Bathsheba Shermon is an evil evil person.
Her only interest is possessing innocent mothers forcing them to murder their youngest child and then kill themselves.
Doing so to anyone who steals her land (most times the people stealing it aren't aware of who it belongs to).
When the Warren family the Carolyn is targeted 의해 most of the ghosts (though Bathsheba is only one who actually wishes them harm, the others are just the poor souls Bathsheba stole).
And she is eventually possessed 의해 Bathsheba herself.
And tired murdering her youngest daughter.
But protagonists stop her.
They try to force the possessed Carolyn out of the house, but Lorraine, realizing that Bathsheba will kill Carolyn if they drag her out of the house, is forced to stop them. Bathsheba then drags Carolyn into the cellar.

After subduing the possessed Carolyn, the Warrens tie her to a chair and conduct the exorcism. During the exorcism, Bathsheba finally reveals herself to those present, and manages to break free of her binds. Declaring that Carolyn is gone and that she would kill them all, Bathsheba tried to shoot Ed. One of the Warrens' assistants unwittingly revealed April's hiding spot, and Bathsheba immediately advanced under the floorboards and captured April. As she attempted to stab her, Ed finally confronted Bathsheba and condemned the spirit to Hell. Lorraine manages to distract the possessed Carolyn 의해 reminding her of a memory she shared with her family, allowing Ed to complete the exorcism. As a result, Bathsheba was banished from the family and condemned to Hell..

Pazuzu is a powerful demon who was the main antagonist in The Exorcist franchise, based loosely on a mythological figure native to Babylonian culture where he was considered the king of wind demons and son of the Babylonian god Hanbi.

In the original book and movie, Pazuzu is the demon that possesses Regan this is its most famous outting but it has also appeared in all five Exorcist films and is listed as the 2nd greatest villain of all time 의해 Wizard Magazine.

In the 1973 film ,she of course appeared as the primary antagonist and was voiced 의해 late actress Mercedes McCambridge.

Pazuzu is the main antagonist of the novel, the movie adaptation and its sequel Heretic, the secondary antagonist of Legion and again the main antagonist of the two prequels: The Beginning and Dominion.

Angry old women always make good ghosts don’t they? Mix in creepy puppets and you’ve got a recipe for terror… Just don’t let her hear 당신 scream..

The Lipstick-face Demon is a tall, muscular being with black skin, coarse 모피 on his legs, dark cloven hooves and a devilish tail. His face is black with large tints of red because it paints lipstick all over his face. The Demon has long, spidery claws at the end of his fingers and has large, demonic yellow-gold eyes with black pupils.

Though the Demon never speaks in the film, it is capable of speaking, as Lorraine mentions that in a dream she spoke to it and it responded to her in words. When asked who it was, it responded that it was a visitor. When asked what it wants, it responded that it wanted Dalton. Lorraine claimed she could still hear its voice, implying that the Demon has a chilling voice. The Demon keeps Dalton close 의해 in his 집 in the Further, which seems to be a theatre-like chamber. The Demon has marionettes which it likes to play with. It also seems to enjoy sharpening its nails. The Demon hurts Dalton whenever he makes noise.

The Demon possesses a malevolent, dangerous, powerful and ruthless personality, never giving up on his goal to take a child's soul; however, he failed to take Dalton when he finds his body in the real world, though the Demon eventually moves on to a new victim. During Dalton's imprisonment in the Demon's Lair, Dalton was chained to the floor, left alone, adding that the Demon can be both physically and mentally abusive to children..

"It's a symbol associated with the worship of a pagan deity. A very obscure one dating back to Babylonian times named Bughuul, the Eater of Children. The crimes that you're dealing with, they all have the element of a missing child, correct? Well, Bughuul eats children. Now, the fragments of stories that have survived, they all revolve around him needing the souls of human children to survive. Now each story involves a different way that he lures 또는 tricks these children away from the physical world and traps them in his own nether world and he consumes their souls over time. Now any worship of this deity would include a blood sacrifice 또는 the wholesale eating of a child" - Professor Jonas explaining Bagul..

Lipstick face demon