Beckett sighed .the teenager had a lot of traumatic problems . '' i feel bad for 당신 . I'm very sorry for your loss . '' Rachel held bouncey tight , then she looked out the back window. '' oh , it's ok . it's not your fault . these things happen.'' Beckett pulled over the car . '' we're here.'' she told them. the three got out of Beckett's car . Beckett saw Rachel take bouncey with her. '' do 당신 always take her with 당신 ? '' 성 asked the teen. Rachel rolled her eyes . ''of course i do . she's sentimental . without her , i would die . '' 성 nodded . Beckett replied to the teen , '' 당신 know , i have something back at my place that's very sentimental to me . I'll show 당신 later.'' the three walked to the 12th precinct. they all went to the elevator to the 초 floor . when they got up to the 초 floor , Rachel saw probably 더 많이 than 100 detectives. she was amazed . they approached Beckett's desk. '' wow ! is this your desk?'' Rachel asked the detective . '' yep . it sure is.''
she answered. ''stay here . me and 성 want 당신 to meet 3 nice people.'' Beckett went to Ryan and espotitdo. ''hey boys. mind doing me a favor?'' Beckett asked them. ''sure.what's the favor ?'' they asked. '' go to my 책상, 데스크 , me and 성 have a surprise for you.'' Ryan and espotitdo got up . ''but wait until i get gates. I'll text 당신 when I'm done .'' they sat back down , as they watched Beckett disappear in the cruel captain's office . ''detective Beckett ? may i ask 당신 why you're in my office ?'' she said , as she looked up at the detective . Beckett sighed . '' there's someone we want 당신 to meet sir.'' gates groaned. but she got up anyway , and followed her to the surprise . Beckett quickly and quietly , texted Ryan and espotitdo to follow her to her desk. when they all approached the 책상, 데스크 , they saw 성 sitting in the chair 의해 her 책상, 데스크 , watching Rachel sit in Beckett's chair , and touch stuff on her desk. Beckett smiled . '' ok guy's. here's our surprise. this is Rachel. she is 13.'' Beckett announced . 성 added , as he stood 다음 to Beckett , ''both of her parents where found murdered in the alley . we found Rachel in the same alley behind the dumpster, crying . so she's staying here for awhile.'' everyone smiled at Rachel.'' hello Rachel.'' Rachel never felt so happy in her life . she loved it when she got welcomed. '' hello everybody. I'm so happy to meet 당신 all , and bouncey feels the same way. 당신 all can pet her if 당신 want.'' everyone went towards Rachel , and petted the purple spotted cat. '' 저기요 , Rachel , come here for a moment.'' gates told her. Rachel went up to the brown captain. '' yes , mam' ?'' she asked. Beckett and 성 gave her a brow. she looked puzzled , but then she corrected herself , and said ,'' yes sir?'' gates sighed. she hated to tell the sad little teenager this. '' I'm sorry ,but 당신 can't stay here. i already have 성 , and i don't need another distraction. so , you'll be going to the orphanage .'' tears started to flow in the teen. '' the orphanage? why would she send me there ? i behave well ? '' she thought. crying , Rachel ran , and went and hid under Beckett's 책상, 데스크 . Rachel didn't really cry often. 성 went over their to comfort her. Ryan and espostitdo did the same . Beckett wanted to comfort the little girl , but she knew she had to set things straight with her captain. '' sir?'' Beckett asked. '' can i talk to 당신 ?" gates sighed. ''sure. what's this all about?'' she asked the detective. '' it's about Rachel.'' Beckett replied. well , that was chapter 4 . hope 당신 enjoyed. chapter 5 is 다음 and , this was based on a dream i had last night.