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I recently had an interview with channyfan121 aka the owner of this club. Here's what she says...

Full name: Sonia Rose
Fave Colors: black, pink, and purple
Fave shows: Shake it up!, Wizards, Good luck charlie, Sonny with a chance
Fave movies: Hannah Montana the movie, twilight, the lovely bones, 일 and Knight, Grown Ups, and Wizards of Waverly Place the movie
hobbies: singing, acting, guitar, and redesiging clothes
Future: singer and actress

랜덤 Dislikes:
Lindesy Lohan, Miley Cyrus, 인기 girls, Joey (kid from our school whose terrible) the 색깔 yellow, brown, white and gray, greek food, and the season winter.

Thank u very much 4 ur time Miss Sonia Rose! U will not regret sharing this info with me!
That's all 4 2nite, I'm Sammi (working on a last name!)
 고딕 Tinkerbell! Oh my god!!!
Gothic Tinkerbell! Oh my god!!!