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 Bucky Barnes:The Living Legend
Bucky Barnes:The Living Legend
    As Bucky trained with Steve Rogers,he became a master of hand to hand combat,martial arts,as well as being skilled in use of military weapons such as firearms and grenades.He also used throwing knives occasionally and a gifted scout (possible taught at camp lehigh).His times as the Winter Soldier helped to further his skills,making him the equal to his predecessor in combat skills,an expert assasin and spy.He is also fluent in English,Spanish,Portuguese,German,Russian,Japanese, & french.

    Bucky's left arm is a cybernetic prosthetic with superhuman strenght and enhanced reaction time (the arm can also work even when not in contact with Bucky).As Captain America,Bucky also uses the original,indestructible,vibranium shield and uses weapons such as knives,guns,and grenades.

    *this is a follow up to Bucky's bio XD 코멘트 and like thanks
 Bucky Forever
Bucky Forever
posted by PagetHotchner
    James Buchanan Barnes was born in Shelbyville,Indiana in 1925.He was an orphan (his father died in training at camp Lehigh just before WWII).As a result,he was unofficially adopted as the camp's mascot and he was nicknamed Bucky.It was at camp Lehigh that he met and befriended Private Steve Rogers.It was around the time that reports were coming out about a mysterious Captain America.In 1940 however,Bucky accidentally walked on Rogers changing into his Captain America uniform discovering that Steve was Captain America and Bucky insistead on joining him.He underwent training...
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