Phillip Clyde: I'm going to kill 당신 both. Then, I'm going to drain all your blood, take out your bones, put your body in a big chair with some elves and reindeer, and sit on your lap and tell 당신 all the cool shit I want for Christmas.
Elliot Salem: This guy *clearly* had a messed up childhood.
Tyson Rios: [scoff] Ya think?

Phillip Clyde: No problem, fuck-o.
[gives the middle finger and jumps off the ship]
Elliot Salem: "Fuck-o"?. Who says that!?

Phillip Clyde: I'm gonna kill 당신 both, slice 당신 open and go to an aerobics class waring your intestines for leg warmers!
Elliot Salem: I mean - does that even make sense?

Phillip Clyde: I'm gonna tear 당신 up so bad, your own momma ain't gonna recognize you.
Elliot Salem: Yo - leave my momma out of this!

Salem: 저기요 Ty? Who 당신 think the best rapper in the Wu- Tang Clan is?
Rios: Elliot.. We just got set 의해 our boss.. Are careers are over.. And were in a life and death situation WHY ARE 당신 ASKING ME THIS SHIT WAIT NOW!?
Salem: A lot of people say it's the WZA.. But I kinda like Ghostface Killah... Actually I don't think I ever heard the U God album. 당신 heard that?

Salem: Yeah you're welcome 당신 freakin nutcase. WORST! ZOO! EVER!

Rios: I don't like shooting animals.
Salen: (mockingly) ohh.. Your a good boy Charlie Brown

Elliot: 당신 think I made the right choice? Good, I'm glad.. But let me ask 당신 something? Did 당신 have to live the rest of your life with your best 프렌즈 life on hands?... I didn't think so.. So 당신 can take your god damn 신고 and shove it up your ass... And let me tell 당신 something else.. 당신 did this.. Not that manic.. He's just a god damn monster that 당신 created... So 당신 live with that!

Murrey: Welcome to Shanghai boys, how 당신 like it so far?
Elliot: I feel tall!

Salem: ... I want to kill him... Just need ONE clear shot at him.

Salem: An elevator? Hell no.. I'm not dying in a box!

Elliot: Okay.. I think we have a few 초 were no one's trying to kill us.

Rios: Any bright ideas?
Salem: The brightest!

Rios: I can't believe 당신 want to do these private contacts when we JUST got set up.
Salem: Hey.. A man's got to eat.
Rios: Your unbelievable

Salem: Yo. That was so badass, 당신 WISH 당신 had moves like that.

Rios: That's him!
Salem: No shit!

Salem: Sense when are 당신 such a god damn boy scot!?

Salem and Rios both: Howaa!

Salem: (to Rios) 당신 oh me a soda.

Salem: Let's just get the job done and see what happens