Canada24's club.. Things that most commonly comes to mind when people image me (as Canada24).. What about for you?

Pick one:
The fact I&# 39; m Canadian xD
The fact I'm Canadian xD
My current fanfiction genre
The main character who is why I still bother to watch MLP anymore
My constant sarcasm
My 사랑 of Cupcakes, and all other 조랑말 creepypastas (I don't find them scary)
The fact I swear way 더 많이 than in real life
My childhood band
The fact I have an unhealthy Korn obsession
My 가장 좋아하는 rapper (and I like a LOT of rappers)
My alcoholic, short tempered, smart ass, 조랑말 OC
The fact Freddy Krueger is perfect at EVERYTHING.. (except being in a remake).
 Canada24 posted over a year ago
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