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This Canada24's club.. 사진 contains 피부, 스킨 톤, 누드 컬러, 부분 벌거 벗음, 묵시적 누드, 부분적인 벌거 벗음, 묵시적인 누드, 묵시적인된 누드, 부분적인 벌거숭이, skintone, 초상화, 얼굴, 근접 촬영, 얼굴 만, 세로, and 헤드샷. There might also be 목욕하는 사람, 목욕, 비키니, 두 조각 수영복, 수영복, 투피스 수영복, and 2 조각 수영복.

Reggie is a minor antagonist with a very brief role of the series.
He is the childhood bully of Saten and Derpy, though his methods seems 더 많이 immature then cruel. But either way he is accidentally killed 의해 Saten in an event that ironically caused Saten's cutie mark, despite not being his true talent.

Not much is known about him, despite that he is a hardcore stoner.

She has no real appearance yet, but is mentioned to be a possible prostitute, and robbed Saten Twist of a proper childhood, due to her obsessive drinking, unfortunately Saten also grows up to...
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Any one who knows me, knows I can tolerate just about ANYTHING. Except for fuckin racism. I mean, most of 프렌즈 are either black 또는 with Mexican relatives.. But, what I find can be even worse, is when some (not all, only some) turn ANYTHING I say into a racist slur, and 당신 can never win in an argument because of this. Not judging anyone, just deeply annoyed, that's all..

I'm not sure why there certain people in the US that just want to judge EVERYTHING. Even us Canadians, they mock us Canadians. But the fact is. When ever I go to my American relatives,...
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And just when I thought they couldn't get ANY 더 많이 badass then RIGHT NOW. This one came along and kicked the 나귀, 엉덩이 of that one
Yet it's how I found Korn - Right Now
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Source: EQD, joyreactor
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Frank enters the bathroom.,
Brandon: The movement is growing.. Soon, where all be part of the change.
Frank: (takes an unnecessary picture of Brandon).
Brandon: (angry) DID 당신 JUST TAKE MY PICTURE!?
Frank: Yes I did Dude.
Brandon: Why would 당신 do that!?
Frank: I was bored.. Anyway, 당신 should come with me to the 안전한, 안전 house where it's safe.
Brandon: (sarcastically) Really!? The 안전한, 안전 house is SAFE!? I totally didnt gather that something with the word 안전한, 안전 house, would be SAFE!?
Frank: Yes. Excatly. It's not 안전한, 안전 out here, there's a bunch of zombies.. Along with an crazy psychopath, called Brandon...
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I can already tell the amount of haters I'm gonna earn when I say "I wish there were 더 많이 writers like Sergent Sprinkles".

This is, in my opinion, the greatest 크리피파스타 ever.
Not even for the plot. But the but most of the narration's are the reason why I would say the story is a bit of an inspiration to me.. As he/she really knows how to fill certain moods when describing the settings..

Not only that, but the fact that 컵케익 has some of the greastest 팬 비디오 and 팬 sequels is also why I am a good supporter of the story.. It has one of the greatest songs ever "Get ready to Die/Andrew...
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