♥♥I have banded together for 당신 all my 가장 좋아하는 characters 의해 letter of the Alphabet, note that Angel(tv series) does NOT count only the Buffy the Vampire Slayer version of the characters count. Also some characters are on there just because their the only one with that letter. And anyways I hope 당신 enjoy!♥♥
A- Anya Jenkins
B- Buffy Summers
C- Cordelia Chase
D- Drusilla
E- Ethan Rayne
F- Faith Lehane
G- Glory
H- Harmony Kendall
I- Inca Mummy
J- Joyce Summers
K- Kendra Young
L- Larry Blaisdell
M- the Master
N- Nikki Wood
O- Oz (Daniel Osborne)
P- the Primitive
Q- Quentin Travers
R- Rupert Giles
S- Spike
T- Tara Maclay
U- (No Characters Begin With U)
V- Vi
W- Willow Rosenberg
X- Xander Harris
Y- (No Characters Begin With Y)
Z- Zachary Kralik