Catching 불, 화재 Names out of the Pandora box

Rumiel posted on Nov 26, 2009 at 09:22PM
I'm sure that we all agree that the hunger games characters names are quite.. peculiar, let' say? most of them are very cheesy and seem randomly invented. Do you think Suzanne chose the names for a particular reason, or just because she didn't have many ideas for naming the characters?

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over a year ago radigan2010 said…
i think she chose peeta because of pita bread, which i think is cute and smart of her. and gale is a type of bird, kinda goes along with the theme. and katniss, maybe that was a flower close to her in some way.

i have to admit, Haymitch? i don't know where she got thaat one from. i said that name to my friend and said i would name my son that. she said she would name her's Strawmitch. haha.
over a year ago peetarocks999 said…
peeta coz she loved the name. gale coz she wanted someone 2 puke on, katniss for a reason(IDK) rue coz she loved her 2.
over a year ago Flickerflame said…
Another name for the katniss flower is something like sagittaria, so it ties into her archery skill. I assumed Peeta was meant to be some futuristic development of the name Peter.