Eo's lust in the woods face expresssion
Let the story begin. Eo!!! Eo!!!!EEEEEEOOOOO!!! L7 shouted.What the fuck do 당신 want L7!!! Eo shouted back. Boys language yelled ball. Sorry they both said. Boys I have some special news.
I'm now a commander and I decided to be the commander of 당신 guys. Fuck!!!!!L7 & Eo yelled. You're both grounded. But m-m-m-my 16 th birthday said L7. We'll celebrate it if 당신 both can show good behavior in 3 days. Yes sir Yes sir L7 & Eo yelled. They went to 침대 early did their homework and always was nice to each other. It's been the 3rd 일 of your punishment so I see 당신 both did well so L7 you're off punishment. Eo why did 당신 cheat on the test. S-s-s-s-sir I'm sorry. 2 weeks added to your punishment Eo and your not celebrating with us. I fucking hates 당신 commander. Eo said running upstairs with tears down his face. Eo wait.yelled ball. Eo goes into his room and locks the door. Eo unlock this door. Ball got the keys out and unlocked the door and Eo started crying harder almost choking himself to death. Ball took the big long hard paddle out so Eo's whooping would be painful. L7 heard Eo screaming to the 상단, 맨 위로 of his fucking
Lungs. After that Eo cried into his 베개 while his 나귀, 엉덩이 was 더 많이
Red then the planet Mars.

The 다음 일 Eo woke up and cried ball heard Eo crying so he went upstairs to see him. Eo come here. Eo looked up and hugged him. Eo 당신 can't do whatever 당신 want ok there's always rules. Mhm Eo all could say. I 사랑 u Eo but there always have to be discipline ok. Mhm Eo replied with a weak and teary voice. Ball left the room and went upstairs.Eo wanna play slender man with me in the woods? L7 asked. Eo replied with Mhm. Great I'll ask dad?

*at ball's room*
He's still grounded. Ball said. But dad! Please!! Fine he can go make sure 당신 watch him.
*Eo's room* Eo 당신 can go he said L7 said. Eo gets up and says I'll be down in the living room in 30 mins. Ok Eo L7 says running to his room. L7 locks the door and strokes himself to Eo.
He thinks he'll get Eo's attention in the woods so L7 starts to jerk and jerk until he climaxes. With a big and loud oh ball for however runs downstairs. Eo yells L7 and unlocks the door he doesn't see him. Boo!! Ahhh!! 당신 bit- L7 cuts Eo off and says let's play already. He runs down the stairs.

*in the woods* L7 I can't find 당신 Eo says. He hears a mysterious sound. L7??? *kiss long* oh Eo L7 says when he got done from 키싱 Eo. He holds Eo's arms and backs him up
On a tree. Oh I 사랑 당신 L7 *kiss*. Get ready for pt 3 soon.
L7's lust in the woods face expression