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nielleo said:
i love the movie so much!
posted over a year ago.
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This is my favourite movie ever!! Even though I was sad when Leslie died, the rest of the movie is F.A.B!!!
My favourite charactrs are: Leslie, MayBelle, Jess and Prince Terrien(P.T). I thought it was funny how Leslie and Jess made up the 'Squoger' and the vulture from the bullies: James Hoager(Squoger) and Gary Fulcher(Vulture)!!!
I would recomend it to all children, and their families, everywhere!!!
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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ICJB said:
Not saying I was happy Leslie died but I wish that it showed her falling off the rope
But when she died I almost cried
posted over a year ago.