I only read the first six so far.. So only can make 5


Rick is my 가장 좋아하는 character in the comics, he's "okay" in the show.. I'm very mixed about Andrew Lincoln.

A lot of times, his fake American acent just sounds like it's trying to hard..

In the comic. He's just a fucking badass, period..

And lets not forget that speech

RICK: I killed 덱스터 to protect us! He was threatening to throw us out of this place.. OUR HOME!.. How humane would it of been out there!? How many people did we lose out there!?.. I saw an opening, I killed him.. I knew 당신 people would be scared if 당신 saw me do it. So I made it look like an accident.. I admit, I should of come clean, and should of justified my actions. But I wasn't sure if 당신 people were ready yet.. Ready for how things need to be in the new world!.. Well, Johnny and Carly would of maybe understood.. But it's how it has to be!.. Things changed! The world changed!.. Things will NEVER be the way they were.. Do 당신 people still think we're gonna be rescused some day?.. THEY AREN'T COMING! Think about it! It's been nearly a year! We're on our own out here! It's just us and the dead.. This place.. This place is all we have!.. Never again will 당신 watch tv.. Go shopping.. Nothing will ever be the same, ever!.. 당신 can come to grips with that reality.. 또는 당신 can sit around hoping.. Trying to follow ever retarded rule ever invented to make us feel like we aren't savages!.. We will change!.. We will evolve.. We're make NEW rules.. We will still be kind to each other.. We're still be humane.. But when the time comes.. We do whatever it takes to survive.. No matter how brutal!.. 당신 kill 당신 die.. That had to be the most neive thing I ever said.. In this world.. 당신 kill 당신 LIVE!.. We have to adopt to this new world if we are going to survive.. Have I gone a little crazy? Maybe.. But so has the world.. I will do WHATEVER it takes to protect this group!.. Do 당신 understand!?"

TYREESE: We do Rick, 당신 don't seem to understand.. We ARE trying to evolve.. But we just don't want to turn into savages.

RICK: I can see now I'm the only sane person here.. WE ARE SAVAGES!.. 당신 espically Tyreese.. The 초 we put a bullet in the head of one of these undead monsters-the moment one of us drove a hammer into one of their faces-or cut of a head. We became savages! And that's just it. That's what this comes down to. 당신 people don't know what we are. We're surrounded 의해 the dead. We're among them-and when we finally give up, we become them! We know that now.. That virus is inside us, THAT'S what makes us into them.. Not the actual bites.. The bites just speed the progress.. We're ALREADY infected.. We're living on borrowed time here. Every 분 of our life is a 분 we steal from them! 당신 see them out there. 당신 know that when we die-we become them. 당신 think we hide behind walls to protect us from the walking dead!? Don't 당신 get it!? WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD! … We are the walking dead."


Unlike the TV Show, he's not so "complicated:.. There's no chance of redemption.. He's just fucking NUTS..

But that's just it.. He's the darkness inside us all.. What we will become in a zombie Apocalypse if we let ourselves.. There's sort of a twisted entertainment about how evil he is.. It's hard to explain.

In the tv series, 당신 know from moment one, Thomas is a bad dude, he has that look about him.
And the cold murder of Big Tiny proved us correct, he was a murderer, nothing more.. And he as he lived.. As an asshole.

In the comics, he's still a murderer who died in disgrace.
But 당신 never EXPECTED him to be the killer.

After hershel's girls are found dead, everyone accused Dexter, as he was literary arrested for murder, Thomas claimed his crime was "tax fraud".
So the third comic has a bit of a murder mystery behind it.
At least until Thomas finds Andrea doing laundry and reveals his true nature, 의해 trying to cut her head off.

Thomas might of been even 더 많이 evil in the comics.
As shown when he Pateria, believing he isn't evil, just "sick" tried to set him free, and he in return thanked his saviour 의해 attempting to murder her.
Leading to Maggie shooting him like a dog, although Rick was actually gonna hang him, not that.

Also, Rick nearly beats Thomas to death, after discovering it was him..

#4: DALE:
A thousand percent 더 많이 awesome than he is in the show.. He's just badass..

His reasons for keeping zombies in the 외양간, 헛간 are better explained in the comic.. And it's WAY 더 많이 heartbreaking when he learns the truth.. Plus he's just cool in general..