Wendy Braun
Tonight’s 성 episode 'Kill Switch' is proving one to watch considering actress Wendy Braun will be the guest star.

In the episode, 성 and Beckett stumble upon a wanted terrorist as a prime suspect, the NYPD goes on a manhunt, and the consequences could be deadly for one member of the team. Wendy steps into the crime scene as the poised and articulate boss of a 상단, 맨 위로 federal investigator who has been found murdered.

When asked about her experience working on the show, Wendy commented “The cast and crew welcomed me so warmly. They’re in their 7th season, so the flow and camaraderie is amazing to witness. I honestly didn’t want to leave.”

팬 will recognize Wendy as soon as they see the tall, beautiful redhead. She’s appeared in over 60 film and TV projects including "The Mentalist, Bones, Criminal Minds, Navy NCIS and Rainn Wilson’s web series, The Flipside. Her big break into 연기 came in the cult classic film, The Big Lebowski, go-go dancing all the way.

Wendy has also been declared “a positive force in the business” 의해 her peers, for creating link, a 상단, 맨 위로 resource dedicated to empowering actors at auditions, on the job and every 일 in between.

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Nathan Fillion, Wendy Braun, Stana Katic on the set of 성