERIOD!