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posted by addiee
1. Because he refused tongue, but fondled her 나귀, 엉덩이 instead.
2. Because she stood 의해 him when things got tough after CS.
3. Because they can totally goof off together.
4. Because they were 프렌즈 before OTH.
5. Because they rocked Dawsons Creek too!
6. Because they're hitting TRL together!
7. Because according to Hil, they were "reunited!"
8. Because she gave him the "Let's hook up after the game" smile.
9. Because they make eachother smile.
10. Because she thinks he's "cute as hell."
11. Because he thinks she's "beautiful."
12. Because they're fruit-cakin' adorable.
13. Because she calls him cupcake.
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Hilarie on Chad
"And I hope 당신 all enjoy my show. Oh wait, no not my show...Chad will sh-t a brick if he hears me calling it my show..."

"He's a whore but he's hot. He's a good kisser and I would know... Not to brag"

"The Chad" is what we like to call him. Chad Michael Murray, he uh, he's devastatingly handsome, all the girls in Wilmington are freaking out over him, him and James, it's really them combined. I just feel like Mother Hen trying to fend off all the women as we walk around and try to go out to 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 down in Wilmington. Um, but they both are, they both have that gaze, where, I'm...
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